Scuba Tech Tips: Dive Knives And Tools – S03E05

Thinking of buying a dive knife or tool? Alec shows several knife styles and key features to look for before visiting your local dive shop. For PADI Instructors and Certified Assistants, a knife or diver’s tool is standard equipment except where prohibited locally.

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Ryan G. says:

These videos are always packed full of great information and cool facts. Thanks Alec!   I’m in the market for buying a tank soon and was hoping you could do an Aluminium vs. Steel in the near future. Thanks again!

Johan Lusari says:

Great tips, very very very helpful

Bogy 1 Kinoby says:

To be honest, the best thing you can do is buy either a line cutter, scissors or shears. And if you need a knife (for serrations) you should get a victorinox knife (small version-4 inches long, very very sharp, and cheap €7, swiss made) and take a piece of weight belt, use a hot knife to melt the edges together and holes in the bottom to drain water, and cut 2 lines in the top of the length of weight belt, (so you can thread the belt or harness through)Then get 2 o-rings the tie together and attach to the knife so it cannot fall out sideways. Bear in mind the thread of the weight belt SHOULD not let it fall even when upside down, this is just for added safety. Do you agree Alec? I am making this so have not used it yet but i am basically just doing a diy version of ones that are already commercially available from DUX or DIR Zone. But i do know that Victorinox knives are very sharp and reliable for the price. Even if you lose it, it is inexpensive to replace. I cant believe stupid knives in rubbish plastic sheathes sell for around 40-70 euros – ridiculous

TheSaltydog46 says:

alec- can a pocket knife work?

Rowan Tan Yi Jie says:

That one dislike is from the guy who tells him not to bring his gloves & dive ‘tools’

Bill Scurry says:

Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE IT IN CARRY-ON BAGGAGE. Don’t be like me.

Joshua Wade says:

Alex, what is your opinion of those hybrid knives like the Cressi Alligator combo knife/shears? Thank you for these videos. As a novice diver, I have found them invaluable.

Foad Pouraghajan says:

Thanks a lot for this wonderful reviews, there are too many products in the market and it is very hard to buy the tools without proper knowledge.
your reviews are very helpful.


I didn’t realize it would be so expensive. Between the scuba pro whitepoint. Knife and the cressi lima which one would you choose

William Gauthier says:

How did you know this newbie is getting ready to purchase a dive knife? Great review of some of what’s available and tips on how to carry one. Now I can go to my dive shop a little more informed. Thanks!

Alec Peirce Scuba says:

I’ll bet that dive charters don’t even see the Cressi.
At least you’ll always have one.

Thanks for watching.


marken. says:

Love the vid

José Luis Rosales says:

great video! Thanks, personally I use two compact knives (main and backup) the small cressi attached to the inflation hose and a halcyon explorer attached to the belt

Seppä Ilmarinen says:

One shopkeeper said to me that small knifes are for cave diving and big ones are for open water dives.

Meister Kaos says:

I prefer the big ‘ol knives. I have a 9 incher strapped on each side of my vest. Only ever used them a couple of times. One time to cut away line from a prop (some idiot drove his boat right over the line). The other time, I had to cut another diver loose from some tangled line. I bet they wished they had a knife!

SingaporeSkater says:

Alec – what do you think of the Eezycut Trilobite tool?

EmpiricalPenguin says:

Nice video Alec, surprised you didn’t mention any of the small line cutters such as the Eezycut Trilobite or maniago line cutter though!

colin burkett says:

Okay thank you I’ll go watch that one right now

Karl Marx says:


jimjones coolimon says:

its red from the 70s show.

PadiDiverHD Uncut says:

Hi dear Mr Alec Peirce. I totally agree with your philosophy on gloves or knives, it feels a bit naked to not wear them…there has gone too far with the ruels in many cases… I love your Scuba2000 chanel,.. Take care n live long 🙂 Love from Sweden

TheOldManEric says:

I totally agree about gloves. Try holding onto a sharp encrusted rock in a swell without them….. And as far as a dive knife goes… Ever been tangled up in fishing line during a shore dive? It might just be Mollymook here in Australia but I seem to be cutting long strands of it caught on rocks regularly. I also carry a pair of surgical scissors, great for rope and thick slippery line..

Mehran Mahdi says:

Why not fend against dangerous animals? My main reason to buy one is for my safety; my life is more important than sharks, etc.

T Brown says:

Great video and you’re hilarious. Thank you.


i am thinking of getting the Fox Knives Tecnoreef 2. Thoughts?

Francis Tee JP says:

Very good advice. Thank you.


Hello I have a Cressi Travelight bc and it had a 1 1/2 inch wide belt around/Over the cumber bun velcro strap. is there a knife you recommend that would clip onto the belt. thanks

Wayne Long says:

To all scuba divers, this guy is great! Very informative and truly an industry expert with credentials like his! Keep the videos coming!

Bogy 1 Kinoby says:

Strapping a knife to your leg is the most stupid thing you can do. It actually annoys me why divers do that, thinking they are cool. You literally couldnt put the knife further away from you on your body, and if you get caught in fishing line, how do you expect to reach down with perfect flexibility to unsheathe the knife? Oh My God….. You should always put your: octopus, back up light, and knife/cutting tool in the triangle between your hips and chin to have it at ease of acces and to always have it easily accessible for BOTH of your hands. Again strapping the knife to your wrist is better than on the leg but still CANNOT be reached by both hands!!! Training agencies should teach this…..

Frank says:

Thank you for the video. What is your opinion about TITANIUM DIVING KNIVES?
1) Spyderco Aqua Salt and 2) ARGONAUT DIVE KNIFE

Victor García says:

If you drop the knife and it lands point first, having a blunt tip is good. Also, using it as a prying tool is a bonus. I carry an aqualung squeeze lock knife, and I love it.

Justin Brewer says:

Do you think you could add some links to the various products you show on your videos? for example if you could maybe provide an amazon link to the ScubaPro knife you display at around 10:00

colin burkett says:

You should do a video on bcd

Ivan Jones says:

Hi Alec, great video, thanks.
I’m relatively new to diving and have tended to find the whole knife carrying thing a bit ‘macho’ and unnecessary. After watching your video though, I am favouring getting hold of a pair of those tough scissors. I know you have some great stories – can you relate a time when you’ve absolutely had need to use a knife to get out of some difficulty?

Downlink says:

This slide towards banning dive knives annoys me, and I make a note not to dive with operators that have a no-knife policy again. While I understand why such rules are maybe brought in, I personally think it is irresponsible to enter the water without one.

Jeff Morgan says:

Great presentation.

colin burkett says:

What would you think is the best travel but also one for quarry diving to. Thanks

newbreedian says:

LOVE this! My second video in of yours and still learning! keep em coming.Thank you.

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