Goalkeeper Glove Review: Adidas Predator Pro “Cold Blood” GK Gloves

Whatsup keepers and welcome back to ARS GK!!!

Today we are reviewing the Adidas Predator Pro Cold blooded with a big thank you to soccerpro.com for providing a pair of these bad boys for review!

The Predator pro comes from a great line of goalkeeper gloves and although the cold blooded color way is gorgeous it isn’t a game changer when it comes to innovation or the progression of a great line but it does the job!

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Osvaldo Ocampo says:


Amar Saric says:

I want to get some decent gloves for my birthday any suggestions?

David Merino says:

Can you review the rinant gloves

Nils Olofsson says:

Wait, what? These gloves came out like a year ago. Why are you reviewing them now?

Xavier Perez says:

Do a review on renegade gk

Joseph Zamarripa says:

Can u review some rinat gloves I feel like there becoming one of the top goalkeeping gloves out there right now

Shayne SXM says:

Can u review a gloves J4K ?

pųńj4b1_ says:

How tall are you because I’m a goalkeeper and I’m 5,3 but I am only thirteen

SF gamer says:

Can you make episode about split save

Usikkergaas says:

i got the “Adidas fingertip” they are much more sticky than the predator…

Zvenplayz004 says:

Best chanel everrrr

Khalid Makki says:

At the moment adidas released their first hybrid gloves. You can try them out if you are interested

Super Mario Pingas says:

Alberto getting back on form? Nice. Also, nice to finish the review lol. I’m gonna get a new pair of gloves since mine only last like 5 matches. I need some advice. If the ball is going to the bottom or top corner, I try to parry it out as hard as I can but it just gets parried into the net. Should I try practicing this to get a stronger hand or something else? What do you suggest?

Edit : In training I did a triple save 😀

Thomas Blick says:

Bought my first pair of gloves based off your reviews. West Coast Kona Pure Whites. Lasted me a year and I loved that pair. Time came to buy a new pair and I’m going with the Tuto Hybrid Secular Elite. Love your reviews

Kusum Bora says:

plz make a new video to dive high. love from india❤

stefan sfichi says:


Roxana Herrera says:

That’s weird because I have the same gloves for 5 months now, and it’s barley tearing down. Either way love you channel.


Could you review some sells gloves. I’ve used then for the last months and I really like them.

Ameer Rayan says:

Can you please please do the new classic pro

야신인배의 골키퍼TV says:

I love ❤️ ars gk

Mitch 05 says:

Since ive started watching your videos i have been scouted for Leeds United

Finlay Thewlis says:

Good video Alberto, I’d love to see your review of the Adidas Predator Pro Fingersave gloves (they have spines in the back of the fingers). I’m a big fan of the normal Predator Pros.

Herr_Stoffi says:

Who else is triggerd when the strap ist overstraged like he does it

MHBG//Mr.Hacker bro gaming//Mr.hacker bro// says:

Best goalkeeper channel

You recovered from your injury

Adam McCoy says:

Can you do a review on the new reusch gloves??

Daniel Turner says:

What camera mount did you use to get the goal post shots in the corner?


It is new glove or it is the same one from last year

Nathan Nogales says:

great review love these gloves!!

Moody Launisch says:

Can you review West Coast’s KONA Riptide? I don’t know if they’re worth getting since BioNegative is new cut that could just end up causing a loose negative glove.

Salvador Correa Soria says:

This is the best

NetCodeERROR says:

I’m so sad that my season is over ;-; Probably won’t get to play next year because I have wayyyy to much school work ;-;

Alkamaster says:

You need make a video about puma one

Robin G. says:

I k ow you get told about a lot of gloves but have you looked at the new One Glove range?

Adam Tobar says:

Could you review the west coast vyper v2 negative? I’m really curious on how it compares to other west coast gloves.

2 Frosty 4 U says:

please review uhlsport gloves

Safar Shahbakhti says:

My ones literally got holes since I got them in the late summer. It’s ridiculous especially as I liked them and had treated them with care. I’m using the Reusch G2 Seraathor Supremes and they seem good but I was torn between those and the vg3 promos

Noel Guzman says:

if the gloves dont feel grippy just put water on them before use that helps way more.

Dhiah P says:

please review new nike gloves

Felix Phookhamwong Rønn 6A Hjalleseskolen says:

God video you will get 200k subscribers

Omar castro says:

Can you review rinat gloves pls

Stelios Boyaci says:

i use these for training

Dueskey Lat says:

Review on the new One Glove Gloves plz?

bru bru lani says:

Howcome GK’s tend to use the pro over the Ultimate’s, Ultimate’s are the most expensive. Also what is the difference between the ace and the predators? Because you get an ace fingersave as well as a predator fingersave. I have the ace fingersave and the look basically the same as these gloves (minus the fingersave and negative cut aspect)

HyllaTwiceKill 7 says:

I got new One Glove Co gloves a couple months ago and before them, I was always able to throw really hard and far away. Ever since I got the gloves, the ball slips against my arm and I just can’t throw it like I used to. Advice?

Beat Pulse says:

Could you either do the new initiator pack Adidas Predator Pro PC or Predator Pro Hybrid.

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