River Knife? – Schrade WR3 Water Rat Dive Knife

A dive knife can be a good choice even if you are not a scuba diver or skin diver. A river knife can come in handy for whitewater rafting or kayaking. I just wish the sheath on this one was better because the knife is pretty good.

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Ed Cook says:

Good looking Dive Knife. I can see it being useful for a diver but not so much for anyone else.

My Dive Knife is a blunt tip like this one but it has no serrations. It works well for what I need.


Todd Gibson says:

guess I’m just not a diver…lol

imbadwrench says:

I have the original version of this knife and it was much better

Oxxnarr D'flame says:

Working with your hand you should not wear rings it’s really not safe. Guys have lost fingers due to rings catching. Then where will you wear your ring. I keep mine on my key chain, around your neck would also work.
I’ve done this for over 30 years and todate no single women have said “oh look he’s single I want some of that” 🙂

TheFantasic MrFox says:

I think it was a skunk.

Randy Yeager says:

…the thing is…it’s a dive knife…so it’s made to cut underwater…so it’s cutting things that are wet….not made to really cut dry stuff…least not with the serrations…I think it would work a ton better if it was under water…

nightprowler says:

don’t feel bad I lost my wedding ring in a toolbox I kept an impact gun in. I didn’t need that impact on for 4 years. but when I opened it there was.

jpgr8937 says:

a and b are all the reasons you need.

Mike Childers says:

Brian, thank you for this review. Yep, I agree on colors for most applications. Nope, don’t like the knife, I’ll take my Mora and SCHF 52 combination anyday. Sure wish I could roll back 30 years and go into wilderness for a long vacation.

Heartland Dual Sport says:

Thanks for sharing, I have a pretty awesome knife on my kayak vest, just incase I ever need one, when I flip out the yack. Thanks for sharing my friend, and I think there is more than one use for a knife. Here is an example, your are canoeing and you get hung up in a trot linch, a dive knife is a good option to have with you when you are in the water. Ha, you just said it kayaking. ehehe, Have a blessed week my friend.

mlsknnr says:

The line cutter is for line that you might encounter while under water such as fishing line or light cord.

Jayden DeLaCruz says:

whats up with the skunk

Barry Nunes says:

its called aquanaut

Tim Leaning says:

as a dive knife its probably good,I can see the uses for getting untangled..
but a double edged blade for carving and bushcraft?
how much do you like your thumbs?

Jake Riethmeier says:

Any knife you have on you in an awful situation is a survival knife. Nobody has ever said, yeah man today… Survival situation. Completely unrelated. I was driving by Pittsburgh last night and I heard a rock in tune by local band Gene the Werewolf. Its available on YouTube and I highly recommend that you check it out. Really good tune.

J Darden says:

Fun dive fact for you Bryan, from a guy who’s been diving most his life: you lose color vision the deeper you go in the order it appears in the color spectrum. The bright green will look almost white at around 30-40 feet without a special filter on your mask…

Jackson Blalock says:

what’s with the skunk? I’m an eagle scout, my dad too. I love all your videos. really detailed and satisfying. keep up the great work Brian.

Survival Mindset says:

Sweet dive knife! More work on the sheath!

S Van says:

“Lake Skunk”?

40belowful says:

A and B if you think it is cool IAM alright with that 🙂 so COOL but what do I know as iam a artic redneck:)) and thanks for the FAT wood:):)

Casey Bryan says:

Survival On Purpose does the knife float

Dwight E Howell says:

Have a nice weekend. I can agree about the bright handle color and the danger of loosing rings in sand in water but there have to be bright handles that go with better sheaths and blades than that one. Shrade needs to redo that sheath first and foremost because it’s crap. I’m less hostile to be blade and leave judging that to divers but it doesn’t actually appear to be a winner if you are a land lubber.

TheOkWoodsman says:

When do we get to see some underwater knife stuff ?

Barry Nunes says:

smith and wesson had a dive knife but it was discontinued it looked cool

Patrick Germond says:

First try lol. well after a little editing. But we’ll go with first try.
I really like your channel. That Shrade video you did today was good. I wonder what they are going to charge for pracilla.

The Stoned Videogame Nerd says:

Hmm…i cant see a Reason to not have a sharp Point on a Knife when its main Purpose is not to cut things loose from a Human Body…like Safety Belts or so

Anthony midwest says:

what’s up with the skunk in all your videos

KaizenServicios says:

I lost it with the good ol’ rock top

Christina Moneyhan says:

Bryan, it’s the cold water that shrinks your finger and the ring falls right off. I at one time worked for a tubing co. In Az. Happened all the time. Then people ( not the people who encured the loss) will take metal detectors when the water gets low and look for them. Gold and Dimonds. A lot of very sad wemon when losses like that happen. Sorry for your loss.

40belowful says:

does the toxic green handle glow in the dark? Did you know green handles are now banned in the UK. a good utuber nicestknifes told me that as they see it as a aggressive color. Go figure.

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