Goalkeeper Glove Review: Tuto Secutor Hybrid Elite

Whatsup keepers!

We’re back with a brand new glove review from one of the newest most innovative brands on the market and we are looking at their newest TUTO Secutor Hybrid Elite goalkeeper gloves which comes jam packed with a ton of really cool and important features.

The Neoprene backhand has been treated to not only be stretchy and soft like a typical neoprene material but there’s actually extra padding across the the glove allowing it to be super light but still adding a little bit of umph to the gloves when dealing with hard and stinging shots.

The invictus latex is a dream! I love the precuts on the palms for easier folding and to stop the latex from bubbling out when manipulating the gloves.

Unlike their competitiors in the Nike Mercurial Touch, the Tuto Secutor comes with a wrist band and a great stitching system that closes the finger areas tightly with full latex not like the nike who’s gussets on the side are cloth and not full latex.

The Tuto Invictus is the standard for any ultra light/ tight goalkeeper gloves, if your style is to go for a crazy cool glove like this don’t look any longer there are a few different cuts to choose from and they are all equally great!

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Alejandro10 says:

Please add subtitles to Spanish

Zander Kosmas says:

Hey ARS I need a new pair of goalkeeper gloves if you see this can you do a review on the Reusch Prisma Pro AX3 Evolution gloves. Also I know you are really busy but I really need to know if the durability is good on them. Thank you.


And one more. I have many injuries to my knees on cross diving and saving the ball after reflection. Last two days , I had many injuries on my knees . So would you make once again on it. Means in a easy way. Hope you accept.

Matt Hine says:

Can you review Uhlsport Aerored Absolut/Supergrip gloves? Can’t decide whether to buy those or predator pros

Porterología de MatíasFútbol says:

C’moon Alberto we need more videos!

KODUS says:

Do they have finger saves

Maykol ulboa says:

Bruh just go pro already

mike smith says:

what are your go to game gloves?

lui-24 Merica says:

Hey what gloves you recomend for hard turf

zef says:

keep up the good work!

Aswin K Vinod says:

Great video man. love your works. Keep it up

Alexandru Tabara says:

Video with the new Nike vapor grip 3?

FullMetalChicken says:

As the gloves loosing grip over time, when would you say it’s a good time to get a new pair? My current gloves start to show it’s age after 2 month of playing. 3 games a week for the most part.

Jonah Sandoval13 says:

Those gloves look amazing. The best gloves don’t have to come from Nike and Adidas Big brands

Cian Jacob says:

You should review some j4k gloves

A Goalkeeper says:

Done with school, sees ARS upload, CLICKS IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Jalen Guadalupe says:

Video on how to tape hands? Would like to see. Also, would you recommend getting these if I currently wear adidas Predator pros? Nice video.

Duncan Meyer says:

Why do pro keepers who are sponsored by Adidas Wear the pro version And not the competitive version?

Poo p says:

Finally dude, been worried getting Adidas Ace Trans Pro (blue) today!!!!

Max Webb says:

could you do a review on the bu1 signals or nga muralis? love the vids

Critisize OG says:

i Know this is a stupid question but what if you didnt goal keep for a month?bwould it effect you?

P says:

I was thinking about getting Brine King Match 3x but idk if theyre worth it would u mind doing a review on those?

Abid Mo says:

Hey Alberto, what are your thoughts on the Tuto Tenaci NC? A more affordable glove?

unutilized says:

Love it!!!!!

Sam Medders says:

Can you do a review on the glove glu gloves?

[PFA] Lev Yashin says:

How much does it cost and where can I buy it

imaboss 333 says:

I see vid notification. I hit like. Simple

TJH9876 says:

S1 glove review or BozGk glove review?!?

MHBG//Mr.Hacker bro gaming//Mr.hacker bro// says:

Hey Alberto sorry I’m late

Callux MCD says:

Hey, thanks to you I’ve got a first team spot on my school team
Also what gloves do you recommend

chollyoake says:

very cool looking glove. any chance of a review on the new the one glove range?

Fن刀ɾ乙 says:

Try out the new one glove gloves!

Kusum Bora says:

love from India bro❤

Gale. Pro says:

Welcome back!

sondre hjørnevik says:

Could you try the new kla gloves??

A weird asian says:

Love Ur vids but i have a question. My team doesn’t provide GK training and it’s really hard to save over 20 shots (per match) what should I do need advice badly

Goalkeeper For life says:

I’m currently trying new styles of gloves this video helped a lot!

Barça Ter Stegen says:

Can you please do a review on the Adidas Predator Cleats please


Yeah after many days.

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