Nike Vapor Grip3 Goalkeeper Glove Review

I made sure to order the New Nike Vapor Grip 3s the same day I ordered the Mercurial Touch just to compare the innovations on both and where Nike missed everything with the last goalkeeper gloves I reviewed the VG3 is everything I ever wanted from the Nike VG3,


A whole new wrist insert that’s longer and straps farther down the forearms which is a massive positive in my eyes.

HYBRID CUT- Flat/ROLL with no flared rolled latex on the index or pinky

NEOPRENE BACKHAND- Lighter and easier to manipulate plus fit is amazing

ACC LATEX- New latex doesn’t seem so new maybe just the name.

LATEX ends at the heel of the hand shapes more accurately to the hand.

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Deqalb 001 says:

Does the ACC works?

saFHWJ says:

Are you ever going to another country to give training?

Johnnie Rodriguez says:

What size do u wear?

Mikael Friman says:

How do these gloves fit…. should i go true to size or go a size up or down

Toaster says:

Hi, your videos are amazing you are really good coach! You have teached me alot things even if its video where do you say or show how to do…
Andd i have question, where can you buy good gloves?(online in internet) I want to buy a new good gloves cuz mine are slippery and bad and just there is a lot of rips or how you call them…and in my city are only one type gloves and one shop with a soccer things, so i want buy a better gloves ( and in internet i want to order/buy the gloves)
I have size 7

Hope you can help me

Horsy Horsy says:

Hi Ars GK Can you try to review this glove?

Dylan Cox says:

Do review on s1 gloves

Nathan Nogales says:

are these better than the adidas predator pro though

Alexander Khlapov says:

The old style was great, 4mm foam is incredible for both grip and resistance to damage

TheTaman says:

Should i purchase these or Puma One Grip 17.2?

andre SARADO says:

Nike Monsters da copa 2018 Nike Black the best.

Darion Hill says:

Hey ARS.. im a huge fan of your goalkeeping YouTube channel.. keep up the good work

How may i win a pair of gloves from you guys?

AngryPuma says:

I would love to see a play test & review about the t1tan rebel crazycrew 😀

Esi Esi says:

So cool gloves!I like them!
But can you make a review and test about any PUMA gloves?

I’m a Birb says:

Hey ASR can you do a review of elbow padded jersey I want to know if is it worth it,Because I wanted to know if it protects your elbows

Sam_2 Alexander says:

Are these gloves better ow worse than the sgts

Brucey DoesVids says:

Hey Alberto next season I’m about to get very serious with my goalkeeping I’m gonna get two pairs one for training and one pair for game day gloves any gloves you’d recommend for training and match days

Jakob Waite says:

So what is sizing like on these?

Korbetis 101 says:

Would u recommend uhlsport eliminator speed up now?

TKavzy says:

Do you think purchasing the Vapor Grip 3 promo version would be worth it?

Ashwanth Jerry says:

why are still not in international world cup?

Keion Ing says:

Hey Alberto, big fan! I’m the same glove size as you but I found the vg3s in size 9 a bit tighter in terms of breathability than the previous vg3s. Do you think I should go for a size 9.5 (certainly cos I’m prefer the RS model)? Thanks!

Manuel Angeli says:

Hey Alberto can you do a video on why you should prewash your goalie gloves please and what are the benefits of it and what are the downs of it

tommydellz says:

Alberto, how is the shock absorption and wrist support? Especially with the strap lower down the wrist…

Eric Elbling says:

Can u please review the new Ulhsport Aeros??

Enis Huber says:

Lookin so horrible

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