Watch Review: MWC Sterile Diver

In-depth review of my MWC Sterile-Faced Diver (SUB/SS/ST/A)—an unapologetically-tooly, no-frills watch that’s travelled a bit with me quite a bit.

[[ I shot this *some* time ago and just got round to finishing it up; yes, I’ve replaced those gloves … which only I seemed to find funny. ]]

Following some feedback from the Chris-Ward-GMT-review vid., I edited a bit more aggressively, although it still turned out ~18-min. long 0:~} Let me know if you’ve opinions regarding: Do you prefer a slightly-longer video with fewer cuts or a slightly-longer, slightly-smoother one?

Scoring stuff:
– score card:
– scoring model graphic:

Videos mentioned:
– Unidirectional Watch Bezel & Watch as a Compass:


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… and stuff for the hard-core watch geeks:

About this watch:
– full scoring file with comments:

About the scoring model:
– introduction of the model:
– refinement of the model:
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– full CSV of raw scoring data (for *all* watches I review):


AjaxForever says:

Play on the bezel, wobbly crown, distortion on the crystal,  poor lume on the pip, and still you give it high grades…???

RomanDutch says:

Longer vids for sure. The gloves made it look like the review was done in cold weather 😉

JP Verwaard says:

Isn’t it possible to unscrew the bars?
Great video again!

Mike Quasniac says:

Righteous vid, K old pal…I couldn’t believe when you said that MWC was thinner than the C. Ward. Even I’d wear the C. Ward, as it’s a nice looking dive watch. This 1 here is way too chunky for me…S-T-S…lol {:~)>

Polar Roller says:

Opps…spoke too soon…lol

CHRIS LJ says:

Lovin’ the intro, but the watch not so much. It seems like dive watches are just getting so boring; even a Submariner does nothing for me.

velibor cakic says:

What is the lug to lug distance?

Jay Tee says:

Are light motions necessarily cheap? Are high pitched clicking noises a sign of low quality?

Tony smith says:

I can confirm that your watch does contain the Seiko NH35A but it beats at 21,600 BpH not 28,800BpH. Its pretty obvious that its the lower beat just by looking at it. I think that the confusion stems from the fact that the Selita movement that you mention which was in some of the earlier versions, does beat at 28,800BpH. This was a cost cutting exercise by MWC as the NH35A is considerably cheaper than the Selita SW200 which in terms of quality is on par with the ET 2824.. Its not a disaster though because the Seiko NH35A is a mighty fine movement.

Ana Isidro says:

another great video!

Polar Roller says:

Wow, amazing score system. Can you post it somewhere so viewers can read the details? Great review KDP.

Christopher Taylor says:

I own both the MWC Kampfschwimmer and Pilot. I can testify to their reliability and build quality. I think MWC is an underrated brand and a real gem to those who stumble across them.

Tomasina Covell says:

Dry movement, I’ll wager. They offered a mechanical, simple 3-hand, quasi WWII field watch as I recall that looked nice, but you’re using yours as an actual diver, how did it stand up to that?

free hey says:

I was looking to get a field watch from MWC, but when I looked at some forums for feedback, the reviews for the watches were pretty violent, so I held back to save for a CWC instead. 
Nice to see your’e enjoying your MWC though.
And it was quite shocking to see you not whispering in cg’s video.

K.D.P. Ross says:

Since there seems to be confusion about this: My scores aren’t intended to in any way be objective; rather, they’re an attempt to give a finer structure to my subjective feelings about a watch. I’m explaining why I like / dislike a watch, not telling you whether you ought to like / dislike it. If you want someone who will tell you what to think, you’ve come to the wrong channel ;~}

Adrian B says:

Why film yourself silhouetted in front of a window?

Vigilante Driver says:

I hope you know by now that your lug pins are easily removed by just unscrewing one of the ends. You can put any strap or bracelet on your watch you wish.

Jay Sikes says:

The K factor score really held this watch back.

Johnty Andersen says:

I have owned quite a few military watches from MWC, Marathon and CWC over the years and have found them all to be fine but I recently bought a MWC GMT for when I was travelling and the bezel on what is essentially a divers watch is fine so it suggests they might have changed the design but I found this review interesting. My GMT is quartz not auto so other than the case etc the two models are quite different.

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