Goalkeeper Glove Review: Elite Sport Real

I was able to get my hands on a new brand of goalkeeper gloves! The Elite Sport Real. A gorgeous white with gold trim pair of gloves the Real are one of the softest pair of gloves I’ve worn. They have my favorite cut but with a good twist of being easily manipulated and very soft. The Elite Sport Real also comes with top quality contact latex and one of the best features on the Real is it’s ultra wide wrist strap that gives the gloves a tight fit around your wrists without any slippage.

Let me know what you think!

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Williamskey says:

220 viewer

Trevor Peterson says:

Which is better these or west coast quantum freedom?

Tim Kneifel says:

Hey Alberto,
Can you review keepersport gloves?
They are really popular in germany

Jose miguel Fernandez says:

Did u wash ur gloves before using them

Mohammed Elayyan says:

I wanna thank you you made me an excellent goalkeeper

golkerper2112 3213 says:

where would u recommend to buy gloves from and  this will be my fist pair ill own witch do you think out of the ones you have used and reviewed would be a good pair for me to buy =

Alex Rojas says:

no one uses w formation in the pros use the triangle form

TravisRobinson604 says:

Have you ever worn Ho goalkeeper gloves?

Erick Martinez says:

Do they have finger protection

Kate MacArthur says:

How does it fair when you are playing in the rain?

Lucas R. says:

are their fingersaves on this glove?

Lucas Winkelmann says:

Am I the only one, where the gloves is loosing its softness after a couple weeks, even though they’re washed after they’ve been used?

Cairo Spiers says:

+Soccer Drills And Goalkeeper Training Hey Alberto, how come you don’t wash your gloves?

yeahbuddy2215 says:

How tall are you? Im just wondering

Libni Coss says:

How would you’re recommend washing these kinds of gloves?

Save Gk says:

how high diving?

Leon Goalkeeping Reviews says:

Craaazy dives. These gloves look amazing and professional. A classic white look always looks good (: Thanks for this alberto!

Jared Nenno says:

Should I prewash these gloves??

Potaaatooo says:

I found that the contact latex on these performed very well in the wet

holi moli says:

Thanks a lot for your advice.I am the best keeper in my school and im in grade 5 in Australia.Thanks again for your advice.The best I’ve heard from any goalkeeper glove review channels.

Afonso Nunes says:

hi i usually wear number 10 in adidas fingertip the model you reviewed, do you think that at these model would it be number 10 aswell?

Addicus Brown says:

Freaking great work in these videos. The gloves look awesome too. I’d like to see you do work in Germany with some of the newer West Coast GK gloves. Keep up the great work Alberto!

Reed Elliott says:

Can you do a review of the select 33 all around

Kinq Azure says:

If you got to choose any synthetic boot what will it be?

Nazurex says:

I really need new gloves. My Nike Gk Classic is all torn up! Maybe these gloves are the ones I’m looking for. They are not too expensive too!

Ben Whelan says:

Hey Alberto I am doing trials for the SDFL team (all best players from Dublin in one team) and I just want to thank you so much for the last year. All your tutorials have helped me A LOT. I am doing the trials next month and I just need some advice. What gloves should I get under a 60€ price budget and what is the best way to dive in your opinion? Again thank you so much and I wish you the best in your goalkeeping career

Sahil Gill says:

from all the gloves youve reviewed which r ur favorite

Fifa Team Master says:

Elite super pro golkiper

TheCobra767 says:

If they were a bit cheaper I would definately get these but i set myself the limit of £40 for gloves as i dont feel like any gloves are worth more than that ://

GKeeperz says:

test some rinat

NBrotherGamer says:

Are the gloves in the same quality as Uhlsport, Sells, etc? I’m just wondering, since they look a bit bad compared to those brands.

matt cartlidge says:

Ab loving the Germany videos they have become the highlight of my day home from school watch Alberto. Keep up the good work been such an experience watching you grow as a goalkeeper 

GatsbyReturns says:

West coast gk or elite?

Josh Dudman says:

I’ve got a 5 a side football tournament coming up very soon. I’m finding it fairly difficult when it come to ‘near post’ shots. I’m worried I’ll dive/bump into the post and injure myself. As you probably know the area around the goals in 5 a side are very small and I’m playing with big adults who have very powerful low shots. Could you please do a video or give me tips on saving these types of shots?

Also a big thank you for your videos. After suffering a big injury 6 years ago my goalkeeping days were over for a very long time. I took a heavy break to my wrist and have slowly started getting back into it al recently. With the help of your videos my confidence and techniques are coming back with ease!!!

Save Gk says:

im 12old year my 145cm sadly how about up

Reed Elliott says:
dave West west says:

Thank you. You have inspired me to become a goalkeeper love all of the gloves you buy

Football Reviews England says:

What’s the best glove for $35

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