Troy Lee Designs Raid Elbow Guard Review

If you plan on stepping your riding game up, #ionlyridepark, then you might want to also up your protective gear game. Today I review the Troy Lee Raid elbow guards.

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mike Bussart says:

Lol lol lol you are such a fucking nut just makes me laugh.

FosterKid says:

I wear maxi pads

Brad g says:

Poise,you should have nate chillin in the background in all your videos

Alden Wilkins says:

I’ve been wearing Fox, but the seems tore shortly after buying them. In the market for something else. Being in Tx, breathability is a plus.

Billy C says:

Can’t wait until your production value gets you a bigger following; you deserve it!

stredda11 says:

Great vid as usual. I have Fox Launch knee pads and elbow pads. Wear the knee pads almost every ride but only wear the elbow pads when racing gravity enduro or if I know I’ll be tackling some nasty descent. They are just too hot.

Chris BikerBiker19 says:

661 EVO II knee pads rule! Check’em out!

David Pike says:

What size did you wear, M or L?

JediSuPhu says:

Hmmm alpine stars and soccer shin guards do the trick for me.

FatBoy Cheto says:

Best product review ever.

Mez Martinez says:

Fuck!!! I still need to see that movie!!!

Brave Fart says:

Do kneepads and helmet reviews please!

Ryan Sean McDermott says:

Ixs flow knee pads

airportadam says:

I feel like I just learned so much about you. LOL Awesome review!

manuelamosher says:

Bought the same ones after taking a bad crash and slicing my arm up good on a big rock love them they work great, I should have got the xl size though the large size fits tight

Doug Scarborough says:

IXS Flows.. Love em

Bucket says:

Race face ambush for me

The Middle Aged Masher says:

I ride Kali strike knee pads. They RAWK

Urban Dropper says:

no pads for me… not smart of me

Andrew Cutshall says:

Elbow Gaurds? Close enough.

Bryan mares says:

Can we get a beer of the month video that is bobo approved? Lol

Mark Goldfinch says:

The goth days!!!! Love it! We always think we are so cool, but alas time sets that straight LOL

buildingreno says:

Hahaha Brad G, “Poise”. That’s what I was going to say. Bobo, it may be time to hit the gym, and pump up those pythons!

wade cox says:

I wear the 661 d30 upper suit same elbows and they are great !!!! I only ride park lol #ifht

Phoenix320 says:

Sensei Bobo has much wisdom. Together we must ride!

A Jolly Hiker says:

I was torn between calling this episode “Enter the Bobo” or “Crouching Tiger Hidden Bobo.”

zer0bytes2000 says:

That was THE Best intro to an elbow guard review! HAHA

Caleb Jordan says:

I’ve been rocking the race face ambush knee pads and so far they fit great and dont make me sweat like crazy… Only went down twice on them so far and have had great protection even on the sides incase you smash your frame into them… Biggest plus is they strap on without taking your shoes off so you can strap them to your hydration pack on the climb and strap on for the descent… But I fall on the climbs when they get tech so I wear them 24/7 lol

Crosstrek MTB says:

Man bro….. you looking like Troy Lee before ya know it!! 😉

MrWinger1951 says:

POC elbow and knee pads

john Cast says:

I have frame protection, does that count as a pad?

Byron Beasley says:

I bought mine for the same reason. I kept busting my shit up! G Form elbow and knee pads for me. Low profile, light weight, and very breathable.

Mike Lewis says:

My culture is not your prom dress elbow pads bro.

JoeyWendi Evans says:

You ready to dance in the six sided ring of fire now?

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