The Most Underrated Baseball Glove Available

The Easton Professional Series ball glove is in mine and many others opinions the most underrated baseball glove in the game today. Text me at 802-565-0529 if interested in buying or trading any baseball gloves.


someone 110 says:

There is a new Easton pro series that is coming out to the public in September, and when those release more MLB players will use them and you will start to see more Easton’s on the diamond.

GirlsOnlySoftball says:

Good points. I’m an older guy. I’m in shock. I love Rawlings and it doesn’t have to be a Heart of the Hide. I remember when Wilson sucked. I had to get over my bias and admit that Wilson makes nice gloves and not just the A2000. At the end of the year show me the stat sheet. Good points. Why do people have 10 over priced gloves that won’t catch a ball when you have to dive for it and make a great play. I like gloves that are so broke in , that if they can smell the ball they catch it. I subscribed , because you’re right. For the most part. Nice video.

Zdeno Chara says:

I would try it in some practice

Prabhav Pathak says:

What is the model of your glove?

Trenton Berhow says:

Easton is all I use and I won’t change

someone 110 says:

the main reason is that most MLB players use Wilson & Rawlings, and there is not many that use easton, kids these day usually want to use what there favorite MLB player uses.

russellmania 16 says:

whats the model number

Jason Vandenplas says:

bottom line is kids wanna wear what the pro’s wear enough said.

phillyglovereview says:

Got one used in a trade and I was not a fan. Had the blonde single post and it was very thin and flimsy

Andrew Bird says:

No one gives a s*** about Easton

Octo daddy says:

i am buying a Easton Mako glove for $30

Just GOAT Stuff says:

Easton is definitely stepping up it’s glove game for sure

Roasting Idiots says:

The older eastons especially like this one are amazing like just insanely nice

Dylan Taylor says:

What about Akadema precision?

SanFranFan30 says:

Eastons are very inconsistent they need to get consistency in their releasing of the gloves and they need to revamp their color schemes

Hunter Blunt says:

For sale or trade video soon please!!

Matthew Gardella says:

Rawlings is my go to glove for 2 reasons they’ve been around for over 125 years and honestly they are very consistent on they’re built quality. Don’t get me wrong im sure Easton makes great gloves but they just don’t have been around for 125 years like the other companies out there.

Connor Nestor says:

I have an Easton Pro series glove and I LOVE!! it

Josh Kim says:

he covers all of his points in the first minute but repeats the same points where it becomes a 5 minute video

will counts says:

can I buy one from. you

Tenzin Ganzoring says:

The Easton pro gloves can be good but I don’t have Easton gloves. I have always used wilson or Rawlings baseball gloves. Now I only have two gloves. One is the Wilson A2000 2800 12″ is a awesome and feel that you wear a leather pro baseball glove like my Nokona Legend Pro 12.75″ outfield glove is great and the most important made in USA.

Esau Moreno says:

over prized

Richard Ramos says:

Good point, it useless having a $300-$400 custom gloves if you’re doing horrible on the mound, meanwhile the other starter has a Rawlings Renegade and pitching a shutout. Bottom line, there is nothing wrong with having a glove collection and being into gloves but we shouldn’t prioritize it over our skill and practice. I’m definitely guilty of that.

Borderline Baseball says:

And people do care what glove you use a bunch of kids I know have Easton who get bullied

banditshockpb says:

I agree! I bought a Easton Epro 1st base mitt the tan with black web, love that thing! I got it for $145 brand new with tags been sitting on the shelf for i think 3 model years now. Crazy nice gloves!

Tyguy2025 says:

I agree some eastons are okay, but the mako Easton gloves are complete shit, in the store they pretty much are already collapsed.

The Glove Guys says:

Easton focuses on bats more than gloves. Easton bats are amazing!

Alec Herrera Slowpitch says:

I thought this was a joke

Matt McCormick says:

Do u still have the Rawlings prodj2 for sale?

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