Gerber River Shorty – BEST Water Rescue Knife

Having been in the industry and tried many rescue blades , Im sold on the Gerber River Shorty. For just under 30 bucks it cant be beat.


CampfireTalk says:

Located in an easy to reach spot, no fine motor skills needed, holds up to the environment…seems like a real winner. Love the work photos rolled in and hearing about a tool that excels for you. Thanks buddy

84SuperDom says:

Hey Beast! What exactly are you doing in Antartica? Seems like an awesome adventure!

scooter_kenny says:

Ok Beast…..forgive me for not looking back through all your videos and forgive me if ive missed it but………what the hell do you do for a living? As I live way inland(east side of the Rockies) The shipping/boating industry is quite foreign to me…Do tell, it looks extreme! Great review video too. Thanks

SandCrabNews says:

Blade thickness? Full tang? Could you burn off the plastic on an old one and show the bare bones of it?

Danny says:

Thanks again for the on point review and practical advise. I am getting ACA canoe instructor certified this fall and wanted a good emergency knife.

Wanderlust says:

What exactly do you do out there? Im not sure I ever saw a video about it other then you mentioning you’ll be gone for awhile.

a420 llama says:

66th like yea! baha and did i see 420? sold! but honestly it looks top notch and ive been looking for a good dive knife this should do!

Azsweetwater2011 says:

carried the river shorty for some time on my canyonering rig. easily slices through multiple layers of tubular webbing, any rope I’ve pitted it against dug out anchors and much much more knife is still going strong. great price and as usual great honest review. Shade and Sweetwater to you my friend. ……

Coyote Works says:

Looks like a handy piece of kit to have on the water. It’s a nice size too. Easy to clip to a strap, life vest, etc.

superjet2771 says:

Beast, what the heck do you do in the Arctic?

prescribedfire1953 says:

“Stuff That Works”

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