New Adidas Predator Pro Goalkeeper Gloves First Impression


And we got almost all the gloves you will see gracing the main stage this summer of 2018 in Russia! Thanks to the team @ for sending over these gloves for review! If you want to help out the channel and get yourself some of these gloves use the link down below to get your own gloves

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tjlrig says:

i dont need no extra sticky grip i just dont want my fingers to get fucked

Scorpius says:

You do realise you’re supposed to peel the plastic off the palm before use?

Panya Vlogs says:

If I use adidas ace tran pro size 9 what size should I go for this pretator glove ????

DD Matthews says:

If the ball is going to the top corner should you parry it or punch

Rafa Solis Drums says:

Can you make a review from, Rinat Egotik NRG PRO PLS

Michael Iverson says:

Do a review on west Coast Laguna Struke

ARS Goalkeeping says:

Get your pair of Adidas Predator Pro on sale here!

Don’t forget to check out albertoruizsoccer on instagram and for all the glove reviews check out the glove review playlist here!

Flair Shadow says:

I’m getting into goalkeeping and looking for a good pair of reliable gloves that aren’t super expensive any recommendations?

Shadow says:

are these gloves the same’one that de gea and lots of famous gk use in matches?

Manuel Angeli says:

I love the color way

Luis Pop says:

Please reply. What are the best removable finger save goalkeeper gloves .

Logan Bittner says:

Should I go with the OneGlove Geo Tempest, or the West coast goalkeeping Fusion Evo Katana Katana?

TheNameIsJels says:

Predator pro vs vapour grip 3??

dean Cornwall says:

Great vids mate. Could you review the peak range?

Srallen says:

In my opinion I feel the ace trans pro were a better glove in terms of fit, but this glove is going farther with new technology

samMeisterization says:

Wow I really want to get a pair or those gloves im a goal keeper my self and I have the matching addidas predator shoes


what is the plastic on the palm of the glove

The Soccer Reviews says:

They look awesome! Tried them on in the adidas store and they felt great.

Roberto Nunez says:

Hey Alberto do you keep the plastic on that comes with the gloves when you first get them? I always peeled it off?

Peter Irungu says:


joey4ish says:

The Adidas website is selling these at 90 dollars, check them out there


Great review man

Axel Isaksson says:

Alberto!! I need your help. Uhlsport tension green supergrip HN or the Nike or the adidas gloves . @arsgoalkeeping

Ihsaan Syed says:

Nice vids, keep it up !

RustyHonda says:

Reusch pure contact g3 please!

Yango 101 says:

Hey alberto love your vids just wondering if you could do a video on how to divr. I know you’ve done them in the past but could you do one on like say some people say take a power step dome people say jump off one foot some people say shuffle. I never know what to believe. Also could you do how to read the strikers foot and know where he’s gonna shoot. Thanks luv your vids keepit up

Justin Herrera says:

Still don’t understand how you can wear short sleeve shirts when diving on turf

Assuass says:

Where are you from?

transavia nor says:

Does it have Fingersave?

Christelle Savoie says:

I really like yours video

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