Goalkeeper Glove Review: Freccia Palermo

Hey keepers,
Today we’re looking at the colorful Freccia Palermo’s

-Goalkeeper Glove Specifications-
4mm thick Supersoft latex palm

Fixed, square-segmented finger protection

Single-piece backhand for improved shot stopping

3″ bandage-style wrist support strap with 3-point velcro closure

Flat palm cut to fit the curve of the ball

White fine mesh finger gussets for comfort/breathability

Unique design with color scheme inspired by U.S. Citta di Palermo’s captain’s armband

It’s always safe to be a little critical of SuperSoft latex because of the varying grades that there are. Luckily, the SSL used on this pair of Goalkeeper gloves got the job done. It’s grip was very good and was able to handle most shots with ease.

The non removable fingersaves are well made and placed strategically in the glove to give you a flexible fit that allows the glove a lot of mobility that I don’t see in most finger save gloves (especially the non removable)

Overall the gloves did really well and if you’re a fingersave only keeper looking for a striking pair of gloves these are for you!





Iusethis4comments says:

Do you know a good glove for someone like me, who has a bad habit of landing on the palms?

Vincenzo Cosmai says:

Anche se l’estetica non è delle migliori, mi sembrano molto buoni in presa

Exposed says:

Uam getting theasr for my birthday I hope there great for me these would be great for josé campos (Mexican GK)

Employing Tiera says:

Live the vids without the background music

jesus perez says:

just bought a pair for me hope there very good.

ARS Goalkeeping says:

Thanks for watching and leaving that nice comment!

taylor fuentes says:

Can you review reusch d1 ortho tec

ARS Goalkeeping says:

Good suggestion! Let me see what I can do

Jorge Gonzalez says:

The gloves look keel they don’t rip fast and I been how many u.s dollars is it worth

ARS Goalkeeping says:

Nice! You must tell me how you like them

Xsdas 4 says:

The only thing I don’t like is the color

kaliste phillips says:

what is the price

kaliste phillips says:

where can you find it 

Krissy Bhoy123 says:

Ur good in goals

Lucas Batz says:

Thank you so much, I bought a pair myself and they are amazing

Alejandro Herrera says:

Very nice gloves! I want them! lol

adebayo Akinfenwa says:

listen fella, the gloves don’t rip because of the surface you play on its due to save technique. should you constantly use your palms to push yourself back to your feet you are scraping your gloves and hence you tear them. it’s not durability that you should be reviewing when you’re contributing to the damage

Zaviii says:

would you reccomend these over the adidas predator fingersave allround ultimate zones

Austin Rodriguez says:

Can you do a review on the nike vapor grip 3 please ?

Name_less _Memer says:

This looks like something Jorge campos would wear

Jake Ellis says:

Why dont you like finger saves

Andrew Cornejo says:

which do you recommend. Freccia Palermos or West Coast GK spyder max?

saim isani says:

Can someone help me out and find me a great pair of gloves in Canada Toronto , Ontario

Emma Crowe says:

I want them

Charles Landcaster says:

I have a pair to

chris lago says:

how come your not a pro your beast tbh

Luis Navarrete says:

You should do giveaways

Cristi Mitrea says:

well, I knew nothing about them, that’s why I asked…Now I bought all their range…they feel nice, very light and comfortable, but I haven’t used any yet

jonathan tecum says:

Grippiest gloves you’ve ever had?

Tom Bell says:

WOOOHH EPIC I like the colours. Can I just say I have checked out some of your stuff on your website and I think it is very very good keep it up. Peace from England

alexmania1998 says:

What do you call a fingersave?

Peshraw Faruq says:

I want a pair of pro goalie gloves I think I want the predator but uhhh it costs a lot so I want something that doesn’t torn easily and haves a great grip and cheap

Beau Brune says:

i have been watching your videos for about a year and you have helped me so much. Every time i make a good save in practice or a game i think thanks alberto. in fact im going to train tomorrow. im gonna think of your techniques

Edgar Vasquez says:

These or the toltecas?

Martin Lynn says:

love that ending hahahaha !!! ps keep keep up the good work and great saves !

Willem De Vos says:

What do you think is the best brand of glove

Arkan Ahmed says:

it is dangerous if the gloves are a little big for you?

nerds4everandever says:

Hey I just got signed for my new club and I was wondering how do I know what type of gloves I should wear please read and reply thank

Hakam atassi says:

Wait wait waiting 2:50 illuminate confirmed:p

ARS Goalkeeping says:

Spyder Max for me but it’s all preference!

GamingMichlar Larsson says:

I really love the adidas predator pro Classic

ARS Goalkeeping says:

I’ll try to get in contact with them! thanks for watching and commenting

Anelyn Oracion says:

that is one discusting looking glove!

Alec Aponte says:

I like this camera view a lot better than the normal.

ARS Goalkeeping says:

Thank you Wilson! It’s been great having subscribers like you

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