Fury Extreme Dive Knife, Shank vs. Sharks …


The Fury Extreme Dive Knife is designed to dispatch a fish during spear fishing. It features an extremely pointed 3.25 inch double-edge blade, 440C, textured black resin handle. The blade is plain edge on one side, serrated edge on the other. The handle is extra large for a good grip, similar to an Oyster knife. Comes with a Kraton sheath and leg straps for divers. Aside from its aquatic uses, this unique little knife wouldn’t make a bad boot knife/light utility blade. Made in Taiwan. Cost was $21.50


HvyMtl01 says:

i spearfish and use a Riffe Spearfishers Deluxe – wicked…

happytown5 says:

how to make your own sheath

Liam Slat says:

Execute fish

DShiflet01 says:

Illegal to carry in most states, not illegal to own. A lot of states also make exceptions for outdoor use, such as, well, fishing and diving.

matthias66 says:

As for sharks, although you didn’t mention it in the video, trying to fight them is like spinning a roulette wheel and putting all your money on black 15.

When sharks bite people, they either a.) Release them after a little while because they realize that this new “fish” doesn’t have the same fatty content of their normal prey- seals and seal lions (in the case of great whites) or b.) they bite you and drag you down in ocean to inevitably or c.) chew you up like a doggy chew toy.

Collin Walters says:

That second piece is a clamp used to mount the knife on the High pressure hose coming from the scuba tank.

matthias66 says:

Only chance you’ve got- Either the shark lets you go (because it is such a nice guy :P), or you poke its eyes or stick your fingers in their gills and pray to God it lets you go.

But that’s very hard to do when a shark is biting your leg/arm/shoulder/(insert body part), and dragging you away or down into the ocean.

bern bren says:

that spare pece is 4 if u want 2 put ur knife on 2 a round pool on ur boat or on to the frame of ur gear

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The Shark Lobby is against them!

trer bete says:

hi israel. I need something to put inside my boot that I could use if I’ll be captured. I need something that will be very very light weight and thin. need something that will stab a person neck, that’s all. and it’s need to be cheap cause I don’t plan on getting captured anyway. (I’m a soldier). what would you recomand. thank

PHONIX FLAME 420 says:

it is not a sper gun its coled horpon

psychadaze says:

Its for attaching knife to spear pole just in case you wanna do that

JC Denton says:

i was looking for a knife to make and couldn’t find an interesting design until i found this vid,
thanks a lot man for posting 🙂

ALIEN says:

this is the most pointy knife i have ever saw xD

konner westwood says:

diving is so easy

mixflip says:

Thanks. I stopped by a shop here in Hawaii today and bought the Spyderco pacific salt. I figured what the heel why not. I have never bought a Spyderco before so why not buy one while in Hawaii so I can EDC it in the ocean lol.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

The Cressi Supertotem Dive Knife (on amazon) is cheap but effective.

pdoggy10inch says:

were you sheeth

paul greenwood says:

That thing is terrifying. At least with bigger knives you’d know you had to defend yourself or run away. You wouldn’t even see this thing coming until it was too late.

martin matovic says:

its a shiv….

mixflip says:

Any other recommendations for a salt water resistant knife? I am on vacation in Hawaii for a few weeks. I just went in the ocean today and snorkeld with some green sea turtles and all I could think of was (sharks eat turtles) so I felt naked without a knife. I know its statistically improbably to get attacked by a shark but if I did find myself in the mouth of one, the usual response is to stab the shark in the eyes and nose to release me. A knife is much better than my fingers lol.

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Yes, they sell it on Amazon.

nice74113 says:

you should use gloves
if knife broke it can save your finger 😀

Proverbs 16:4 KJV says:

The Brain stem knife

djlkeys305 says:

My friend got one of these. Piece of crap that rusted. 440C Stainless steel is a bad material for legit marine use. In fact, any stainless steel blade is ultimately not smart. Titanium is the best way to go. Yes it costs a bit more, but I guarentee almost all stainless steel blades will rust when diving. And I would never use a knife this small to kill fish I shot.

RemedialDrift says:

You should check out H1 steel; it can be hardened to 57-58 RC according to Spyderco, as opposed to I think 51-52 for the upper end for titanium hardening. From what I’ve seen online, nobody has gotten H1 steel to rust even in torture tests.

vampire847 says:

thanks for serving hope you never have to use that blade for self defense!

trer bete says:

thanks israel. I’ve purchased the kershaw chill for my porpose. but the three angle knife will be great as a boot knife, thanks. do you know if fury blades are heat treated? can I trust them to be strong enough?

WeAllJuggleKnives says:

Yeah I do have an Aqualung Titanium dive knife too, but it was about $100

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