Body Glove Aire Full Face Snorkel Mask Review!

Body Glove Aire Full Face Snorkel Mask Review! Comment, Thumbs up, Share, and Subscribe! BUY HERE –

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Filmed by Mitch + Lori Bergsma
Edited on Final Cut Pro X on Mac

Song: Cool Reggae 13
Artist: Johan Hynynen
Song picked by Lori Bergsma

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Jeanette Raichel says:

I bought a Snorkl brand full face mask three years ago. Snorkl is gone now cuz Amazon sells cheap knock offs for 1/3 the cost. I LOVE that I can talk to myself when snorkeling and not worrying about breathing in salt water. The only problem I had with the GoPro mount was was it on off? You need to use the remote

Emilio Boggio says:

Great review Mic, I’m going to buy one of those. Regards from Argentina.

askjerry says:

Mitch… be VERY CAREFUL with these types of masks! DO NOT use them in any deep water… they are dangerous!
I did a review on a similar mask awhile back… if you attempt to clear the mask underwater… you will NOT be able to do it and will have a face full of water.
See for yourself:
They are fine for water you can STAND UP in… nothing any deeper!

Filip W says:

hi Mitch, I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and very much appreciate your product reviews, you’re a genius, thanks a lot and keep up the good job, have a good NY celebration folks 😉

xZnak3_ says:


OriginalBrett610 says:

This mask looks awesome! Reasonably priced and you can equalize in it. Would have been perfect for my trip to the Caribbean last month. Looks like a great mask, thanks for showing us!

Mitchell Keen says:

Dude that snorkel looks so badass. I wish I could afford one. I love catching crawfish in the summer and I’m constantly coming up to clear my cheaper mask. This would be amazing. Thanks for another great video. From one Mitch to the other.

Bobster986 says:

Isn’t this the same mask that has drowned so many tourists in Hawaii?

Ben Milner says:

This mask looks so cool!
Hope you had a great Christmas and have an amazing new year!

Mark Jones says:

Tribord have been doing these for 5 years, I’ve had mine for 3 years its brilliant

Anderson says:

You’re amazing man from Brazil here

Scott Voorhees says:

$80 mask. Kinda expensive but is it worth it? My ocean is brownish. This won’t help for clear vision. It would be cool if they have technology for brownish ocean water to get some good vision underwater.

Hataau Rider says:

Cool toy for play

Jacek Włodarz says:

Happy Birthday to you and wife in the new year. You could post such great videos more. greetings

Birute00 says:

Happy New Year Mitch and Lori! Nice review of the snorkel!

Amy’s Productions says:


Big drone flyer77 says:

Happy New Years to ya both

xZnak3_ says:

Hey I Go to mexiko (Yucatan) next year for vacation. I will buy me a new GoPro but i dont know if i should buy the Hero 7 Black or a lower one. I already have the Hero 4 Silver and will film in 4K the next time. And for the Hero 7 Black i dont need a gimbal for smooth Recordings

Poseidon says:

This must be a paid video. That kind of masks are terrible to dive deepper. You should also say the cons, not just the pros…

rayn chan says:

Great video, thank you!

AnGeR4Dead says:

Shame that it’s so expenseive 🙁

Tariche says:

I have one of those, it’s really good, I did it for the first time on the beaches of CUBA

Laylla's Locker says:

Are there snorkel masks where u can’t dive in? Because mine lets water in. It’s really simple mask. This one is really cool!

evsta100 says:

looks pretty cool. I like the ball snorkels. No acting like a whale, lol. Does any water get in when diving? Very intriguing. Cool that you can talk under water, like when sharks come by. 🙂 GoPro Mount wahoo. Now I can use 2 hands to swim. Nice vid and Happy New Years folks…

Productionmark says:

Your speech is improving!!!!!!! Awesome!

Kristopher Bailey says:


Tsunauticus III says:

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people dying from those full face snorkel masks. Please be careful brother!

Dinosaur Adventures says:

Looks great! I did a swim with stingrays at a local aquarium and they had a full face mask but it kept getting water in and fogging up. Maybe I should try this one next time.

John Kampe says:

i wonder if this is actually his real voice

Patrick Guerrisi says:

Your my favorite gopro YouTuber mic

MicBergsma says:


*When you shop through my affiliate links I provide above, I earn a small commission from each sale! This helps support the MicBergsma channel and the making of more FREE YouTube videos for everyone! Thank you!

LWJCarroll says:

That looks really cool and a great design! Thanks Laurie

Tony Hoffström says:

Yeah, I thought there be a GoPro plug some were 😉

Tony Hoffström says:

Can you equalise pressure in ears if you go deeper? Nose area looked soft in the mask?

Too Legit To Quit says:

I’ve started to learn sign language so I can understand your video ! Tough work!

Daniel Zapata says:

great review

Maker Noob says:

Do you think this would have been a good mask for when you went metal detecting in the river? I’m wanting to start river detecting beyond waist deep and this might be the ticket. Thanks.

Miguel C says:

Looks great! Can I use it with prescription glasses?

smitthone says:

I think this is one of the numerous knock-off from the original Decathlon Easybreath

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