Goalkeeper Glove Review: Adidas Ace Trans Climawarm

The full in field of the unique adidas ace trans pro special model climawarm meant to keep the hands dry and warm during those cold/wet training sessions.

The Ace Trans Climawarm has

Nova latex on the palm and abrasion zone, and my favorite the bandage style elastic wrist strap. The main point that makes these gloves different from the Adidas ace trans pro is the internal climawarm material which keeps the hands nice and warm.

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emileo cantu says:

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Samuel Ajayi says:

ars goalkeeping, would you prefer the Adidas trans pro models or the Nike premier sgt models in terms of grip and durability?

Veild says:

Hey Alberto! I think you should review the Reusch Serathor G2 Evolution. I use it for games, and it’s a great glove! 🙂

Football James says:

Ars goalkeeping you’ve helped me out so so much

Mickael Guerrier says:

You should review the Nike gk sentry

Rensss says:

Hey Alberto,
I just purchased adidas trans pro. do you have tips how to get rid of the plastic? because I find it really hard.

George Spencer says:

can u help me make my mind….this pair of adidas or a pair of puma evopower protect new edition?

Johnny Smith says:

Keep up the great work

The Mexican Life 2 says:

Hey Alberto can you do a video on the updated nike gk grip 3

Amber Messing says:

Pls use stanno or kwd

Quang anh Nguyễn đình says:


fahadbin fuad says:

can u discuss about the new adidas gloves that are unreleased but neuer has been seen wearing them?
you shared on instragram the pic

Aod 214 says:

Will u be reviewing the nike sgt promo?

Obstar898 says:

Could you do a review on the geo zeus because i wanna get that r the mcgs


Keep it up man. Always look forward to your reviews. My ace fs pro gloves had pretty good durability. Used them for 3 months they still have good grip.

Luke Lawson says:

great vid Alberto I scan my notifications every Wednesday and Friday for your videos keep up the amazing work

Zak Maguinness says:

do a glove giveaway signed by u .

Christiannov1911 says:

Do a top 10 gloves video please

dfgsju says:

Good video! Would love to see you review some precision gk gloves!

Christiannov1911 says:

Can you do another how to train on your own video please as you have not done one in a while

BurtonsBeatz says:

love this channel, you should test sells goalkeeper gloves that’s what i use, the grip, comfort and durability is top class, i use the sells wrap climate competition and the sells wrap aqua elite

Nicolò Arcuti says:

You should learn the italian style diving and getting up tecnique, it’s much more efficient and less damaging on the gloves if well executed 🙂 Nice review and great gloves.

Ciaran Wilde says:

hey love your vids, but could you review the J4K Hybrid Roll

ARS Goalkeeping says:

How did you like the chest harness gopro angle? wanna see more saves like that? What video do you want to see this weekend? Let me know in the comments or on my Instagram: albertoruizsoccer

good luck on your games this weekend keepers!!

Amani A says:

Do you know anything about the adidas classic pro gloves and what is your thought on ’em?

Lloyd Robinson says:

Can you please do a review on a pair of f-line gloves?

William William says:

Alberto have you ever had problems with your ulnar nerve?

Crown says:

Hey Alberto, great video again 😀
I was going to ask if you had a plan to review the Adidas Classic Pro gloves?

MoeyTheKeeper says:

im so scarred from the match I had last night, 16 saves but still ended to be 6-0, saved a penalty but ref told the player to re take it because one of our players went in the box, the player took the penalty and I dived well to it and it hit my hand, hit the cross bar and went in. Took a last minute free-kick as I have the bets shot in my team, it was going bottom left but my own player accidentally stopped it. Horrible day.

Erin go Bragh says:

The old predator zones pro never had these durability issues, and they basically had the same levels of grip as these do. Adidas really need to work on their gloves durability and making the latex last longer

Leo Hoxha says:

awesome gloves

Cole F-D says:

As a goalkeeper training 4 times a week + games I need a new pair every month

Arrow Head says:

For some reason I have no problem diving on my non dominant side but I hesitate when diving on my dominant side and my dives are better on my non dominant side as well. Why is that? Is it because since I have more control over my dominant side it makes me hesitate or what?

Owen Stein says:

Can you do a review on the new NGA empire’s? I want to get them but I can’t find any reviews. This would be really helpful!

Goalkeeping to the Max says:

Great video

I'mpm11 says:

Awesome Vid as always!!

zac mowbray says:

Hey Alberto, I’m a fairly new keeper starting out, so all your tutorial videos have been really helpful! I seem to be struggling with catching low shots aimed straight at me; from the waste- down, especially when they bounce right in front of me! Wondered if there was any advice you could give me? Or even a tutorial video on it?

Oscar Murray says:

Hey Alberto
Could you please do a review on the Storelli gladiator exoshield pro
I recently got these gloves and it would really help me to know its strengths and weaknesses
Thanks Man!!! Keep up the great work 🙂

Ben Hiatt says:

Could you do a playtest on the new Ulhsport Eliminator supergrip?

D.B.A GAMING says:

can you do keeper I’d glove review

Vinnie Smith says:

astrotuf is the worst for gloves. your lucky if they Las a few months…

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