Which Dive Knife Should I Buy? | Knife Banter Ep. 54

Zac took a trip down to California to talk to a real expert on dive knives. His name is Luke Immel and boy does he love dive knives. Actually, he loves knives in general. Check out all our dive knives here: https://www.bladehq.com/cat–Dive-Knives-All–1260?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=yt%20main&utm_campaign=bhq-dive-knives-video-6-29-18&utm_term=which%20dive%20knife%20should%20i%20buy%3F%20%7C%20knife%20banter%20ep.%2053&utm_content=dive%20knives%20cat

Thumbnail image taken by Luke Immel.

Knives in order of appearance:

Schrade Water Rat: https://goo.gl/v1PZ2c

Fox Knives Tekno: https://goo.gl/qpbHMK

Spyderco Pacific Salt: https://goo.gl/ZzsMny

Spycerco Tasman Salt: https://goo.gl/55LYNE

Benchmade H20: https://goo.gl/R6qi9R

Spyderco Fish Hunter: https://goo.gl/qHAr7U

Hogue EX-F02: https://goo.gl/nHrT3Q


Bailey Latham says:

I have the Benchmade H20 in high vis yellow. I absolutely love it and am so happy I was able to grab one before they were discontinued.

Joel est says:

Wouldn’t be a true Blade HQ without pushing Spydercos.

WildWesJames says:

No Kershaw sea hunter????

Nicolas Shaffer says:

For stainless steel, the standard is 13% chromium , which is why D2 is not stainless, D2 has 11% chromium.

David Mcarthur says:

As I lay dying hoodie. My man

Manu Vander Avort says:

Hey Blade HQ, just a quick tip: Inox isn’t a specific steel, it’s just a European way to say ‘stainless’! Hope it helps…

MasterWoodsman 87 says:

How in the world did you not include the NRS Pilot?????
Blade Material: 420 HC Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Glass-reinforced polypropylene with TPR over mold
Sheath Material: Fiberglass-reinforced nylon
Total Length: 7.38″
Blade Length: 3″
Weight: 5.5 oz
Knife only Weight: 3.5 oz
Blade Edge: Smooth and serrated
Blade Tip: Blunt
Matte finish on orange, blue and green handle models
PVD coating on black handle model
Rope cutting hook
Glass-breaking point at handle end
Square hole in handle doubles as a valve wrench for an Oxygen tank
Bottle opener hole in handle

Jacob Corbin says:

Please make a Cold Steel knife banter.

Thanksman says:

As he hands the fish Hunter blade first…

arcanerelic says:

I’d be interested in seeing some prying strength testing with them

Cho Deecke says:

Thanks for making an awesome dive knife video, been waiting ages for one to be filmed. Enjoyed watching this episode immensely. Keep up the good work Blade HQ!.

Arshan Mostafavi says:

“Painless as possible”? Clearly you’ve never had a knife shoved into your head!

Minton__ 38 says:

How long does it usually take to ship

Moisty Copper says:


Jeff G says:

I love all of the knife banter episodes. I have a suggestion for an episode. You guys should do one focusing on Left-Handed knives. Im a southpaw, and finding knives that are left-hand friendly can be a challenge. I think it would be a great topic to cover! Keep up the good work!

Nickolaus Hampe says:

I keep a pacific salt in my board shorts at the lake cause we jump off cliffs a lot. You never know if there is going to be old fishing line or something under the water that will tangle you up

300 Blackout says:

I know this is off topic, but if someone was looking for an edc folding knife made from cpm-m4 what would e your recommendations?

fishlanding says:

enjoyed it ! my wife has me on a knife curfew for now but I do like the Spyderco Aqua Salt

Kamren Williams says:

How could you kill a fucking fish you cunt

Squirrel's Survival says:

Not exactly my category or forte but I like watching videos about other things. Good option, I’m sure a lot of people will find this useful.

K B says:

Partial serrated blades are very utilitarian and truly Best of Both Worlds and will also give one nasty wound to an aggressor

Hector Silva says:

yasss thank you

rosie roseberry says:

extrema ratio dive knife?

TheStig ZeroZeroZero says:

Spyderco Salt knives are the best rust proof knives being made today.

Voice of Reason says:

Sog seal team elite

Chase Alford says:

Suprized there isn’t a SOG or a Gerber

Bali: #Flip says:

Do you import knives into Europe? (specifically to the Czech Republic)

the1andonlySherlock says:

Do a knife banter on Mcusta knives, they’re great knives but I feel like nobody knows about them.

Dan Haneveer says:

2 knives required for diving, flat tip for prying shellfish and a dagger for killing.

西尾健 says:

spyderco caspiansalt is perfect spearfishing knife.
tight and low profile sheeth
large index finger hole
please sell it again!

Jannie Janse says:

That Hogue knife… They’re asking $135 for a knife with 410 steel and a rubber handle…
Yeah, I don’t think they’re ever going to become a proper big brand name at this rate. They’re already asking those ridiculous Spyderco/Benchmade level prices and offering no value for money whatsoever.

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