Goalkeeper Glove Review The One Glove Co Stealth +

The full in field review of the One Glove Company Stealth + goalkeeper gloves! a gorgeous remake of the older stealth model.

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pedro camacho says:

For a keeper that likes negative cut and wants a superb grip that lasts a lot, what are the best Westcoast is the best under 70$. And the best one glove company glove for under  50$

Lee Hernandez says:

Nice saves

Abid Mo says:

these look ard

Abdi Hassan says:

Alberto how tall are you ?

Haitch Dizzle says:

These look similar to the the invictus ice carbon, one of my fav gloves

AZ13 Goalkeeping says:

Wat are some of the best negative cut gloves and wat is the price?

lyrics Z says:

Please can you do a review on the Nike Vapo Grip 3

joaquin yap says:

What would you recommend for me for training and games gloves(most of the time for training) if possible cheaper but high quality

Shola Osiyemi says:

Please can you do a review on the sondico Neosa

Josiah Dawkins says:

Hey I was wondering what is your favorite brand of glove?

I love my prom dress Yyyy says:

Good video so close to 100,000 are doing a live reaction?

AHB FC says:

Do adidas trans pro dust storm

Obstar898 says:

What gloves have good latex for turf?

Lukas Tate says:

Question, finger saves or none?

Go says:

Oh my god I need to practice like 4 years to be like you. I am thirteen and a gk in a team. I am bad at 1 o 1 s . Can you give some advice please

IWantToTrumpYou says:

Can you review the Nike Vapor Grip 3 ? either the normal cut or the hybrid/negative

Brenton Turner says:

Looking forward to getting a new pair of training gloves from west coast any recommendations on which ones? Already have these gloves for games

Wombo says:

can you please make another video on goalkeepr mindset, it would really help me out

يوسف الحربي says:

I am a professional goalkeeper but I do not have a glove
So I would buy the from saudi arabia


Alberto I love you keep making more vids

Hassan Bilaal says:

beast gk. come to canada!

Sergio Colin says:

amazing video and amazing saves

Osvaldo Ocampo says:

what do we do if i get blamed for every goal that gets in on me

REZA ESA says:

hey, do you have a relative in The Netherlands by any chance?

Torren Celio says:

Can you do a how to throw the ball from a far distance

Jack Hunt says:

Can you do a review on some of the J4K goalkeeper gloves? They seem like a great option at their price (around $30), but I want to know if they are durable or not.

mark bobrik says:

review the KixGK Club Goalkeeper Gloves thanks

x games says:

I am from Europe where I can find them with € ?
good work man keep it going 🙂

Jake Goalkeeping says:


really? Don’t get it? It’s a play on… oh nevermind

Jackson Beardsley says:

Alberto I cant seem to find these gloves on the one glove website, I only find the last model, can you help?

Jack Hobday says:

Alberto could you review the new ace trans pro dust storm by adidas?

Boaz Huizing says:

Could you make a review on the T1tan Rebel gloves? I’d like to hear your opinion on them.

Zuni says:

can you make a review on the Nike Vapor Grip 3 RS

Alex Migotto says:

Are you from West Pines because I see you in the park West Pines trains in, in the introduction?

Emo 04 says:

Can u do the invictus ice carbone ?

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