Cold Water Gear | My Freediving Gear

I dive in some of the coldest water in the world. A few times I have had my watch reading 7 degrees c.

In the tropics though its really just Mask + Snorkel + Fins!

Cold Water Gear:
– Reef Gloves
– Auqalung Sphera Mask
– Omer marseillaise rubber weight belt
– Billabong Foil 5/4/3
– Custom 3mm booties
– Topis snorkel
– C4 Flaps

Oh and by the way – I am not trying to say freediving wetsuits they don’t work – because they do.

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Alex Geyzner says:

Great video! You should try Elios custom made heiwa aws wetsuit! Open cell is something you get used to very quickly. After that you will never come back to surfing wetsuit.

Gabriel Ribeiro says:

why don’t you recomend the use of those snorkels? I just have one of that, I want to understand better the reason..
Nice video, thank you for sharing this!!

olddogkr says:

sounds great! beaver tale and camo are ugliest in the world.


Suscribed..get a see for my channel and suscribe to be conected.Best regards.

Ronnie wilson says:

Have you ever tried spearfishing?….and i agree with you on the open cell i have one, they aren’t the most comfortable but keep me warm.

Carlos says:

Nice equips dude.Pretty good cold water bonus, lol.

zlandorf says:

Great videos ! How do you find freediving buddies ?

TankyG says:

“sometimes i had my watch reading 7 degrees”, come to norway, we freedive during the winter months in lofoten, coldest i have done is 2 degrees

hoshino says:

Thanks, great video. For me, I just can’t justify the cost of a separate wetsuit for diving, if I already surf… here on So Cal beaches, a freediving suit would probably get thrashed in a few minutes. Luckily, in summer time the water is generally warm enough to dive in boardshorts and a decent rashie anyway.

Synth3sis says:

Hey! If you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for a living? You seem to travel a lot to places all over the world, how do you afford it? Great video as always!

Hajs Dkxkd says:

nearly first

Toni Esteve says:

Nice gear!! Id love to have money to buy as much as id like to hahahaha, but I have the basic, and remember, its not the arrow, its the archer!

1FrenchConnection1 says:

I’m freediving of Nova Scotia Canada, and I highly recommend 5 finger heat NEOPRENE GLOVES 3mm – 5mm. Usually 3 mm is enough. Keep posting video I’m always looking, but I’m suggest that you should keep the video under 4 minutes or we are loosing interest I did the same mistake.

Here is the link;

You must to try this gloves!!!

No Ocean to cold!

Lucifer Almighty says:

I use a surf suit too. I like it it is easy to put on and get off.
Not sure if it holds my key or not haven’t checked, I usually just put it in my diving shoes. Haven’t lost it yet.

Michelangelo Gautschi says:

I also use a surf suit (xcel) for freediving. They are easier to attire and modify, a relevant fact especially when you’re an amputee like I am.

t42 Press says:

Ive watched a lot of your vids Freediver HD – how come I can’t remember seeing you in a cold water dive with this surfsuit on? Would you model it? I like models….especially rogue models who dont wear the recommended gear!!

Kau says:

Always wondered what I would be missing out on getting a surf suit instead of one made for freediving. Now I know it was a good buy(it was 80% off).

MP5casey says:

what watch u r wearing ? I see u have 2 watch some video..

Aries says:

Do you ever plan on spearfishing if you haven’t already?

albo bia says:

the c4 cost about 450$

Ewan Duerden says:

great video and very intersting for me as i live in ireland so going to buy a wetsuit that is thicker soon i also use the aqualung sphera but the kelp creeps me out. did you ever fine that? thanks

swedishrice says:

If you can stand to be in the water wearing 5/4/3, surf suit, you can’t be in cold water. In Northern California a 7mm two-piece open cell is needed year-round.

This Neck says:

I have a wetsuit that is meant for freediving and it is a one piece like that one and it works great and is durable

Lar4en says:

If it will be interesting for someone…
In Russia we are using something like Beuchat Elaskin 7mm with built-in hood, same 7mm sox and 3mm gloves. Weight is about 5-7 kg on belt and in collar. Quit comfortable.
Water temperature in deep fresh lakes and quarries is about 6C in summer and 1-2C in winter. Often with thermoclines, where on surface may be 20-25C, 14C on 10-15m and 6C on 20m and more. No so pleasant, but we have no choice ).

Fishing and Freediving in Ireland says:

nice rewiev! enjoyed watching it!

sten says:

What do you have for job?

Caleb Bryant says:

Do you have any suggestions for keeping your lips warmer? Ive been free diving in 3-15 celsius. The only problem I have is that my lips start to hurt after 5 min. Ive been thinking about making some sort of a heated lip guard. Or maybe trying lanolin oil?

Scuba Guy says:

oh my god!! Those things are 500.00 for fins!! man you have to love free diving.

MidasZ says:

What kind of watch your wearing in this video?

Scuba Guy says:

Wow!! It is still cheaper than scuba diving which i do. I just wish i could dive where you go. Maybe one day.

Frederick Johnson says:

Are you supposed to use earplugs when freediving?

detectiveinspekta says:

I found open cell warmest. Problem I found was trying to find good size, stupendius amount of weight I need and making the middle leg uncomfortable.

whynottalklikeapirat says:

7 degrees C … such luxury =.O

ocripcurrent says:

Hell yeah man, bodyboarders for life +++

Steven Henderson says:


Toupe Dosso says:

What’s the point of wearing a belt 5kg belt ?

Waterline Academy says:

One thing you have not included in your kit is your camera gear. What kit do you use and how do you do your editing?

Krijnovic says:


favernoogon says:

Hi Dean, I’m very jealous you can get away with 2mm gloves in those temps! Have you tried a modern open cell suit? worth checking out Elios sub. I’d be lucky to last 1 hour in a surf suit, even half that!

Ontario Canada says:

What’s your opinion on layering wetsuits?

Hajs Dkxkd says:

o haha

hmurdock says:

DUDE! I should have known about surf-suits years ago, I HATE these freediving suits! I have a 5mm suit and I always anticipate with fear the part when I have to wear it. I feel like a penguin inside a condom with it haha!
This surf suit you showed looks exactly like what I need, and you can even take your car keys with you?!

Cooper Photography_13 says:

Hey man! I’m 14 years old and absolutely LOVE freediving. I have watched almost every video on your channel, I’m in Western Australia, Perth. You reckon you’d ever come over? Rottnest island is a main dive place over here, if you do I’d be honoured to meat and greet! Greatly appreciated if you check out my channel and give me a few tips and tricks! Diy pole inspired bye you! I know everything about freediving from you! Cheers heaps. Good work!

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