Glycine Combat Sub Automatic Review – The Best Dive Watch Around $1000? +Brand Overview 386319ATND9

Today I review a stunning dive watch from legendary Swiss watchmaker Glycine. The “Combat Sub” is a watch with a big military following, with good reason too. Its outstanding in quality, very practically designed with great legibility and is one of the thinnest automatic dive watches I have ever had the pleasure of wearing. With a modified and upgraded ETA, fantastic lume and excellent performance, this makes this one of the best divers in its price range.

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Matt R C says:

What size is you wrist?

Cls Martinez says:

Nice review

danielstenniskanal says:

Thank you man. You got me Glycine hooked. Love your channel and als the best for your recovery.

Luca Mazza says:

Fantastic review, I was thinking about a comparation, which is better between Longines Hydroconquest and Glycine Combat Sub?
Best regards

BurdenGamer says:

I’m very tempted on purchasing one but a used one at around USD$500 in green… hmm

BC C says:

I just want to chime in that I love my Glycines. I started with a Airman Base 22 which is very thin considering it’s diameter and the thinness is the reason I chose to buy it. I was so impressed with the quality, value, wearability and accuracy that I went out and bought a Combat Sub as well. As you mentioned, Glycine holds their brand very well and it’s is quite unique. Not just another submariner or GMT homage. I would love to add more of their range to my collection.

shae voyce says:

Tgv stop blowin my mind, my God that lume.

Exceptional as always. keep it up.

Austin M says:

the combat specials still have the crown logo on the dial

cubex68 says:

what in your opinion is a better value – Glycine Combat Sub with Blue Dial Orange Bezel or SEIKO Blue Lagoon Samurai SRPB09?

Dom Von Hutch says:

Hmmm interesting…they probably didn’t include 24hr time on their combat sub with the black dial green bezel because that would’ve made it look too different to the Rolex 16610LV and we know that homages are the coolest thing atm. Nice, yes i liked the part you read out, also on their website “…enjoyed unbroken popularity amongst military and sporting circles” lovely, a company telling you how popular they are through strong yet poetic ambiguity. Might try to pick up an Airman as that’s obviously the only one worth bothering about. Maybe on Jomashop in a couple of yrs for 78% off after that Rhode Is. joint isn’t so chuffed to stock them anymore.

silkhead44 says:

Gycine Golden Eye Combat Sub is on Massdrop for $399

Watch'dUP says:

im assuming Glycine is Eta based? as Invicta and other are…. anyone know what movements they are using?
Nothing wrong with ETA btw ok

Chris Lowe says:

can you find the best quartz diver? i know you arnt into quartz but wind up watch dosnt suit my lifestyle.

Luca antony says:

This is an amazing show. I have a glycine sub combat since one year but nowadays it doesn’t start without spinning it when it’s still for a dat

brettw0292 says:

Is the face scratch-proof? Or only scratch-resistant? Thank you – great reviews.

Bart Nijsten says:

Base 22 blue, that is the one !, Why would you need more than 20 atm rating where are you going ?

Justin S says:

The water resistance is a moot point for 95% of buyers.

Jason Won says:

I just picked up the goldeneye when saw it for $400 new. I thought I was getting a hell of a deal based on the specs and reviews. I knew it was going to be light and won’t have that solid heft but when I first put my hands on it, it just felt cheap. Everything felt cheap from the stiff nato strap, the cheap feeling on 60 click rotating bezel, the printed numbers on the bezel, the printed indices on the dial to the weight of the watch. I’m sure the 2824 is solid and durable, but everything else look and feel like a fashion watch. That’s partly my fault for choosing the shiny rose gold/copper bezel/insert.

TimeKeeper says:

This is bar none one of the best case designs out there in my opinion. Love the low profile, curved lugs and the way the crown guard sweeps right down to the lug tips. If only it had the same slight domed crystal as the Sinn 104, to compliment the bezel angle. It just screams for it 🙂

My Opinion says:

Lug to lug, possibly too big for some smaller wrists (regardless of curved lugs). Other than that, a nice looking watch overall, especially on a nato strap.

SquidRides says:

Three word man, “Review the Fortis.” Don’t make me go Shia Lebeouf on you.

