Goalkeeper Glove Review: One Glove Co. Geo Zeus

The full in field review of the one glove co. GEO Zeus goalkeeper gloves. Another top level hybrid pair of gloves from the UK glove brand.

The GEO Zeus specs

-4 MM Contact Latex
– Medius hybrid cut
-3D embossed backhand
-Midsplit strap
-Double wrapped thumb

Get your own pair here

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Watch: https://youtu.be/e2XWXj5jmVA
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w4term4n12 says:

I’ve been having a look at One Glove Company’s gloves, and a lot of their products are around the same price so I’m not sure which is better. I prefer a negative tight cut and fingersave. Can anyone help me out which is good?

ryan 29 says:

dose the glove fit to true size

Frankie Barbieri says:

What would you say is the best glove of the Geo range?

Bidza45 says:

Could you please follow rate these gloves from the best to worst and there all one glove company
Geo Flux
Pulse NGT
Nova Type 1
Geo Zeus
Geo Argentum

Big Boys Goalkeeping says:

great video alberto

Northstar Kole says:

Thumbs looks alot like WCGK’s Quantum Series.

GK Expo says:

Any tips on handling for goalkeepers with smaller hands?

Hristian Hristov says:

What would you recommend me:the Insanity Napkins or One glove co. Geo Zeus?

noobkiller2099 says:

time to toke up 420th video

LawtonElek says:

Have you got the Argentum coming up ?

Brian Cusack says:

Hi Alberto, I had the invictus ice-carbon gloves and after months of use they have ripped so I’m in desperate need of a new pair. What is the best gloves you have ever worn that are cheap and good quality?

Meteo Pegasus says:

I’m a size 9 on adidas trans pro , will i be the same size on this pair of glove?

Itz Jorbz says:

How long does it usually take for the gloves from one to come

Maik 01234 says:

I was looking for a good turf goalkeeper gloves. Do you have any suggestions?

Jose Palacios says:

Hi Alberto I’m currently debating which gloves to buy whether the Adidas Ace Trans Pro or the Uhlsport Super Grip HN I like how they both feel but I can’t decide on which ones to buy because they both seem like amazing pairs of gloves so I would love your opinion on the matter thanks in advance

Adam Gála says:

what size of gloves are you wearing normaly ? sorry for my englisch.

Linda nakhiranphaisan says:

do these have finger protection?

little country says:

great practice

racso dimmen says:

Im looking for a new pair of gamegloves i really like the rollfingercut and a thigth fit any suggestions?

jeroen dekker says:

Hey ars goalkeeping I’ve got a question I want new training gloves and I want one from one glove company but I doubt about the GEO Zeus or the pulse ngt wich of these two you recommend you the most with the best performance over all?

skenny says:

what gloves would you say are best quality for a low price

zachary selph says:

What is the best tight fitting, with good grip and durable to last me a whole season with not a crazy price?

Jennifer Barbosa says:

hi Alberto I am a 12 years old goalkeeper. quick question should I get the brave sports hydroarmour gloves or the one glove geo zeus for a game glove. please respond which one do you recommend

Luke Lawson says:

I’m buying these thanks for the awesome review Alberto and you have helped improve my goalkeeping a lot

Rojo1200 The Gamer says:

Please do those video of you in soccer game highlight

Gelly81 Huggins says:

Are these gloves grippy

Jon CROWE says:

Hey Alberto just watching this video this gloves looks super bulky?

Fitness Trainer Joey says:

Made a lot of nice saves against me with those gloves

pero pekic says:

which gloves from uhlsport are best for small price

DeadBallerz says:

Anyone know any good gloves for turf since mine keep wearing out quickly ?

Luke Lawson says:

just ordered my pair

Carlos Castro says:

can u do a review on your top favorite gloves? I would really appreciate it, thanks Alberto!

Just Zero says:

I have a important questions to ask you. The plastic in the glove, are we supposed to take it of or leave it on? I ordered the same glove and on one glove I took it. I didn’t know what it was sense it was my first time buying professional gloves. Please help

bruno 1234 says:

una pregunta hablas español???

Mr. TGamer says:

imagine alberto playing in goal for youtube fc vs sidemen fc

thebattlemaster 08 says:

It’s my b-day today!

lyrics Z says:

Hi alberto how tall are u ?? me im 1.80

Nick Sessums says:

I have the Zeus and they are easily the best gloves I’ve ever had

Nathan Sparke says:

The gloves look extraordinary I was wondering. What’s a good glove from a main stream brand eg Nike or adidas because really none of the gloves I can buy because of expensive shipping to Australia.

Also ps I just started goalkeeping I’ve gone from cm to gk. This week will be my second game in gk do you have any advice on positioning that seams to be my weakness.

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