Goalkeeper Glove Review: One Glove Co GEO FLUX

The team at the One Glove Company sent had sent over their full GEO range for in field review, this is another one of the perfect pairs. The GEO FLUX!

4 MM of Aqua Wet Weather Latex
Negative Cut
Mid Split Wrist Strap
3D Embossed Latex

Get your own pair here!


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Lloyd Robinson says:

please review a pair of f-line gloves 🙂

callum 64 says:

what team do you support

GK Expo says:

Hi Alberto, what do you use to record your voice? Do you use a specific mic or software? Loving the vids. Keep up the great work!

The _Hood says:

Can you Please make a video on how to stop 2 on 1 please

JDW_ says:

Can you do the Nike vapor grip 3

Victor The barber says:

You should try rinat soccer gloves

Just Zero says:

Can you please do a review on the GEO Zeus GoalKeeper gloves

Truegang Truegang says:

can u explain what is the distance to stand between the goal

Connor Murphy says:

one of the best looking gloves there is

Connor Murphy says:

one of the best looking gloves out

Halford Pie says:

review aviata stretta feuer plisss

Miguel Petrillo says:

Really interested in these, are they still snug without the fingersaves?

Deyton Tomkins says:

Hi ARS just to let you know that you inspired my channel @Keeper4Life. Thank you

Safar Shahbakhti says:

Hi Alberto, I love these videos and have wondered which One Glove Co. gloves you think are the best (this does however disregard the original Pulses due to the fact that they are not in stock in many places). Also could you do a video on the One Glove Invictus Ice-Carbon as I’m thinking of either getting those or the One Glove Zeus. Thanks and great video as always 🙂

Fifa Grindhaug says:

Can you make a punch/clear corner tutorial (like so he can see)

Jose Morales says:

I can’t buy the gloves I want. it doesn’t show on my basket.

Soccer Productions says:

when should I catch the soccer

The Mexican Life 2 says:

Nice video tough Alberto

Nayeli Pena says:

when i click on the link for the gloves it shows £ how can i change it into US dollars

Obstar898 says:

Hi Alberto im looking for a new pair of gloves for next season, do u know any good roll finger cut gloves under €50?

Cian O'Connor says:

What kind of warm-ups do you do before a match and at training. I am having dificulties with my lower back in training so what would you recomend for me.

The Mexican Life 2 says:

man i shouldve gotten these gloves instead of the citrus nike gk grip 3

weji gaming says:

great video keep going I love you videos and I made a video my self

ARS Goalkeeping says:


http://www.theoneglove.com <---- sorry for missing Wednesday's0 upload! if you follow my IG you know I have the flu still :((

Wonders says:

Did you have any issues with the thumb being really weird like it being really tight in length like the fingers are all good but the thumb feels a little short. Did you ever feel that?

Matthew Surgenor says:

@ARS Goalkeeping I need a new goalkeeper glove should I go for the one glove company geo flux, the one glove company geo mcg or the geo Zeus

Mitch says:

I’ve just bought my first ever one glove pair of gloves and I have to say, for the £30 I paid, I was so so impressed. You cannot go wrong with a pair of these, the quality is immense. A professional standard glove at a low price, honestly if you’re on the fence then I’d say go for it. I think the ones I bought were the GEO aq3 or something, they’re blue and have a negative roll. They’re so snug to the hand and the grip is insane. My only criticism so far is the length of the wrist strap, it could be a little longer for my liking but for 30 quid you can’t grumble.

Obstar898 says:

hi alberto do u know any drills that improve explosive jumping cos i wanna spring like Iker Casillas

George_W____ says:

Love this vid man ❤️❤️❤️

Fraser Cook says:

I think you should review a pair of keeper id gloves

Soccer Productions says:

My goalkeeper gloves has a big hole is there anyway I can fix that?

Safar Shahbakhti says:

Hi ARS Goalkeeping, I just want to say that you should consider getting the Uhlsport Eliminator Supergrip from ProDirectSoccer due to its significantly reduced price (£65). I hope that you can review this and get them before they are out of the sale because I would like to see if I should get it. Thanks 🙂

Overweight Child says:

I love the saves when you fingetip it onto the post/crossbar. It looks sick.

Amber Messing says:

Test stanno gloves

Jay Penny says:

my coach won’t let me use the forward smother technique and tells me to drop a knee as it’s safer. However, for me it’s less comfortable to drop a knee and I’ve fumbled it many times as the ball bobbles and bounces off to my side where i cannot get it whilst dropping a knee! what do i do and tell him?

Brian Ulloa says:

i very much your reviews. if possible can you make a review for RINAT Gloves or United Goalkeeping thanks for taking time to read this. keep up the good work!

dfgsju says:

I have always used finger protection gloves, but there are less and less of them available now. What do you think about them? Should I use them or try gloves without protection built in?

Luka Riley says:

Can you please reveille the GEO AQ3 One glove. Love the vids keep it up!

TheAj4 says:

Hi. Great video and great looking gloves. I feel it’s important to say that since I have started watching your videos you’ve helped me feel much more confident in goals solely by watching your videos and listening to your tips so thank you very much for that and keep up the good work. I already have a pair of Adidas Ace Trans Pro for game days however have you got any suggestions for good, cheap and durable gloves (preferably negative cut) for training days? Would be a great help

SE14 says:

AQ3 next please!!
By the way great video as per usual!

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