Goalkeeper Glove Review: Gometta G-instinct

The full in field goalkeeper glove review of the Gometta GK G-instinct goalkeeper gloves.


Vibe With Me – Joakim Karud


Jack Briggs says:

you should collab with the f2 freestylers

Dimplex223 says:

Which gloves would you prefer the junior geo zeus goalkeeper gloves or Gometta G-instinct?

Parker Smith says:

Can you do a video on the transition to the big goal from small

Thomas Seymour says:

I love these gloves

izlax says:

Like your new video. Its awsome and keep up the great work;!

MSMLegends says:

I know it’s late but again great video

Eddie Muchiri says:

I love ur videos i crave more

Shin Babakuhi says:

Hey Alberto could you please review the Tuto Tenaci Negative Cut?

Legendary says:

can you review the reusch serathor

ByrneGames says:

Review the new VG3!

WitnessCF says:


XxMaster _ PheloxX says:

First !

Cj Halo14 says:

Are those pro sized nets they kinda look small

yahir lopez says:

Will you review the adidas ace trans pro (the new version)

James Kneeland says:

PLS PLS try Rinat gloves!!!

x games says:

Where I can find them with €?

AHB FC says:

Do an ace trans pro fingersave pls

stella fodelianaki says:

Rinat egotico 2.0 pro next?

Ammar Bali says:

2:56 I thought the ball flew that fast

Evan 22 Goalkeeping says:

Will you make a video of what set positions you could use

Sharim Delvi says:

Great video

GameMastr says:

do a review on REAL gloves; it’s a belgian brand

Jake Tyler says:

Wow im early

Kekistan United Airlines says:

i wish someday i could be as good as you are

Allen Larin says:

Where do you get all of your gloves?

alison lumby says:

Great video Alberto great love you should try out for hashtag United

Michael McInerney says:

They look so nice

Alex Branston says:

Lol dang

Sinan Parlar says:

Alberto how tall are you. I am wondering this question for 2 months. I think it’s the time to learn right. Also, you are my best keeper youtuber!

James O'Dowd says:

is it just me or do you dive backwards a lot???

Kakarot says:

cut and latexwise they are simular to the geo zeus, am i right?

Gabriel Angelo Duran says:

Is this comparable to the Bravesport Asura (in terms of grip and durability)?

and, as always, great review!

Enrique Eslava says:

Hell yeah finally for the video

Luka Milanković says:

what do you think about reusch D1?

Alex Branston says:


Dimplex223 says:

Thanks to you and your videos i pulled of some amazing saves in u14 we won 6-0 Thanks again Alberto!

KeeganHD says:

Can you do the adidas Ace trans pro solar green

Glenn Myr says:

Great video as usual. But can u make a review about the Reusch serathor g2 supreme

Mexican Waffles says:

Do more weak side drills

Rixy says:

Nice video Alberto, they looked like they held up very well!

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