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Anthony Joines says:

I’m 15 and have been using a old derek Jeter model glove that isn’t even on the market anymore , it was my brothers he got for freshman baseball in hs after he was done with it he gave it to me and I have been using it since I was 7. And I’ve only had it relaced once.

Owen Nunnally says:

You from Ohio? You have my local single A team hat on

Katie Ryan says:

Go ducks

Richie_Gloves says:

Nice video! Thanks for the advice!

Steven Delgado says:

Dude I really bought it and it’s freaken dope thanks for this video it helped so much. I watched a video and u mentioned that you pitched can you make a video of maybe tips or drills for pitchers ?

Prexzii CS:GO says:

Whats the size ? It was blurry when you showed it

410kingkong says:

I have one that I’ve been using for 6 years and it was only $27

Zigor Campos McGregor says:

I’ve had 2 gold glove elites. Best gloves ever

Zachary Thornton says:

Where are you from

Dawson Gray says:

3 actually

Scratching Things says:

I refuse to use Rawlings there so many problems

The Glove guys says:

Have you tried the MVP primes they are great quality for around 100 bucks to

Dawson Gray says:

I have 2 that costed 30 dollars each

P_Salt #5 says:

Can I buy it

Randomness Island says:

Mine is black and white

Raymond Rregalbuto says:

What’s the hat?

Jose Pena says:

what college did you play

Nicholas Sivell says:

Can i buy that glove off of you

KySPORTS 27 says:

Can u post another link the ones didn’t work

Liam McKenna says:

I bought my glove for like $40 and I used it for 4 or 5 years

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