Luca Simoncini says:

It is a gorgeous timepiece, but when I searched the Glycine catalogue, I fell in love with the Airman 18!


I have a similar one. Can’t help noticing that there is no logo on the face.Why is that?!

Jay Darbar says:

Hi TGV, Great Review thank you! You mentioned that the new design is without the logo, what is the model number as i cannot seem to locate this watch. Even Glycine website shows the old version. Please help 🙂


Victor Valdez says:

Just purchased one. Black dial, blue bezel, and black leather strap. Thanks for the review!

TheMightyWill says:

Can’t wait for the review, TGV! That lume looks amazing!

Knife Nut says:

Those aren’t Arabic numerals, they’re European or English

Alistair N says:

I’m in love with this diver. And to think, when I started my watch journey just a few weeks ago, I didn’t even like divers!

southerncountryboy8 says:

TGV, I’m thinking about purchasing either the Combat Sub or Oris Aquis for my first “higher-end” piece. I’m a college student so this is a considerable investment. Which watch would you recommend? I wear my SKX almost every day, I honestly feel that if it’s movement was hackable and hand winding, it would be perfect. Everything about the case design, proportions, etc seem absolutely perfect to me. Knowing this, which watch would you recommend? Or perhaps some other watch? 1200 is the absolute max. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Johann M says:

Hello TGV,
So many fantastic reviews from this channel! I’m looking for a good gmt watch and researching glycine, I saw the airman dc4. I would love to see a review of this watch on this channel. Also, it’s a 42mm size so it might actually fit on your wrist.

Paul J says:

Great review and its finally convinced me to press the trigger on the same model. It would appear to be the older model with the Glycine Logo on the dial but at a 45% discount off rrp it wasnt a difficult decision to make. Would you know if there is any other difference between the old and new model ????
Anyway looking forward very much to your comparison between the Squale and the Glycine – I have no idea which will come out on top !!!
Kindest Regards,
Paul J

Christopher Abella says:

love the videos, informative and classy. thank you very much. noob here looking to add to my collection, I like the orient ray raven 2 and Seiko sna411. but now after watching this video I want a glycine sub. currently jomashop has the black glycine sub with brown strap for $549. would you get a)just the glycine for that price, or b) get both the flighty and ray raven 2?

DamienMelanie Dufour says:

Hello, Where did you purchase your watches suitcase i see on your vid? ty


I love the band you put on this one. Very nice contrast.

Nevillius says:

Nice vid TGV, I just purchased the brown combat sub, I love it, can`t wait to customize it with some NATO straps. Best regards.

BigDuke6ixx says:

Just took delivery of this one from an EU authorised dealer. It has the logo above the Gylcine but the lugs aren’t drilled, which I’m a bit disappointed at and no SL after Swiss Made. Very, very nice though, all in all. says:


MrElRockero says:

As I said on the other video for this watch – I’m almost speechless. I like every detail on that piece of “time machine” 🙂 No weak points for me.

Joe Macch says:

I don’t like the notch on the case opposite the crown side.

Sir John Hall says:

I’m looking for a diver at under a $1000. So my selections include the Glycine Combat as in your video, an equivalent Squale or a Christopher Ward Trident. I don’t mind pre owned so I’m open to suggestions beyond these. Any thoughts?

Jun Long Lu says:

now only 400 bucks. sort of overpriced back in 2015.

eddie7312 says:

Hey LeShark75… 1 year later and history repeats itself. I’m now camping my front door waiting for mine to arrive too!

Bertrand Deleval says:

Hi TGV, thanks for this review.Do you prefer your new Glycine or the Sinn104 Watch ?

David Welham says:

With only a 6″ wrist I still bought the sub. Like you say the thin case and curved lugs mean I can just get away with it’s 42mm size. Love the variety of colours and finishes. Went for matt grey hands and yellow lume, luv it! The standard strap is way too big so works best for me on a one piece perlon or short Colareb vintage. Well done Colareb for offering a short strap option for smaller wrist. Love the chanel BTW, hello from grey rainy Preston!!

Watch'dUP says:

great review and vid.

Nathaniel's Phone says:

I got mine but the calf/cloth strap was so horrendous! So stiff on the wrist!

EMS Lawrence, KS says:

Again, great video. Thanks and post more when you can.

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