Vintage Scuba: Knives – Old To New – S01E10

Early divers considered a long, heavy, dive knife being “fully equipped”. Alec show many early dive knifes and how they evolved into the small, light weight “dive tool” used today.

*** In this episode of Vintage Scuba ***
– early divers considered a 12″ knife essential
– the first dive knives were modified fishing knives
– a “Vulcan” by U.S. Divers with knuckle guard
– the famous US Navy Mark 2 KA-BAR dive knife
– a U.S. Divers “Sea Hawk” and Aqua-Lung “Navy Knife”
– a 1976 “Sea Hawk” USA 200 anniversary knife in red, white & blue
– a Wenoka blunt tip & SportsWays stiletto style
– a big Japanese Tabata knife, now called TUSA
– knifes began shrinking like the Swim Master, Dacor 4″ to 5″ models
– in the 1980’s Wenoka’s “Sea Style Lazer” with a scalloped and carbide edge
– Spanish knifes with one piece aluminum handles
– the Mark 5 commercial diver knife, solid brass scabbard, screw in blade

***** Alec Peirce Scuba *****

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Buford McNairy says:

Very interesting and i enjoyed the information you shared not only about the knives but your personal knowledge of “old to new”.
Thank you.


Alexarna says:

It’s the little snippets like the bit about Tabata and Tusa that make this series so brilliant. Alec can make even the most mundane seeming thing (i.e. the history of dive knives) into something completely captivating. Please keep at it with the videos – love em!!!

JeremyDelille says:

Your Vintage Scuba sessions are wonderful to understand the equipment we use today. About knives, I think the dive scissorsshears like Aqualung’s are much more used now than before (or Fogcutter, Cressi Alligator, Dive Rite Trauma,… even just traditional wood cuttersscissors). Even in the “old days”, a cave diver told me, it was preferred to have one rather than the knife to not stab yourself by a left-handed move and to efficiently cut any rope underwater, even when not having any grip (floating fisher nets, lifeline knotted around fin…). To cut straps from the BC too nowadays, without puncturing it.

Bearpilot says:

Thanks for sharing so much. Your videos have provided so much insight and I can safely say they have increased my confidence and undertanding immensely. Thank you Mr. Peirce.

V Vogt says:

Very Cool Video on the Vintage knives. Thank You for the History. I’ve. collected some of the same ones. Keep on Diving Brother.

Eurotrash4367 says:

Hello Alec, thanks for sharing your awesome dive knife collection. I enjoy collecting vintage American knives and I was a bit surprised to see the KaBar MK2 shown at 6:20. All of the other models in your video are made with stainless steel blades and plastic or synthetic handles and sheaths.
These materials are ideal for use in a marine environment since they resist corrosion but the KaBar is made with a carbon steel blade with a handle and sheath made of leather. How did you guys keep the ocean salt water from eating up the carbon and leather?
Thanks for creating informative presentations like this. I have never dived but I think it is interesting and I enjoy learning about the old school equipment that was used.

Tracy Weems says:

What is the manufacturer of the first knife that was previewed? The modern reinterpretation that you carry?

TheOldManEric says:

I like the shark Billy, by the time you’ve gained the presence of mind to use the knife, taken the time to search for it and wrestled it from its holder the shark has chewed off your arm and left. Just out of interest, I use a pair of shears now. If I ever get bothered by a shark, I’ll offer it a manicure and discuss art… I’m sure we’ll become buddies after that. To tell you the truth, I’ve been in the water with the local bronze whalers here, mostly they come round for a look and leave or just ignore me.

Russell Campbell says:

Another great video. I have always carried the US Divers “Professional” hog leg knife. I have some of the smaller knives but the USD is almost 1/4 inch thick and can be used as a combat knife. The smaller tool knives have been known to break in certain situations so I stick with the 1 lb. monster even today. The hammer head really comes in handy and the military still swears by them and they are still manufactured by Aqualung even today.

jmuraidajr says:

I’m glad I found you on You-Tube I really in joy watching your video’s. Because all my equipment is vintage and I still use it. I live in Arizona now and live about 3 hours from Rocky Point, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez.
I have that first U.S. Divers knife you showed from the 50’s and 60’s that I bought it back then. I got my certifications back in the late 60’s when I was in college. I got a YMCA Scuba Divers certification and a PADI Scuba Diver certification. When I got a new card from PADI a few years ago it did say anything about Open Water Diver. When I took my certifications back then we did Open Water Dives, Night Diving and above and be on other related dives. Wasn’t that part of the certifications back then?

Thanks Alec,
Joe The Old Diver

Bruce Boyes says:

Nice Video. You missed the Dive Tool Pry-bar….What happened to them?

Rupert Breheny says:

I love this guy’s voice. I think I can just fall asleep to this.

BigDog says:

Makes me feel better that as the sport matured we stopped caring about the Size and began to focus on how we use what we have……

Erik Rasmussen says:

I have that red one in the front. I found it in my grandpas garage

Lou Jr says:

Hi am trying to get the value for my knife it’s a 1973 imperial diving knife called the ripper, I hear it’s a rare knife saw one on eBay guy was asking 300 but there’s no photo can you help me out thank you

troop1026 says:

Hey Alec I just picked up a vintage dive knife signed by Barry Nelson made by play right. I know he was a famous actor in 50/60’s . Japan stainless. Can you give me any insight. Thanks. Montana Mike.

Miguel Gerov says:

Alec, thanks for another great video.

Dave Cruddy says:

I really like your videos. I am a fairly new diver who has learned ALOT from your videos. Just wanted to say thanks.

Sweet Sweet Chocolate says:

this guy has an awesome way of explaining things, he incorporates great humor into his speaking, awesome vid!

Peter Chatman says:

I was oh so proud of my Aqualung Knife when I was a yungin (I’m 60yo now).  Great machete, but I never used it other than tying it to my leg.. SHE WAS A BIG MUMMA!!

0pima0 says:

This was so interesting! My dad has a Navy seal style knife (I think that’s somewhat along the lines of what it’s called at least) from his diving days, and now that I’m planning a diving trip, he’s saying I should inherit it and bring it along. It’s just so huge to me! Haha.. Has some solid weight to it as well! Pretty sure I’ll be the girl with the heftiest piece of gear though, haha..

Joshua Wade says:

Alec, another great video. Just out of curiosity, did divers ever take pruning, medical, or heavy duty shears with them in place of a knife or is that a modern adaptation in scuba diving? Also, what is the model name of your bone handle Seapro knife, it’s gorgeous. Best, Josh

smartymarty9 says:

The vintage gear comedy show.

Bearpilot says:

I carry a blunt tip folder clipped inside my bc pocket. The Spyderco Saver Salt. It has a very sharp H1 rustproof steel serrated edge. It’s an excelent knife both in your dives and in your pocket as an every day carry for the rest of your vacation.

newbreedian says:

such a WEALTH of knowledge!!! Thank you for sharing!

Mark boulaares says:

Nice video can you make a nather new video a bout spear guns

ATech Reviews says:

Great video, thanks!
I saw this one being sold on AliExpress, seems like a good budget option:
Best regards!

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