Suunto D4i vs Aeris F10 F11 | Freediving Watch Comparison

The 3 most popular freediving watches in the water to compared side by side.

Whether you are considering a purchase of a dive computer, or you already have one and want to see how it compares to the competition – this is the video!

I take the Aeris F10, the Suunto D4i Novo and the Aeris F11 for a dive.

Which one is the best? Well you can’t go wrong with any of them, however the Aeris F10 And Sunnto D4i are definitely the easiest to use in the water.

Enjoy, and I’ll be back with some more dive adventures when typhoon season comes to a end!

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haris dourou says:

If you could choose only one for free diving witch one would it be?

aldric suan says:

what do you think of the g-shock gwf-d1000?

Jadwiga Nałęczna says:

Expensive stuff.

Mr Main22 says:

I personally love my Aeris F10 V2 for freediving and spearfishing! Great video though watching the watches side by side.

ravinskis says:

what about BEUCHAT MUNDIAL DEPTH GAUGE, can you say something about it?

Conner Duncan says:


megat aizat says:

Hi dean just want to know do use the lcd bacpac during recording of your dives? Many thanks.

Randy Senas says:

I spearfish a lot which do you recommend to get the f10 of f11

Randy Senas says:

Is there a difference between the oceanic f10 and the aeris f10? Which is better?

Conner Duncan says:

Get a g shock

haris dourou says:

Thanks my friend!!!
All the best!

stevegorel says:

I have a suunto ambit 2. I just got into free diving. I’d like a watch that I can use for running, swimming and cycling as well as for free diving. Is the D4i able to do that (with options such as heart rate monitor, speed, distance, gps,…)

kwesty1 says:

I spearfish and dive for Abalone in Northern California, which one do you think is easiest to manipulate with thick gloves on?

José Luis Rosales says:

Thanks for this extraordinary video! I just started training freediving and thinking in a good dive watch, for now I’m using the citizen aqualand 20th anniversary edition… It works well,due I’m just focusing myself in technique (equalization most of all) do you think I need to be hurry to buy a new watch?

Saroney s says:

nice , could you please, tell me where is this place?? 

Morena Linda says:

I know you probably don’t scuba dive much, but I dive and want to know your opinion of the suunto d4i?? It doesn’t look very easy to ready to me I think I prefer the larger screens

Jason Kirkpatrick says:

Hey, love the direct comparison of the watches! Have you tried out the Omer UP-X1? I’d like to know how it stacks up against these contenders!

ferdy rooroh says:

can you show user guide beuchat mundial 3 thanx


please make vidio to compare suunto d4i vs sporasub sp2

MidasZ says:

I have a question. I’m planning to travel to Asia with my brother and I will be free diving there. What kind of free diving watch I should get for casual site seeing plus free diving? Thanks

bluppfisk says:

Can you do a review of Deepblu COSMIQ? Looks much easier to read under water and also a lot cheaper


Can you recommend a watch for scuba diving the is reliable and that won’t need to be replace within the first 2 to 3 years pleaase and thank you.

Great video.

Brap350 says:

What one do you like the most?

Agnes Yeung says:

how about deepblu cosmiq?? is it more reasonable with same function?

favernoogon says:

liked the crocs!

Lumpy Bumperstein says:

How long do you deep breath on the surface before you decent

carlos linares says:

Great video as always! I do spear fishing so I do a lot of dives in a day. Witch of the three watches would you recommend?

DjMiBsweden says:

the clearness in the water.. i almost hate you haha we have alot of hmm is it called Quarry here with flooded inder “worlds” of offices and stuff that got flooded .. u would love it =) but think it req tanks check this one.. kinda spooky.. old deserted mine and flooded Tuna Hästberg 2012 Diving everything is left  even the signs for the cars at 1:05 =) 

haris dourou says:

It’s ok to press aeris buttons underwater ?

urabummer says:

Aeris’s website mentions they have updated the firmware for the F11 so now you don’t have to press a button to view the last dive. Is this true?

MidasZ says:

the intro picture what kind of mask your wearing and flips?

Alex Apnea says:

please review mares smart apnea vs oceanic f10

quieromicubita says:

Hopefuly I´ll have a Giotto soon. Any comment??

Brandon Kling says:

Great videos. I have a question regarding which surf suit you use?

Felix Hartart says:

Great videos! You seem to have some experiences with diving computers!:-) Did you ever hear of the Omer Up-X1? I’d love to know your opinion of it!

Thx and regards

Vsevolod Tchernavskij says:

You said the D4i do not show the amount of dives, but it can? Is it on the computer with the interface cabel or is there a menu on the computer where you can see the amounts of dives?

envsmajor says:

Thanks for the video.  I had a Suunto mosquito and aside from the small screen it always worked great for me.  Unfortunately it fell off a friends wrist in the surf zone.  I liked the Suunto, but I’m leaning towards a F10 instead of the D4i because of the display and the cost, but did I hear you say that the two Aeris watches don’t display the max depth on each dive?

Morena Linda says:

Which brand selfie pole are you using?

Bluebuthappy182 says:

28/29 degrees Celsius water temp? Not too sure where you filmed this, pretty sure it wasn’t the Irish sea though.

Stephan Zimmermann says:

Thanks for this review!! 😉
I’ll buy the F10, looks like a good computer for a cheap price!

Jakob Scholdan says:

What about reviews on Cressi Drake Titanium 2016? will it show the same useful information automatically like the F10 and Sunnto D4i…?

freddievedder10 says:

One more great video. I’m looking for the simplest watch, I have a casio seapathfinder 70 solar with compass depth gauge barometer etc…. Etc… But it only counts the total time of apnea, if I do a dive it tells me the depth and chronometer shows only the total time of all dives which is bad for I can’t know how long am I down there… I love the watch but I will have to buy a new one, a want a simple one without oxygen or other values it is just for free diving or spearfishing. What do you think of the sporasub sp1? I have also seen the mares apnea but it’s to expensive, can you help me with this? Thank you very much. Oh does suunto have small watches just for what I need?

Marek F says:

Gr8 review Dean. Thank You!

Juan Manuel Cordon says:

Hi! What do you think about aqualung i450? Thanks!!

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