10 Mistakes That Newbie Divers Make

10 Mistakes That Newbie Divers Make
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We count down 10 mistakes that newly qualified divers make.

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Ryan Henderson says:

or at the end of the dive taking your first stage off and blowing the water out to clean the cylinder while making the most annoying noise heard in a 5km radius

Anthony Sforza says:

4:48 Sforza’s Eleventh Law:
“The drastically heightened likelihood of something amazing happening when either you aren’t there to witness it or when only you are there to witness it.”
Or as I like to call it… the “You shoulda’ hung out” effect.

NEWBIE-DIVER뉴비다이버 says:

Hey! What about me?!

nothingspecialaboutmyname says:

Number 11: showing “go to the surface” as the “OK” sign

Hamad Aldhaheri says:

My dad is a pro diver I swear

TrveIrrlicht says:

#11 diving with sharks while on your period

Mohaimem Mridu says:

How I will clear my ear and sinus before diving?

Scooby Do says:

Very funny ! Cylinder in BCD 180 degrees the wrong way with regs over the left shoulder would be the other one 🙂 Or mask on forehead. Just go to the Med see them all !

BossATsleep says:

i have a question. what if you have an inch under your eye while your diving

Kartik Raghavan says:

Hey guys I’m a relatively newly certified diver and have a dive coming up in about a month any tips that I should keep in mind ?

mcgov71 says:

Getting an embolism and also forget to equalise the pressure in your mask

Joshua Guallett says:

Unicorn Dolphins FTW!!

[UNSF]-PV2_Thebeper says:

I just got my license about a year ago but haven’t got my gear what should I buy

Jody gonsalves says:

should you drink water before you enter the water so that your mouth doesn’t get dry half way through the dive?

appleiphone69 says:

A person right behind another diver that is getting on the ladder of a boat in any kind of swell. All it takes is the person in front to loose their grip of the ladder and fall back with their 20kg tank crushing your face. As well people locking their arm around the ladder on a pitching boat. Can you say arm or shoulder injury?

Tim Bergström says:

My biggest fear with starting to scuba dive is lung injuries. How common are a lung overexpansion and how “easy” is it to get one? Like say if hold my breath for a second and is floating up 10-20 cm?

Kevin Parsakia says:

I would add two to this list: Reversing the regulator and computer so it’s not on the correct side. The biggest one I see is when somebody tells me they have multiple certifications but they have no experience or logged dives to backup the knowledge base.

Morgan Pastorchik says:

I bet you only made this to promote the website

Skipper's Review says:

Okay, I feel good now, because I adhere to all of these tips.

Gary Masters says:

00:56 “De-fog solution”?! In my day (early 1990s) we used spit…

Eggymct is says:

i often see people with there masks on their forehead, not knowing that this is a sign of distress

Jedi Master says:

Ok my first day of pool training at my local scuba shop my instructor was an ex marine, buff (smaller than me surprisingly) and made me fell a little nervous. But it ended up that he was a nice guy one thing he told me from the beginning is to hold on to your B.C.D hose because it is your life when scuba diving, shortly after telling me this I quickly learned it, but he told me that the man that left the shop shortly after I entered at the beginning of the day had his B.C.D. Hose DUCK TAPED to his hand the entire time they were in the pool because for the life of him he could not remember when ascending and defending that was the first scuba joke I had ever heard and understood. I lie these video thinking who would do that but if there on this list they must have happened thanks for all you do and keep doing it

William Cronin says:

Top 5 mistake many divers make……Leave your mask on your face, and regulator in your mouth until back on the boat, the majority of drownings occur at the surface!!

Rob Oppers says:

Number one is air stress! I always try to convince them I don’t care if the dive is 10 minutes shorter.

Joseph Atnip says:

I’ve been driving for over 20 years now I’ll tell you all you new guys save yourself the money you never purchase your own tank and if you ever go to Cozumel or anywhere in Mexico to go diving you’re not going to need a wetsuit and you never see anybody use a dive skin

Whatever4690 says:

4 Mistakes newbie divers make.
Not knowing your own weight so you end up unable to sink.
Not getting the hang of emptying water from your goggles underwater.
Not getting the hang of removing air from your ears.
Not getting a hangover from the night before so you think clearly.

Jamesgames99 says:

I’ve been wanting to scuba dive for a while now but I can’t at the minute, I live to far away from the coast. I go to Ireland for a week and I snorkel and love it but it doesn’t have the facilities for scuba diving, should I keep doing the snorkelling and wear flippers or fins and booties to get me used to breathing semi under water for a while or join a club and get out into the water?

Gray Ghost says:

How old do you have to be to get certified

[UNSF]-PV2_Thebeper says:

I have the basics boots Finns but my snorkel and my goggles are broken what gear should get

nightwalker 983 says:

Dont be a gear queer on a dive!

Jamesgames99 says:

Lol nice plug at 1:52

Anakin Skywalker says:

I’m not a diver

Why am I here

Kwolfx says:

I’ve seen a number of new divers forget to turn on their air before jumping in the water. I had a friend who did this on a beach dive. I had to turn his air on for him. Some dive boats will have someone taking names or assigned numbers before a diver jumps in the water and this person may or may not check your tank. I know of one case where a person died because they jumped in the water without their air turned on, they were over-weighted, their BC wasn’t inflated and sank like a rock or like a person with 20 pounds of weights strapped to their waste and a 45 pound steel tank on their back.

Joseph Atnip says:

Let me tell you a trick about Anti Fog chemical anti-fog irritates my eyes an old school diver helped me out I now take a piece of potato and cut it and then wipe the inside of my mask

Endereye_The_Enderman_Dragon says:

The worst mistake ive made:
Dropping my weight belt on my foot…ouch

Todd Gilbey says:

Not deflating your dry suit enough not to ascend uncontrollably to the surface. Guilty!

Inspector Steve says:

Is there a site where I can find a diving school or is just Google my best bet?

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