Dryglove Choice

What kind of Drygloves do I use and how do i set them up. Check out our Patreon SIte: https://www.patreon.com/InnerSpace_Explorers


Johann Mattis says:

I use both the Stief and the Rolock since 500 Dives now with Santi heated Gloves. Quick, Easy, double safety and heavy duty. I dont care the rings and I hate cold hands 🙂

Bogy 1 Kinoby says:

Lighting is horrible and can’t see what you’re doing

Cathal Brennan says:

Rolock dry glove system for the last 5 years with 3mm wet gloves as a thermal liner. Highly recommended. The wet gloves work well in the event of a leak.

akronyme says:

I use to dive in Switzerland, with a rebreather it’s a no brainer to have neoprene drysuit and drygloves. I’ve tried many systems (Rolock, Sitech, kalweit, etc). My favorite so far is the French TED’S system, similar to kallweit but in metal, much more safe as it is quite impossible to remove by mistake. Undergloves are thin Hestra brand merinos (ski) and gloves are maxdry rubbed ones, I also use fourth element wrist thermal protection that provides me enough air transportation between drysuit and glove. I really like the feeling of that combination, definitly not the warmest (warm enough though) but without contest I got the best feeling to work with lines in cave diving!

Bob Dives says:

Thank you. Keep up the good work, I use the sitech oval rings with the ultima system, best of both worlds I think.

Nick Weightman says:


Pieter Coetzee says:

I have the same Si-Tech oval system, but have been using the Antares kit to fit over the top. Even though my Antares kit has only had on or two minor leaks, your solution simplifies everything very nicely… I will give your method a test… It will only work with Latex gloves though. PVC might not fold over the top of the ring to take up slack. Nice and simple. Well done!

Jacek Raflesz says:

I’m using the Santi smart glove system together with smart seals. Tbh I was sceptical about this setup but now when I use it – well it’s working very good.

Arthur Lim says:

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Thanks guys!

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