How To Drysuit Dive Like A Pro If you are new to dry suit diving and want to know how the professionals do it, sit back, relax and watch this personalised bare bones tutorial on how to get ready, enter the water and finally dive inside a drysuit. The video features, pro diver, David Ramsay from Magmadive, a tour company that specialises in cold water dive trips and expeditions around the country of Iceland.

In the first half of the video, takes you through the basic steps to putting one the correct way and provides hints and tips to make you feel safer and more confident underwater. You’ll see David dress from start to finish, highlighting areas such as thermal body protection, neck seals, valves, gloves, zips and various bits of gear that drysuit diver wear underwater. Just for laughs, you see the cameraman helping David get ready!!!

Then, in the second part of the video, David plunges into the Great Lake Thingvellir, where biting 2°C volcanically filtered glacial water flows in from silent groundwater springs, stretching the visibility as far as the eye can see, and at this particular spot, its about +100m (357ft).

IMPORTANT!!! Lastly, just a reminder to thrill seekers and individuals that want to tick their bucket lists. Do not attempt to dive in Iceland without the proper training, equipment and expert guidance from a reputable company. The water is much cooler than places like Thailand and the Red sea, so being sensible and wearing a dry suit makes the experience more comfortable. Remember that its better to be warm and dry than wet and cold. Here in Iceland we live and dive inside our dry suits, they are a way of exploring the many lakes, cracks and coastal areas without running into trouble. Good luck and happy diving!


Jacek Raflesz says:

cool vid. I’m using a dry suit with front zip, so my need of help from my buddy is a little smaller 🙂 I like the way you put your pressure gauge. cheers!

Scuba Collie says:

Not meant as a critisism, as i’m sure it was just missed due to the video, however don’t forget guys to check the spg whilst test breathing the regs for any drop in pressure (drop in pressure on the spg whilst breathing the regs = valve not fully open), they may breathe fine on the surface with a valve not fully open, however down at depth will be an entirely different story……..

iGlitchyGamer says:

A quick question for you. How do you stop the drysuit from crushing you underwater without overly adding air to it

Wayne Thompson says:

Your cameraman didn’t have a clue about the aim of having no folds in your seal, and you had folds

Florian Lachaise says:

hi ! thx for the video. i will start my drysuit training soon. Just one question about weight belt. Can it be problem to use it ? It doesnt block the air in your legs ? Or doing a air bottle neck between legs and chest? Thanks for your advice and nkce video. BR

Martin Klinda says:

diving with just thermal underwear say the bottoms, with some board shorts…would it keep your legs atleast a little biť warm?

scubatrinni says:

Thank you, I am brand new at drysuit and have not even tried mine yet. I am VERY happy to see this video. Fyi I have been diving for 16-17 yrs and now want to snorkel with the Orcas. And stay water and more comfy in places like Galapagos. Excited about the possibilities now ! Thanks again. Lots of good tips here.

Leo White says:

i just looked at our local dealer shop for this brand waterproof, but 2000 euro for a standard non mtm suit thats made in ChINA ? . nice vid btw, maybe a Otter or Santi mtm wouldt fit me better.

DracariaEntertainment says:

cool video. i just recently decided to make the switch from wetsuits to dry suit diving. now i just have to get my dry suit diving specialty! and then fun

kingyeung914 says:

Great video, not sure what all the hate is about. Keen to check your company out this July/ August.

henry chu says:

Don’t push it like your giving birth *gives birth but not pushing it like giving birth*

Don Riley says:

Cool video Man !

MN TreasureDiver says:

water looks amazing

Will Astle says:

I would suggest wearing your mask strap inside your hood, as you’re not wearing a snorkel. Cave divers do it a lot.

Hello World says:

So to do what this guy do, you’ll need a cameraman tagging along.

Sebastian Zieliński says:

Yours configurations is difrent…
You have many outstanding wires and big holder for your flashlight. They generate trouble under wather 🙂
Beautiful place where you dive 🙂
Good luck diver!

Richard Butler says:

Thanks for enlightenment on the braces….. honest I always just used um for keeping legs up while I was getting into suit never thought to tighten them for better fit, what a knob I am, good on ya …

Mike Gerrie says:

Great video, liked, favorited and subscribed!! I just bought a new to me D1 Hybrid to dive the lakes in the Canadian Rockies. Have you ever dove with the mesh lining for the D1, mine came with it? Also you said you had a modified D1. How so? Check out my vids if your interested in warm water critters and sharks 🙂

thebentley71 says:

what about your face, doesn’t it cold, you eould think after going tjrough all the trouble of covering your entire body you would find a mask to cover your face, or somekind of hood cap that had holes for your eyes & mouth only.

Don Corleone says:

what wing are you using ?

Michael Ammon says:

Hats off to you my friend; this is exactly how I prep for most every dive. I am primarily a solo/highly self-sufficient and Wisconsin Shipwreck diver and your video “give or take a minor detail here or there “Is how it is done. We dive very deep and cold here in Wisconsin, USA and let me say, I will use your video to illustrate to other potential beginning Drysuit divers, that the little extra effort in Drysuit diving prep that is required to dive in this fashion, opens up a whole new world of diving comfort and adventure that can’t be beat.
Here is my personal dive list of philosophical rules that I follow, I hope helps others…..
1st Have a consistent and linear routine of pre-dive checks in place, and never deviate from them.
2nd Do not compromise when it comes to thoroughness and pre-dive checks. Time is irrelevant.
3rd Never, Never! assume things” Certainty “ is the best dive partner you with ever have.

BoogieDoobie says:

This guy is a true hero 😀

Philipp Oppermann says:

Where’s that undergarmin from actually? Great Video btw., fucking loved Silfa…!

Parker James says:

when we dive here we like to keep our mask around our neck because with hoods on you may not realize it slide off. we all do things differently but maybe something to look into to avoid losing your mask:)

SK Sense says:

what mask do you use man?

verjemAhajadba says:

also 2000 plus dives and cant put on your suit and gear without help? its owd lesson 1ish.

Zinaida Belonoshko says:

Hi, how cold is it there? I was not recommended to control regulator before it meets water. It happens to me when I broken this rule it became frozen, so I needed to surface immediately. Water T was 4, around zero in the air, in Sweden, in December

Menab says:

Best video on drysuit diving out there!!! Great information!!! I hope to see you in Iceland!!!

#XD Rasaily says:

IM 1000 sub !!!!!!!!!!!!

Zhongjian Liang says:

what was the underwarter temperature when you dress like this?

Giona Previtali says:

Besides some rather useful comments such as those of +Alexey Savelyev I found the video very interesting, always interesting to see the single preferences of equipment and it’s a cool informative video, thanks +Magmadive Iceland .

tmorg123 says:

Great video, I’m from the U.S , I would love to dive Iceland .

finsnapper says:

To set the automatic dump valve – open valve fully – close during descent – when buoyancy is achieved at greatest depth open until bubbles come out then back two clicks. It will be set from this point forward. Also one other point, if you have to disconnect your inflator hose and its under your arm you will lose it. A better position is through the D rings on your BCD, that way if it jumps out of your hands as it so often does, you will know exactly where to find it again. Good video apart from that. 🙂

Chris Finnerty says:

This video should be more accurately titled, “How to don a drysuit”. At no point was anything mentioned about how to properly dive with a dry suit.

Cornelius Pildershmidt says:

nice spit at the end

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