Schrade WR4 Dive Knife Review – The Water Rat

The Schrade WR4 Water Rat dive knife is a neck knife size diving knife. It’s also a great river knife or rafting knife. It’s smaller than many dive knives so it makes a good low profile scuba diving knife that won’t get in your way. The blunt tip is less likely to break if you need to pry something with your dive tool.

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Jani Sukanen says:

That is actually quite cool knife! I like it. I could imagine having one of those in my tackle box. Could be handy for fishing trips. Nice and interesting review as always Bryan 🙂 Big thumbs up!

deckard313 says:

Cool Bryan! I like that you review stuff that might not be “Bushcrafty” but find the usefullness…good or bad…in what you review.

jmtnvalley says:

I’m sure happy you can threw straight. It would be a real pain if you missed that tree! 🙂

Rob roberson says:

great review, how do you do it sir? your the man. have one currently cliped to my vest. pommel for striking steel, never would have thought of that. this channel is so fresh and family friendly.

killer survival says:

nice knife dude I wish I had one like that

Phill O says:

Chuck Norris, can throw a knife underwater!

La Empressa says:

You rock Brian…me and my kayaking group all want one! Heading over to Amazon now! Thank you!

Denali says:

Pretty cool Mr B. I’m surprised but not surprised you got that thing balanced.

quiet stormz says:

Bought one of these knives one time. Luckily i was able to sell it for what i paid for it. If i would have been able to sharpen it i would have kept it. Either way thank you for the analysis.

Linkless Tennessee says:

Good video would be dandy for canoeing,rafting have in your boat

the new phat dragon says:

have you ever reviewed a trowing kinfe

Wheels gone Wild says:

Looks like a cool little tool for scuba or like you said, for boating. Nice accessory.

J Allen says:

I wish someone would audit the IRS, Then shut it down

Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond says:

But does it float?

Captain Kiwi says:

did you cut your finger?

deckard313 says:

Cool Bryan! I like that you review stuff that might not be “Bushcrafty” but find the usefullness…good or bad…in what you review.

Star City FAME says:

Your review helped making my decision about this brand and the blunt tip, specifically. I like my Water Rat WR4 very much. You can get elastic strapping looped into the sheath for swim carry. I made my own. And it is easily concealable, even under Speedo and TYR type trunks. Thanks SOP. Subbed.

PS – Keep the blade oiled. After swimming, I noticed several tiny oxidized spots beginning to develop. Hit it with RemOil, gun oil, WD-40, or similar regularly and keep it dry immediately after use in water.

Arkansas Bushcraft says:

really awesome! great job

Charles Larson says:

As a certified SCUBA diver, that line cutter is really needed as it’s intended for fishing line which in some cases is damned near invisible when underwater and can be a real problem for divers, from slob fishermen. Even my 40 year old dive knife has a line cutter. And that chisel tip makes it ideal for prying (popping) limpets, abalone and other marine snails off of rocks. Cool review.

David Medina says:

another great video Bryan and thanks for that

jonnyboat2 says:

I would love to hear one of your unedited reviews where it wasn’t tempered with emotional revision, but wisdom and experience is definitely something you employ and you are an excellent example to others who should practice the same thing. Maybe sometime you could do a blooper reel that is removed from any product even if you have to show some unrelated footage with just your voice. I love that your videos hit home and are honest.

JunkMailBoxStuff says:

Cool & good overall review, but would have liked to see it cut braided & mono fishing line on their cutter, some prying examples that would be consistent with standard diversity knife uses and purposes, and how it stands up to salt water exposure by mixing a bowl of salt & water equal to the ratio of average ocean water and let it stay submerged for a day or more. On a dive trip on a vessel overnight, you might do several dives & your gear would be exposed to full submersion, open deck with salt spray then a few more dives before returning to the marina & a full wash down of the gear.
… just something that would be relevant for a dive knife review.

Jimmy Kimber says:

Awesome review as always. just be careful around salt water guys. i live on the Chesapeake bay and do alot of fishing and crabbing. 8cr will rust on you in or even near salt water. but it cleans up pretty easily which is a plus. keep it oiled of around salt water.

Paul Johnson says:

720p ran out

Grim Reaper says:

it’s a pretty neat knife would be great for a tackle box or diver for sure when I first saw the video I thought it was shelling knife for clams or oysters at first. I had a nice long time ago that had fine serrations and in a pinch did pretty good at descaling fish. in the fact that it can also strike a Ferro Rod to get a fire going is awesome. so if you got something you can cook it LOL. great video Brian

Everyday Survival says:

To be honest,whenever i use diving knives i always use them as throwing knives cause they are always so balanced

barra650 says:

I wondered if you were going to calibrate. You did ,you stuck it. Give that man an ice cream

Tom Faranda says:

Nice review, but the knife is a straight copy of Gerber and Monett dive knives.

Carl Alm says:

Another great knife not legal in the Nanny States of Australia.

Paul Johnson says:


Oxxnarr D'flame says:

That knife is for being attached to your PFD and is your survival knife if you get pitched out of your raft or watercraft and your gear and friends go down stream and leave you behind. It could be awhile before you hook up with your group.
For non-watercraft person I thought you did a good job on the review.

paulie 4x says:

Say Heah Brian, I like it, One time I went down in a deep quarry and about 30 feet down was a thermo zone of a thin layer of ice we had to break through, Boy this knife would of come in handy, We did get through it and one of the best memories happened, As I demented thorough that thermo, half my body was warm and my lower body was very cold, What a experience.

Kevin Kruse says:

Wonder how well that knife will baton under water hmmmm? 🙂 No fat wood?? Good vid Bryan, thanks.

Southern Survival says:

I do kayak fishing would this be a good knive

Naethan Carter says:

in the disclaimer you tell us not to try anything performed in the video, so your telling us not to use it?

the missing link says:

I swear these knives look so plastic…

Brian McWhorter says:

I like it! …and I’m not a diver. In fact, I generally try to avoid getting wet.

RDLaw88 says:

Nice looking blade. Good review Bryan. May have to purchase one, just cause its a knife. Thanks.

American Patriot says:

I may have to pick one up myself!

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