Injection Knife vs. Watermelon (First Test)

MOC / Homemade Wasp Injection Knife with 25 gram co2 vs. Watermelon
Blade length 174mm (6,85″) overall 360mm (14,17″)
Впрыскивающий нож


Oleg Brusov says:

Столько заморочек ! И зачем!?

Timpa Linkosling says:

Long hole and thin material are a difficult combination. Well drilled!

Стас Лучезарный says:

че за гавно!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!автор ты дебил бля!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

мартин аусвайс says:


Livepano says:

Ну, и хуета!

san mumg says:

Pull out game weak

Имя Фамилия says:


corgidog says:

The concept of this knife is terrifying.

Spam Sandwich says:

This should be banned from youtube

mitäq vittua says:

That its childish, but you shouldn’t anyway give any ideas for those sick murder james bond weapons.

Notpoop says:


szaki says:

Sell it to 007!!!! (o:
He gets high on this stuff!!!

Семён Котов says:

А мой кот, когда делать нехуй, яйца лижет… Ну его хоть понять можно. А этого долбеня-оружейника комнатного сложновато..

Илья Романовский says:

Так и не понял зачем это

Victor Esquili says:

pensé que seria balístico pero de inyección da mas miedo

Steampunk Supreme says:

Hey this is kinda like stack on titan swords


Please invent useful things

Big Size says:

что за хуёвина и зачем это надо?

mastertank63 says:

The fuch is the perpus of dis

петр валентинович says:

Хуйня лучше новичком сбрызнуть

Artur Isakov says:


Михаил Саныч says:

ну и для чего???

Владимир Куржупов says:

нуууу … эт уже не нож , а чисто пика дя убийства … дизлайк .

XDigsX 13 says:

And the point of it is….?

Amishtozamente says:

Baby hands

Кайрат Алиев says:

Лажа полная!

Дмитрий дмитривич says:


Булат Тёмный says:

Объясните кто нибудь, зачем это нужно?

Jaxon Blade says:

I though the blade would through the watermelon.

Carlos Orlando Chamorro says:

Tanto trabajo solo para cortar una sandía??

Alejandro Lavalon says:

Странно, что такая изуверская приспособа не в бане!

Napon Y. says:

If you dont mind i would like to make a few suggestions. The lethality of the injection knife is its ability to create a temporary cavity by a quick expansion of air causing damage to soft tissue and other organs, from the footage the gas was let out at a some what slow speed, perhaps the tube can be larger. The knife in the video was very well milled and put together with great care but the blade is only made for fighting which did non required the utilitarian ruggedness of this build, A simpler design (tube welded a knife), might might have caused a more dramatic effect to the watermelone.


What is this stupidity used for?

Bro Tito says:

Это какое-то надувательство!

Денис Созинов says:

И что этим делать? Колёса накачивать ??)))))

Andrew Holdaway says:

A tour de force of useless.

Randy Naruoka says:


ART TUM says:

А на хрена?

miki zevs says:

Another fucking american idiottttta!!!!

Aleks Kvitko says:

Скажу по русски: А НАХУЯ ???

Lee Qing Long says:

Hm….if you make it shot small needles or arrow that will be deadly

Fire Brand says:

Law & Order: SVU brought me here

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