Spyderco Aqua Salt – Tactical / Combat / Survival Knife – It’s Back in BLACK – SHOT Show

Discover the Spyderco Aqua Salt Knife – BLACK – from the Perspective of MASTER Martial Arts and Close Combat Instructor Michael Janich.

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Szilard Pusztafalvi says:

Finally the sound is good. Please hold the mike next time the same way like here, so left is left and right is right (not opposite like the last 3)

Lone Wolf Motors says:

Can you make a review of the Mtech raptor?

Dj May says:

how would this do in a snowy inviorment ?

MrRamraider says:

That knife could be used for cutting stuff.

Drifus66 says:

Thanks Dave, I liked the technical part as much as you.

brogan barter says:

I live in maine

Richard Williams says:

great looking knife and the spyderco rep sure sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, but i’m curious. it sounded to me that there’s a point where hardness becomes your enemy and not your friend. the rep mentioned “work hardening” and the ultimate failure of the steel, so in work hardening the knife edge over time does it at some point become so hard that it’s brittle and prone to fracture or chip?

mike kearney says:

Nice looking knife, but we need to be manufacturing this kinda stuff in the USA not importing from overseas.

Richard Wheatley says:

Why hasn’t this knife hit the market yet?

꾸리꾸리한 발까락 냄새 says:

I been carrying my Aqua Salt Fixed Blade Dive Knife ever since the day it arrived. I can honestly say that I truely enjoy it. Its medium in size and not having to worry about rust issues makes it a perfect knife to carry and use (especially since it rains often in my region).

wyldewest278 says:

Holy crap Michael Janich. That’s so awesome you got to meet him!!!

Sid Organ says:

Btw I signed up to carbon tv

Logan Cryan says:


Hồ Huy says:

If the knife gets harder when it is sharpened, does it means that it will be harder to sharpen over time too ?

Mike Benjamin says:

Great show you are truly one of the BEST!!!!!!!

Anthony Rossi says:

i think this knife looks like a kitchen knife painted black xD

Daniel Richardson says:

Could you do a product review and test of the Mora Knife as well as a review on the OverBoard Pro Sports 20liter Waterproof backpack.

Turtle Bushcraft says:

Nice video. very interesting steel thanks for sharing atb John

Deleted Account says:

Nice video! And nice knife

V - Pony says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on this awesome blade!
H1 is sweet!

OH8STN says:

Great video.
That guy was a knife making encyclopaedia!
Thanks for sharing.

TheThermalboy5 says:

It bothered me that the whole time you guys were talking, he kept pointing the knife at you

Sid Organ says:

Awesome vid david didnt think you were a spyderco guy?

Gumbo Thundereagle says:

passionately love Spiderco

cyphersuit1 says:

Carrying the H1 Pacific Salt quite a bit i can only agree: no rust and it holds an edge longer with every sharpening. H1 is the king of all steels to me.

wcresponder says:

All well and good for tactical folks, are they going to make a yellow handle for those who want to find it if they drop it.

Андрей Загорулько says:

Ни хуя не понял

Nathaniel Dujunco says:

Loved learning about knife steel more!  Great interview!  Gotta get an H1 blade now… You might wanna look at the Spyderco Seratta as well. It is cast 440C and has interesting dentritic properties that lend itself to cutting fibrous material.

jpgr8937 says:

I love how the Dude was so knowledgeable about this stuff!

Avi Singh says:

i am ur #1 fan.you are my fav youtuber.

FRE4KSO says:

Actually, this was the best introduction to a knife, that I´ve ever heard.

vassal11 says:

The problem with “work hardening” is that it keeps getting harder. Hard things end up chipping…

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