How To Make Your Gloves Grippy – Glove Glu Vs Glove Glu Mega Grip

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Glove Glu :

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J4K Anarchy Venom Keeper Gloves Test :

J4K Anarchy Venom Gloves Review :

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Rafael Tabs says:

Could you do a best saves compilation

Matthew.L23 says:

What is the diffenrence in price

Ben Hiatt says:

You should try some Puma gloves

Jakejathers says:

What’s your favourite make of gloves and wat for shoes

jonwang says:

to me it looks like your catching ability is poor, like I could make all of those catches with my precision or seismic gloves and no glu needed, but still a good video and good channel

Radandrej says:

And how many matches will it last ?

Jaiden Brookmam says:

like jonwang said when you used the standard its so obvious that your not even trying to catch the ball to prove mega glue is better but later on in your videos u said I don’t need glove glu anymore so is your catching just poor or are u just dropping the ball I’m not hating mate I watch loads of your videos an there brilliant keep it up

Ben s vlogs and gaming says:

Ik I’m late but the song in the background is xenogenesis by TheFatRat

chubmister 5869 says:


Quatro says:


Radandrej says:

So the glove glu mega grip outperformesthe original one in dry and in wet conditions, right??

Trending Lyrics says:

You really wanted to make a lot of money and brand this company well as i catch every ball with my original glove glu and u make it look a cheapskate

Kookie Klub says:

I got the J4K anarchy venoms today =D

Piotr Woj says:

great video Will

Rafael Tabs says:

You should do a goalkeeper nutrition video

Kshitij Saxena says:

I want to buy this.

T1 says:

Do u have to keep spraying the glove glu every time u play – like does how long does it last?

Duad Squad says:

What’s the background song name

Pro Polish Gamer says:

Is it against the rules to use this spay as it does increase grip?

FIFAHS11 - FUT, Real-life football and more! says:

Can you do a short clip complaining about what glove care system to buy, and how to use it at different levels?

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