Future Of Scuba Diving


Technological advances in diving equipment have made a giant stride in the last ten to 15 years. Many of the new gadgets on the market are the result of more of us dipping our fins in the world of extended range diving, coupled with extraordinary advances in personal computing devices.

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Raúl Platzer says:

Goggles with screen in the glasses and attached camera but still no real functioning anti fog spray lul…

Faizal 1234 says:

Not yet I use.somebody delete in my youtube history.not yet I use ninja mask,triton from Korea and somebody try to….

_officialcaccino_ says:

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Dean Cox says:

Hard to breath under all that weight of water. That is what a s.c.u.b.a. regulator does increases the pressure of air or mixed gases to compensate for the weight increase surrounding your body. This is nothing more than b.s.. Do people actually believe this nonsense?

The_Black_Rose says:

Wake up guys just do the Math on the 1st one. So much shit. For anyone that cant do the Math but is a diver answer me this… What’s the Max depth you can dive to just breathing O2. Lets just forget about what volume of water must processed through this device to get a lung full of O2 (liters/minute). “Simple Scuba” more like “Simple Minds”.

sean strickland says:

Water filled lungs lol sounds like a great idea

Brent Weeks says:

Music was HORRIBLE

shakk b says:

all codwhallop ?

Scott Blankenship says:

I need a simple red breather that can go 1000 ft below the surface

Water Flow says:

I just free dive. I mess with scuba divers all the time lol. I can hold my breath for 16 minutes. Yeah I know it’s sounds crazy and I also thought it sounded crazy when I thought of someone that can hold their breath for over 5 minutes. I’ve been doing it for years constantly trying for longer and and deeper dives but when you train almost every day you can do anything.

CrazyMonkey 0117 says:

BOI! Starwars LOOKS like it in the future, but it’s actually far far in the past…

Johan Ahremark says:

Ironman suit for diving and gear that recycle air that normally get wasted.

Bayblank says:

Sorry I’m a fish.

science is awesome says:

I would like the helmet to be pressured because it causes so meny problems already

ka kou says:

you can give me à casque

Alex Gladskiy says:

waterbreathing motorcycle helmet is another nonsense WATER DOESNT HAVE THAT MUCH OXYGEN IN IT! and this “Amphibian” harness looks something out of 50 shades of gray, just add some leather whips ..great future tech. The only useful thing is HUD for the diving mask, will be a very convenient soultuoin to keep track of depth and oxgen.

Tareas de Mate says:

im the 1k like yeiii

Humble Explorer says:

That would be cool, if they have invented a helmet or face gear than can actually absorb oxygen like gills on fish. That would revolutionize diving gear!!!!

Leigh Peterson says:

Holy shit this is the triton all over again

the teal fish says:

I have always been fascinated by oxegen enriched breathing liquids

chapmasi says:

O2 extracting tech coming in the future? I won’t hold my breath…

Sarah Kline says:

Ones idea has been censored by one from youtube. (One is A Free persons of LSA&S.) This is my right. One would share this information by whom anyone gathering but for hunters.

Nylanx says:

Omg I love abyss

dave lall says:

I think you should be focused more on helping Jon snow defeat the white walkers Mr. Samwell Tarly

Mogzter Rawr says:

question. how do u equalise??

JohnyAlv says:

There isn’t enough oxidion underwater to keep you alive

j Tveit says:

Virtual scuba where’s the fun in that?

Helvi Hautala says:

It should be easy to make an underwater drone. No more decompressing and expensive valves and tanks.

killermonkey says:

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David Myers says:

ORB on my list.

Still Alive says:

No one wants to use the fake ones it’s better to get wet and see something yourself

EPC135//Gaming says:

Vr seems like it would be boring I mean not getting wet. That’s the point of scuba diving

EvilToastMan 102 says:

Just got raped

Csgo High Roller says:

Rebreathers are sadly fake. It was debunked by someone I forget who. But it shows how much water it would have to take in a second to harvest enough oxygen to take a breathe and it was impossible. Would be cool though

Riccardo D'ambrosio says:

Simply scuba have you ever seen a rebreather, the smallest size for a rebreather is the size of your lungs, (counterlung) and where is the scrubber, the oxygen tanks, the nitrogen tanks, this is bullshit and anyone that knows just a bit about rebreather knows, stop believing everything you see

FaceHugger Gaming says:


Simply Scuba says:

If you are interested in future diving gear, then check out our video future dive sites 🙂


mrNapalm says:

that helmet is cool and all, but breathing oxygen is toxic below 20 feet.

Lolana Kahale says:

Now this 2:15 just stupid, definitely would make me feel silly for wearing it

Christina Haydel says:

This really answered my downside, thanks!

There are some interesting time limits on this video but I don’t know if I see all of them heart to heart. There is some validity but I will take hold opinion till I look into it further. Good video , thanks and we want more! Added to FeedBurner as properly

Walter Pullen says:

my question is on O2 tox taking the O2 out of the water is all nice but using only O2 is poisonous to the human body? also depending on ypur depth but still.

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