New Tuto Secutor Goalkeeping Gloves First Impressions

The team at Pro Direct Soccer saw the Nike review and thought it would be fair to show us what a skin tight glove done right looks like and voila! Here we have the Tuto GK Secutors the new bad boys to hit the block on the GK scene and on looks alone you can understand why Tuto is a brand to keep an eye on!

The fit is much closer than any model that I’ve tested before with a super interesting padded neoprene backhand that provides a little bit more padding than just neoprene by itself AND THEY WENT WITH A WRIST STRAP!

There’s a lot of great points to talk about but it’s still an ultra light goalkeeper glove, something that I’m not used to and being a traditional glove cut gk myself something that I will have to get used to which might be hard! I’ve already made some terrible gaffes and I’m going to take the easy way out and blame the gloves!

Stay tuned for more and check albertoruizsoccer on instagram for more sneak peaks!
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david infinite says:

How can I get over the fear of high diving?I m ok with low shots but I m afraid not to get hurt when I jump higher in the air

Tony Benitez says:

What gloves do you recomend for a 13 year old.

caleb Zoromski says:

Can you please review the new Sells gloves

jjune June says:

Is it similar as Adidas Ace Trans Pro??

Lau Hong Yi says:

Are you going to review the new West Coast EXO-SKIN Scorpion?

Matt Lim says:

Hello. can you do a review or first impressions on the addidas predator ultimate pls.


Hi awesome video mate
Can you do one to save with your legs

Tom Carroll says:

Great video

Top Intro says:

I only became a goalkeeping cuz it wad closes thing to flying dont judge me

Logan Bittner says:

Hey alberto! How can i play ob turf and not scrape my elbows? Also what drills can i do on my own to get ready for tryouts? Thanks!

brave1448 says:

Nice review and EID MUBARAK

The Infinite says:

Hwo else is coming here just to see those insane saves??

Tubercule La patate says:

Will you review the uhlsport super resist?

anastasios georgiou says:

u wonted to see these for so long

Niels van Wolferen says:

Nice vid! Can you review TheOneGlove Invictus Stealth?

wade scott says:

Evodisc review plzzz

Joshua Terakubo says:

They don’t have finger saves?

Riley Houghton says:

Notification squad

Abid Mo says:

Eid Mubarak everyone

Hayden. Mere says:


Royal isa says:

When is the vapor grip 3 video coming outtttt????

Ahmad Naji says:

I need to know how long they last. I have a extremely important match very soon and I’m using select gloves. Those look perfect

Pyroxx says:

Could we get more training vids

William Slater says:

love your videos and be really helpful if you could make a durable soccer goalie gloves video for under $100

The Ender Storm says:

Hey Alberto, are you doing a review on the new one glove co. GEO typhoon? They came out pretty recently and I’ve been wondering about the differences between it and the Tempest. Thanks man, love your videos

Никита Камозин says:

I love your channel!!!!!

Ricardo Caraveo says:

Can you do a keeper review on the reusch pure contact g3

purpleLdn says:

Hey Alberto big fan is there any chance u could do a review on the new balance furon destroy
I trued a pair on in store and loved them

Josh Lane says:

How many’s pairs of gloves do you have that you don’t use?

Liam McQuillen says:

Will there be a review on any Uhl sport gloves?

4 Goalkeepers says:

nice presentation. another like

James Erfan says:

your the best keep it up

Ihsaan Syed says:

Best keeper on YouTube

Stijn Berendsen says:

Anyone know what the price will be for these gloves?

Anthony Joefield says:

I have just subscribed

Brady gaming says:

Hi ars how do you get free gloves off company’s for reviews I’m trying to get a pair for reviews so could you help out

M M says:

Very good informations for goalkeeper ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ thanks

tommydellz says:

So if reduced impact absorption and stopping power is the main disadvantage to the new era of ultralight gloves, what is the main advantage?

Mauricio Zendejas says:

Alberto what got you into goalkeeping?

Peter Irungu says:

ARS your videos are just GODLEY.

Logan Bittner says:

Hey im looking for a good ga,e glove, should i get the west coast fusion evo katana or one glove geo tempest?

IceVenom says:

Who do you think will win the world cup?

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