Scuba Tech Tips: Choosing And Using A Dive Slate – S04E17

Not being able to talk underwater can be a good or bad thing, depending on your dive buddy. Alec shows many models and features of dive slates for communicating with your buddy or logging important dive information.

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Miguel Gerov says:

Thanks for the great video. Happy new 2017!

mistifeyed says:

Hi Kevin! That would be a magna-doodle not an etch-a-sketch Kevin.

K. Green says:

a small square of mr. clean magic eraser works really well for cleaning a slate and fits perfectly in a dive bag. you only need a little 1″ piece.

David Browning says:

You forgot the high altitude table slate,
With the slate on the back.
For diving in the mountain lakes.
For us divers that dive high altitude lakes and Cold water .
Great videos, keep them coming.

Adam Moore says:

You can make one by chopping a section out of an old white bucket/tub, pencil and string.

Jeremy Delille says:

Wonderful 🙂 as always !
About the magnetic rewritable “yellow” slate, mine turned unusable after a few dives… In fact, normal… My magnetic slate became unreactive, all white, after several nights stuck in the bag with the lights during a mission on the field (I should have thought about it, as batteries for the LEDs emit magnetic fields… and “old style light bulbs” are even worse).
But the same for a friend, while collecting info for science (thus writing a lot), the screen went unresponsive to erasement. It is now all “white”.
These are tiny magnets and you write with a bigger one, attracting them onto the screen or repulsing them from it. And he was working close to electrical wires, emitting magnetic field…
Just noticing it this way scared me a bit about the time I spend working nearby underwater power plants at the research station…

Sam Petts says:

Hey I was wondering if you think it would be worth doing a video on single and twin set diving and the differences etc, love the videos

Joel Perron says:

Hello Alec … I love the way you go about your vids and thanks so much for all the info 😉 I would have loved to have a man like you to teach me the different certification until I get my Master scuba diver 😉 I heard you talking about cleaning at the end and wondered if you have a vid already made about cleaning … the one that interest me the most is how to clean a mask and to prepare that mask and then how to keep it fog free … I got a cressi pannoramic mask and using sea drops but having hard time to keep it free of fog .. when I went diving in Jamaica they used a blue stuff and rinsed the mask thoroughly before we went in the water and it seemed good .. any vids on advice about fog and cleaning and preparing a new mask VS used mask to dive without fog ? and how about some mask that claims anti fog ? Thanks again for all those precious info

John Reiten says:

Alec, Can you discuss twinset diving and side mount diving in more detail and give pros and cons to both? I would love to hear your opinion, in great detail, about diving with 2 tanks, either both on the back of the diver or mounted on their sides. And maybe you could go into detail about the equipment required to use a twinset (like a winged BCD). Also, if 2 tanks give a diver much higher dive time, why don’t most, if not all divers, dive with a 2 tank system? Thanks, and I really enjoy your Tech Tips! -John

Fridaysmyday says:

Congrats on your retirement.

Gareth Dyer says:

I find that toothpaste makes a fantastic slate cleaner

Neal says:

Another good way I’ve found to erase/clean slates is a part of a magic eraser. I bought one and cut it into thirds, and then just tied it on to the slate. Works like a charm.

Paul Myatt says:

Another super tip. Wishing you Happy New Year.

Jeremy Delille says:

And what about ?

bombousboy says:

You broke it, you pay for it 😉
Excellent series of videos by the way.

Mark Turzak says:

Hi Alec, I really enjoy your videos. I was NAUI certified in 1985 while stationed in Southern California. I dove for 5 years and when I was reassigned to England I left diving behind. I’ve often thought about getting back into it but haven’t. Your videos have inspired me to take the plunge again ! I still have my cert card but I’m taking the course over again just to be safe. Thanks for the videos and please keep them coming.

kanchana silva says:

Alec, Are there any slates that can be illuminated like pressure gauges for night diving?

kaeptenxy 356 says:

what about wettnotes there you have a loot of space to write and you can even put some dive tables in most of them

Riki Li says:

I love that Hi Kevin! haha

Meister Kaos says:

I knew a guy who had one of those magnetic sketch pads that they sell at toy stores for kiddies (I know I had one as a kiddy; 80s kids will remember) and he would take it diving with him.
Rumor has it that a lot of dive instructors these days like to use them for pool training exercises, since there’s no risk of waterlogged pencils having their tips snap off and potentially damage the filters.

Alain Dumesny says:

One thing I did is buy the smaller slate, and cut it up to fit behind my air integrated computer + compass console. This way I always have it, super compact, and I don’t have to deal with another thing to attach.

Ralphgtx280 says:

Wetnotes are handy and cheap too , I use them when doing research dives , 30 pages and cost like $5 each impossible to fill it up and you can either erase the page or tear it out

Feidhlim O shea says:

Can they be used again

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