Goalkeeper Glove Review: Adidas Ace Trans Pro Pyro Storm

The brand new second generation Adidas Ace Trans Pro has been taking over the goalkeeper union with a blast! Even though it looks very similar to the first generation trans pro models, this new pair of goalkeeper gloves comes with several tweaks that have made them an even better pair than their predecessors!

The Adidas Evo tech latex is again amazing out of the bag and the new seamles negative cut glove type has also set the standard for most other brands who have already begun making their own one piece neoprene cut gloves.

The stand out features have to be the new extended palm, wrist entry and bandage style wrist strap which seriously improve the fit and comfort of the Adidas Ace Trans pro ten fold.

Do you have a pair of these bad boys? What did you think?

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Drew matune says:

I actually own these and bought them 3 months

Raphael says:

Great video, could u do a review on the nike VG3 reverse stitch promo edition please? thanks alot


Who noticed his voice change haha

Icemansam44 says:

Hay I’m struggling to determine the difference in cuts. And idk what cut the Kipsta f700 is but could you do a review video on those.

GW1 says:

How often do you think you should switch gloves?

CWR Gaming says:

Ars my question is do you shuld wash ur gloves

Grant 13 says:

Hey Alberto, what is a good website to order keeper equipment from?

football reviews says:

I have these there are so hood

Little Biits says:

imagine being fisted by these bad boys

Javi GK says:

how do you think the evo zone latex is compared to the contact latex?

Zakari Romany says:

You should try the nike vapor grip 3 with the contact plus foam

Brandon Hyatt says:

I bought these gloves a week ago for high school play. I was wondering if you could do a video on how to wash these gloves to keep them in the best condition.

Noah STRØM says:

Can you make a video of your favourite smal brand gloves? Or witch gloves to USE in the winter?

Harrison Garbutt says:

Hi Alberto you are great in goal and no one is better than you love the vids keep up the Amazing work

Kristian Plat says:

I was like i’m going to buy those….115 euro….fock

football reviews says:



I brought Adidas ace trans pro. Are they good?

joey4ish says:

Damn it, I wish I hadn’t taken reviews from other purchasers for granted and bought these. Keep up the great work, because of you I never let myself down on a bad game and keep pushing forward.

William Lumby says:

Good video

Albinotruck says:

Got the blue ones myself, was stunned by the comfort and grip and couldn’t wait for match day. Then I got sick on match day so dang.. At least we won though. Great video btw, Alberto!

The King says:

Please make a video to teach us how to chose the right glove size please

Rubens Bomtempo Assessoria says:

I love ARS

Chito Cutz says:

Do a review on CMC goalie gloves ! You can get them on eBay for 35$

Fraz Goalkeeping says:

Insane review Alberto! Love it

Finn McPherson says:

Is it better or worse than the uhlsport speed up now supergrip glove?

Josiah Wilson says:

Can you do a insanity gloves review ?

Beniamin Vogel says:

I love these glove gloves. Have a question. What gloves would you recommend for around 50 dollars?

Donna-* says:

Can you maybe make a review about the new Nike gloves?

Rubens Bomtempo Assessoria says:

I,m a goal-keeper it is awesome

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