Goalkeeper Glove Review West Coast GK Kona Pure

The full in field review of the West Coast GK Kona WHITEOUT pure goalkeeper gloves. A gorgeous pair of top level competition goalkeeper gloves

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Mario Blanco-Alcala says:

Can we watch you in a real game sometime?

save all shots channel says:

notificaton squad?

Michael Milicic says:

When my friends ask me how often do you train I tell them everyday because I learn something from all your videos. Keep up the good work and I hope you get 100k subs. You deserve it.

Matthew Kiropoulos says:

They look exactly like the NGA legacy gloves from the pull tab, to the zipper that lets you remove the finger saves to the hybrid cut. Did anyone else notice this?

Parker Smith says:

Alberto my club is sponsored by Nike and it is very serious. I am only allowed to wear Nike gloves. The coach said I could wear the brand I want only if the name is hidden. Which west coast glove would you recommend that doesn’t have the logo showing or is dark

Sinan Parlar says:

I think you deserve like 500k subscribers because the videos are very useful. I watch all your videos, keep up the good work.

Sleby Kragh says:

Hey friend! Something I would like to see is a before/after picture or maybe a shared screen where you turn them around like you normally do at the end. I know I can just go back in the video and compare, but I would love to see this kind of feature in your future videos! 🙂

Jack Hobday says:

Alberto would you prefer these, the rush x, or vyper champion? Absolutely love the vids btw

Klaas Jan Huntelaar says:

Hello ars goalkeeping, I’d love to help you with those video’s. Please send me a DM if you’re interested.
Instagram: david_deeverdedof

Charlie Howes says:

great video

Fraz Goalkeeping says:

Great video Alberto! So hyped for 100k it’s so deserved

ThePutacabron says:

En que liga juegas Huey?

Ryan Shephard says:

hmm im torn between which gloves to get ,these or adidas fingersaves which ones do you prefer?

Alex Curran says:

Great video keep it up!

Bryan Gomez says:

Can you do the blackout edition of the kona’s?

William Collard says:

sick video, how tall are you? ARS Goalkeeping

samuel kazimierczak says:

do a review on a tee3 glove pair they are amazing

BC Timo says:

How do you know when blackout gloves need a wash if you don’t know when they are dirty

leon smit says:

Niiice, i’m most likely going to buy a new pair of gloves upcoming season, and i was looking towards West Coast. So any recommendations for a negative cut glove?

BC Timo says:

Can you please make a video of the west coast Kona blackout gloves

3P1C N3RD says:

today i learned your gloves are supposed to tear more on your weak side. LOL

askmebro 13 says:

U should do rinat review

Ricardo Sanchez says:

Did you use them with or without fingersaves? curious question lol

The legend 27 says:

The best ever gloves I have owned are foxons very well made, protective, comfortable and the ball sticks to the glove well.

5'3 Goalkeeper says:

hey, my friend left my city and he is the only friend that plays with me. i have other friends but they’re lazy. do u got anything that can help me?

ManlikeAbz B says:

You are the best goalkeeper on youtuber ars goalkeeping

Kaeden Johnson says:

I just bought those today!!!

pedro camacho says:

Hi ARS Goalkeeping, I am a 13-year-old national goalkeeper.I need new gloves and my budget is up to $150 US. What gloves should I buy that will provide with very good grip for a good time?

GUY ON A unicycle says:

Great video Alberto! I recently was accepted into an academy and they said everything was good but covering my near post could be improved. I was wondering if u had any tips about this because some coaches tell me to stay near my post when getting ready to cross and others say to be off my line and cut the angle.

LYXJ_ Soccer says:

Why is there zip on the back of the glove?

Adrian Santoyo says:

this company is the best glove company out right now! These gloves last me a couple months with heavy use in games. I love them.

Jaime Garza says:

So I should go a size small for a better fit

Juhonbe says:

where do you buy your gloves

Project Krishna says:

Any tips on how to train myself better alone and with people

Lee Hernandez says:

What glove are reviewing next ars

ayush thapa says:

Would this be the perfect glove for under 60 British pounds?

Agustin Acosta says:

are you supposed to take off the plastic ?

Miguelangel Amador says:

Could you please review the storelli exoshield gladiator legend gloves

3P1C N3RD says:

saving for a pair of wcgk pair . I just love the option to remove the finger saves. The price is amazing too.

Obstar898 says:

how            you haven’t done a video on glove sizing, are you planning to do one?


Love u Alberto

Harrison Mcnab says:

Why aren’t you pro

Bamaboy ARS chodon says:

Love to watch those diving saves and catch.

Liontar 64 says:

Hello! I was just wondering what your favorite brand/type of glove is for turf matches. I’m having some trouble finding one that really fits me/is a good match glove.

pero pekic says:

try rg gloves btw i love your vids

EC Goalkeeping says:

Alberto what would u say is the best glove wash you’ve used?

maxtrejogk says:

Try keepare gloves please!!!

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