Nike Confidence Goalkeeper Gloves Review

I was really lucky to find these brand new Nike Confidence goalkeeper gloves at TJ Maxx on sale for $40!

The confidence is one of the most expensive gk gloves nike has to offer and for good reason. The confidence comes equipped with 4MM of articulated contact latex on a modern flat cut, the cut also has help from a bio align technology that keeps the keeper’s hands in an always ready catching position. The backhand has the well known three strap customizable fit and the wrist strap is an awesome half wrist strap/extended palm cut that I absolutely love.


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Clarv – North Lights


Freddy951 says:

40 bucks?!! lol i thought i got them at a steal when I paid 85 for mine

Sasha Romanov says:

for all goalkeepers please help this channel to get more than 1 million subscribers.

There_Is_No Escape says:

those goalkepeers aren’t bad at all but they have to improve.
Something they should work is on stretching more on shoots they look like are scared of jumping

Arturo Rodriguez says:

Can you get me a pair of these gloves I’ll pay

Nicolas LAROCHE says:

Great vid

Survival Tips With Brenny says:

Will You Review the Reusch Serathor Supreme G2 Gloves?

Khanz .o says:

Your back! Great vid!

Armando Morales says:

40 dollars wow…

The Best Beast 72 says:

Can’t find these anywhere


You are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chan Tith says:

4mm or 6mm

ronaldo aguilera says:

When will you review the ace trans pro?

tiago says:

do you prewash your new gloves?

Kekistan United Airlines says:

I wonder why no keepers use the confidence glove

Zuni says:

why doesn’t nike make these anymore

Tommy Chuta says:

$40 where did u find such a deal!!! dam I’m jelly

joe klausenaz says:

Who like the scmeichel keepers

fahadbin fuad says:

hey alberto ,you should do a give away

Alaa Hindi says:

Yay I’ve been waiting for a new glove review

Ben Delgado says:

ARS which one do you think is better, the Nike GK confidence or the Nike Premier SGT

Harry Ashton says:

I’m a 4 foot 9 and I’m 12 do I have a future in goalkeeping

Elliot Wilson says:

Isn’t it 6mm of foam?

Los Goalkeeperz says:

Where did you get these

Jonny Hilly says:

I’m going to order the Adidas ACE pack

dragon5fhg says:

Do they have finger savers? I feel like finger savers help me catch hard balls because they don’t allow my fingers to bend back far enough for the ball to slip through.

minh nguyen says:

which gloves do you think is better, Premier SGT or Nike Confidence?

Nicol Thompson says:

ace trans pro?

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