Mechanix Gloves: Best EDC and Shooting Gloves

Mechanix gloves have been a favorite for mechanics, operators in LE/MIL, and anyone else who wants a nicely made, low-cost glove. These are my EDC gloves – I wear them driving or just out and about in the winter. With dozens of options over at their website – – you will almost definitely find a pair that you like. Check it.


Callum YelaWolf Slater says:

Is it just me or does anybody eles realise that the first gloves he shows the ones saying mechanix all over it are also once or maybe now belong to a NWA, WCW, TNA, WWE wrestler The ICON Sting………..

Survival Bros says:

Thanks for producing this.  I am picking some up today.  Should help getting around trees on hikes, climbing, and grip while mountain biking.  Survival Bros dot com

D.L.Soucy says:

I have a pair of the coyote original I’m pretty satisfied with, so I bought a pair of their “Winter Armor” gloves for snow shoveling. I’m pretty disappointed with this winter glove. My fingers froze to the bone the first time out with them.

damiion666 says:

Meh…Hardy gloves from harbor freight work best for me and hella cheap

Nitro9thGenSi says:

Mechanix Original Insulated gloves is what I’m looking at. I have glove liners so I’m not to worried about cold weather. All black ones are discrete with no white or obvious signs on them. Buy from amazon there cheaper. Did Mechanix send u these gloves to review or is this on your own? Just wondering cause u see a lot of videos thst people review a ok product and give it a lot of props cause they were free or what not. Just looking for an honest opinion and I’m guessing your is. I also live in new england, RI to be exact. Good video an keep it up. Got a sub out of me : )

Duderus says:

Btw I do all this from my phone or tablet. So I don’t know if there’s an easy way to send pics on the comp. But the only way I know of to share a pic on you tube is as my profile picture.

Duderus says:

Oh yah also they’re now called the M-pact “Covert” glove, for some reason lol. Even tho the newer version is anything But covert with how bulky all the rubber makes it. I’ve got a splinter inside the padding on the palm side and I can’t get to it and can’t even find it except for when random times when they’re in and it pokes me. My little sister and her kids were in the kitchen with me when I was watching your video and talking up a storm about the old version and even She likes them more and she doesn’t know anything gear. She liked them so much she guilt tripped me into letting her have them and now im stuck with the new ones with the splinter. And even tho ive been wearing the newer version and my 5.11s more often(warmer), now that She wants them I want them back more. like kids with toys that don’t get played with but all of a sudden become popular when someone else wants to play with it.

Knives-Gear-n-Camping says:


Juan Bravo says:

Which would be good for yard work, weed eating, tree trimming, and such?

Isaac E says:

GREAT JOB! The ones on the Far right i carry every day in my jacket pocket!

Appalachian Foothills Outdoors says:

We too recommend Mechanix Gloves.  Thank you Sir!

Bad Trips says:

Are mechanix mpact gloves good in the winter

kirk schroder says:

Or maybe the fakes are just modelled after them

Donari says:

The orginial ones are good for everything

almost atleast

Detman101 says:

Thanks for the review.
I’ve long questioned the durability of these gloves. I was leery as they’re the “Hot thing” right now and that usually precedes a dive in quality from manufacturers. Given that they’re 20+ dollars each, that’s nothing to throw away money on month after month due to wear and tear.

I’ll give a pair a go based on your review though.

kirk schroder says:

The second ones look fake man.

Eli Pineda says:

Have you heard of cescus towgrip gloves? Great for everything and also armored

Ozzie Prepper says:

Great vid mate. Love the

Eli Pineda says:
Duderus says:

The deal is with those gloves is that they’re the old original Mechanix “Mpact” version in black from only less than a year ago. But they’re discontinued and they only promote the new version that has more of the rubber stuff across the knuckles and down the fingers. I’ve got both versions of them and many others. Just had to go find them sitting on top of my Soda Stream to check. I love Mechanix and 5.11 gloves. I alternate between 5.11 and Mechanix everyday as my go to edc gloves. Hold on to that old discontinued version tho cus they still rock and the new ones are a little more bulky and almost a little less dexterous. I kind of think of the first version as the classic. Maybe collectible one day. Thanks for the video. Keep them up.

Prepare Learn Survive! says:

You should try OPSGEAR police gloves.

Brett Tylee says:

Nice review Thanks!

Knives-Gear-n-Camping says:

Thanks for the vid, I was looking for a good pair of gloves to protect my hand while I am camping. I had never heard of these and I think I have found the right one! Thanks again.

Dominic C Sanchez says:

What does TAA compliant mean?

Duderus says:

I don’t know how to send a pic. But if you go to a sight called L.A. Police gear and type in Mechanix you’ll see what I mean. I hope they helps.

David Louis says:

hey great vid ! yes these are the most bad ass gloves I think. maybe only 2nd to the oakleys but I cant afford them…well I can but why get one pair of them when I can get 3 mechanix for the same price. quantity has its own quality in itself!

JimmyCricket61258 says:

The wrist wraps are always too tight for me. Of course I have a hard time finding watch bands that are big enough…so much for having manily man hands.

Patrik Sannemann says:

Got my m-pact 2012’s in the mail, awesome review and gloves

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