Goalkeeper Glove Review: The One Glove Co. GEO Tempest

The team at The One Glove Company were kind enough to send over a pair of their new gk gloves, the GEO tempest a pair of negative cut keeper gloves on 4MM of high quality contact latex .

Get yours here!

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Loud Comedy says:

Do you play for a professional club?

Vendatte Yun says:

Yo ars, u shld check out gk expo, they make great videos but lack subscribers

Carlos Vazquez says:

Are the fingersaves for all 5 fingers or just 4??

Keeperstop says:

Good review.  Tight intro song.  One Glove Company Goalkeeper Gloves Available in the USA at https://www.keeperstop.com/goalkeeper_gloves-one_goalkeeper_glove-n419

Colin Martin says:

What’s some advice you can give for a first time high school goalie?

the_keeper_ productions says:

Best goalkeeper on YouTube

Rylan Mh says:

great video, I have just started a channel, and I have uploaded a video with me and my friend being goalkeepers we are both 5″9 so any advice to improve would be really great thank you

Miguel Garcia says:

What got me into goalkeeping

William Slater says:

Please do a review on Gladiator elite soccer goalie glove

TechStingTV says:

i love this channel

Colton Fernelius says:

Thanks again for all of your reviews and training videos Alberto! Just got my pair of Geo Tempest gloves delivered yesterday and am stoked to use them in a game today! Would you recommend these gloves for indoor as well or do you have another glove that you would recommend for indoor? Thanks again!

Luis Espinoza says:

They out of stock lmao shame

Inderpal Deu says:

Do Nike goalkeeper glove reviews and precision glove reviews

Octavio Arreola says:

What do you think the best gloves from West Coast Goalkeeping right now?

chithra60 says:

is there anyway that i can join ur club?

Gonzalo Mola says:

I have a budget of €100 for my new gloves, but i’ve been struggling to find a pair of negative cut gloves with finger save. The only ones i’ve been able to find are these ones and the Reusch Reload prime M1 (at €91) that have those two features and are under €100. However I haven’t been able to find a review for the Reusch pair, and these GEO Tempest are highly recommended everywhere and come at a fantastic price of €43. Does anyone have any suggestions/knows what the post option would be?

Tanveerdeep Singh says:

Are they available in India

JAckass says:

You should collab with freekickers I think they are Germany based too.

VinnyDaBeast 123 says:

Best GK Channel on Youtube! Are you doing a giveaway soon?

-Keegs - says:

I play hockey and American football but watch this boss goalie

Nick Reed says:

Are they good on terf

Dale Skillz says:

Do you need to pre-wash? I just ordered them.

Ocatvio Anaya says:

You should review the uhlsport super-grip GC

Pedro says:

Which one to buy? Reusch Serathor Deluxe G2 or Adidas ace transition Fingertip?

PC Principal says:

What’s the size like compared to Adidas

tommydellz says:

Does removing the spines affect the fit / sizing?

Joshua Gonzalez says:

Would you recommend these for like American high school soccer?

cowtipper 3000 says:

could everyone reading this sub to me

Erik Gonzalez says:

Do you prefer The One Glove’s Geo line or Nova?

Adam Wojewoda says:

What is a good glove that is less than 100 dollars that can last a season and has good grip?

Swordfightbeast says:

keep uploading man 😀

James Mclaughlin says:

Can you do a review of the one glove geo blade

peter sh says:

DOES it have protection on the thumbs? Plz awnser

Byron goalkeping says:

Great vid might get these

Ewan Blair says:

I have them

Epic Hannah says:

I have them gloves

Gabriel Angelo Duran says:

How does the Tempest compare to the Geo Arcwolf in terms of grip and durability? Looking to get a pair, and I can’t decide which one to get. 😛

Finrz says:

Could you try the new geo blade one glove co gloves thanks:)

Bryan Wei says:

What is the orange uhlsport ball at 1:49

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