2017-18 Football Season Highlights – 8 year Old Goalkeeper | Best Saves, Distribution, Gloves, Blogs

Sit back and watch 8 year old Henry’s best goalkeeping moments from the 2017-18 football season including, his best saves (diving, 1v1, blocks & reaction saves). Also includes highlights of his best distribution (throws, rolls and drop-kicks), handling and training clips to show how he tries to improve his goalie skills & techniques week after week. There’s also a few highlights from off-field video, such as goalkeeper glove reviews, blogs, etc.

The video is split into 5 sections;
1. Distribution (in-Match)
2. Handling (in-Match)
3. Glove Reviews, Blogs, etc.
4. Best Saves (in-Match)
5. Training Drills

We hope you enjoy this video and as always, any positive/constructive comments/tips/advice are very welcome to help Henry become the best he can be.

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K Μ says:

I think you was having a great season !!! But be ready for the Henry the start of every season is more difficult !!! Good luck in the next season. That was an excellent video !!!

Tom Carroll says:

Well done

Jake Willars says:

Great vid 2

Cristiano Costa says:

How come you said keepers when the ball was in the air but your like Manuel neuer

FikDTR04 says:

I wish you luck for the next season

Patrick Hesselbrock says:

”yeas good” ”well done!”

Henry Save-All says:

1: Distribution @ 0:10
2: Handling @ 1:31
3: Gloves, Blogs, etc @ 3:43
4: Best Saves @ 6:47
5: Training Drills @ 9:34

Toxic R6Player says:

Henry will have a veery bright future. He is an amazing goalkeeper for his age

Thomas Why says:

Hey hen

Zoe Maclellan says:

You are the best Henry

Error_3 says:

Nice Job Henry!

Patrick Hesselbrock says:

great vid for an 8 year old!

Dupe Tajudeen says:

Great video

Patrick Hesselbrock says:

howd u break ur leg ?

Live4 Soccer says:

much improved can you do a review on admiral goalie gloves please

Alison Sheppard says:

Outrageous keeper here

Nerory PvP and More says:

Nice saves Henry! Keep going

Crazy gamer Girl says:

Henry if your reading this I LOVE YOUR GOALKEEPING SKILLS

ThisIsTurok1 says:

I moused over the video in my Subscriptions box and it showed Henry in a cast.
My thoughts were, “NO!! Not again Henry!!!” =(
Please, no more injuries. I love you too much. =)
Glad its just a recap of the past year. Stay safe.

lee woodward says:

Great saves henry! I broke my arm playing in goal now I’m a centre back

ThisIsTurok1 says:

I watched it through to the end.
Seriously amazing video.
Well done!

Dupe Tajudeen says:

You are the best young goalkeeper ever

Lily-Jo Hilton says:

Henry your such a good goalie to your age and what a recovery from the Brocken leg

Alison Sheppard says:


Epic keeper in town!!!!

Ray Whittard says:

You are amazing

DJ ! says:

Nice work!

Jake Willars says:

U are a goalkeeper with great potential u could get scouted

Anes Gjokaj says:

Henry u are great for your age keep working

Sebastian Da Silva says:

Great job bro!

Dear godfrey says:

Good luck at wickham

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