Goalkeeper Glove Review: The One Glove Co Geo Typhoon Glove Review

The full in field review of the new one glove company’s brand new GEO Typhoon goalkeeper gloves. A traditional no joke negative cut glove with 4 MM of contact latex and all the good features from the GEO range!


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The Smart Gamers says:

I wish the shipping was cheaper to the US, $20 is a lot for shipping

[GK유니온코리아] Gk Union Korea says:

Thanks for the awesome review!

Hunter Stetson says:

What is the best goalkeeper glove you recommend?

Lisa's Games says:

The shipping on those are terrible… I could afford the gloves but the shipping price is outrageous

Zacob Wisi says:

Do the gk spyne pro glove pls

Theo Guillon-Verne says:

Any glove recommendations for long thin fingers that are affordable?

Tom Bourke says:

Hey, I have been looking for a tight fitting glove for my long skinny fingers for a good while now and was wondering if these are actually that tight? And also , I haven’t used a negative cut in a while so was wondering whether the latex between the fingers gets annoying ? Thank you and I love your videos!

Keeperstop says:

One of the most popular gloves at http://www.keeperstop.com at the moment based on value and look.

Spencer West says:

Can you please make a video on the Reusch Purecontact G3 Fusion negative cut glove

Brian Lee says:

Where can I get that sale? Is it on one gloves website or keeperstop. Those are the only two places I’ve seen one glove Co. Gloves

Manuel Angeli says:

Hey Alberto can you do a video on why you should prewash your goalie gloves please and what are the benefits of it and what are the downs of it

Daniel Remetan says:

Please do a review of the “lupos goalkeeper gloves”

Julian Sanelli says:

Hey Alberto just a quick question.
When your new gloves arrive do you pre wash them or play with them straight way?
P.S best keeper on YT

cameron Saunders says:

Just bought these gloves i hope there worth it

BoomStarBar says:

Hey, I just started as a keeper, just thought to say your vids have really helped me because I jumped on to keeping this year and I’m 15, maybe a bit late but I think if I put in the hard work I can make it work. Thanks so much for the quality content.

Alph says:

you need to make a top 10 gloves video!!!!

Brady gaming says:

I order these gloves last week they should be here in a few days thanks for the solid review in them

Cam Beast05 says:

I becoming a goal keeper any gloves you would really recommend

alfie wright says:

Bought these 1 week ago and the grip is crazy even on muddy pitches

Lewis m says:

Please could u do the new HO glove review?I love ur vids

syvkk__ says:

Tutorial on how to grow taller?

Peter Irungu says:

Keep up your amazing videos Alberto.

AngryPuma says:

Hey Alberto! I want to start as a goalkeeper but I’m worried about my height… I’m 16 years right now an 5,7 foot tall, I know that I am still growing but do you think it’s a good idea to start right now or should I wait till I’m mature?

tjlrig says:

lemme get uhhhhhh
b o n e l e s s

Caleb F.C. says:

How tight-to-hand is their negative cut?

SeadKolasinac31x says:

Great video loved it! Could you please try the S1 goalkeeping gloves. They are £26

HeVapedOnThePiza says:

Hey man,i really enjoy your videos and i’ve watched your diving tutorial over and over but i just can’t seem to do it.I’ve trained with a friend but i just find myself running into the shot direction and not getting to dive because i think that i won’t be able to reach the ball anyways.Any help and tips would be really appreciated,thanks friend!

cody bright says:

Every time I see a one handed save I always feel uncomfortable and re-live my shoulders popping out 🙁

Edy Rojas says:

Any tips for training by myself with no equipment??

onehitwonder says:

Been wearing Reusch gloves throughout my goalkeeping career. I just brought these gloves right now. I am looking forward to trying something new.

super goalkeeper says:

Cool gloves and sorry i dont see the video i was at training sorry!

Edwin Pereira says:

Hey alberto what would you prefer, the Geo tempest or the Geo typhoon

ToroMax 2424 says:

How did you determine the size for you?

Phoeniix Bankzz says:

Hi Alberto,

Huge fan of the channel and especially the glove reviews. Has helped me on so many occasions. In the future would it be possible to put maybe 3 or so things you loved about the glove at the end of the video and then any negatives you found? Maybe even an overall rating? Would be really helpful in getting your opinion on the glove in comparison to what you think of others.

Cheers for the all the videos Alberto!

Mr. Awesome says:

Ummm ur camera had a defect in the lower middle I looked glared

Justin van Mourik says:

Hi, i’ve got a question, do you think that 14 is still a good age to switch from midfielder to goalkeeper?

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