Aeris F10 Version 2 – Freediving Watch Review

Aeries F10 V2 Freediving Watch.

Been using this watch around 8 months now – just thought i’d let you guys know how the watch has been going for me.

If i’m not mistaken, Mundial Depth Gauge is an close clone of the F10, with a different strap and buttons only. computer, removable battery, pc connectivity all remain the same.


Freediver HD

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Achille Leplat says:

Hi mate, great to have some feedback ! Does it have a countdown to warmup on surface ? Do you notice difference between V2 and V3 ? Waiting for you answer 🙂

Freediver HD says:

Here is one way – check if your watch has the ‘wet activation’ options in the settings. V2 does NOT have this setting – it was removed in in the V2.

hunterboudreaux7 says:

im 13 and i just started freediving. My dad, an experienced free diver, is going to take me diving later in the year. Right now we’re buying all of me gear and it’s getting expensive. Are there any cheaper watches that are similar to this one? And is it important or necessary to have a dive watch?

silverandcold80 says:

329.00 to much

Fisken3390 says:

Thx Dude now i buy it 😉

Dr Glenn Barney says:

Very helpful! Thank You for your time. Best Always, Glenn

aquafafa says:

thank you! i will try this at my next dive ! because for the moment, i had pushed out the battery to return to a counter at zero . and it’s not good for waterproofing.
i hope that your solution works for me ! have a good day !

Nicklas Benjaminsson says:

Thanks for answer 😀 I found the D4 for a pretty good price. If you don’t think of the price what would you prefer? D4 or F10? I’m scubadiving to and i need a better computer. I would also like to wear the watch as “normal” watch.

Nicklas Benjaminsson says:

Do you have to pressure test the aeris f10?

georgeZ81 says:

Hey Born2Die83! One question about the watch, that I do also own, is regarding the temp indication. It just seems like it adjusts very slow to any temp change. For instance, if water temp at surface is about 22’C, at -23 m it should be about 1-2 degrees lower, which is noticeable when not wearing a wetsuit.

Have you ever noticed this when diving? It’s my first dive watch and I wonder, shouldn’t it be more sensitive?

stevegorel says:

Does this one have the option for inputting static o2/co2 tables? I thought the D4i did have it. Or am i mistaken?

Freediver HD says:

I get this question alot. On my left wrist is my normal everyday watch for telling the time. It never leaves my wrist. On my right wrist is the dive computer watch, which i only wear while diving.

Nicklas Benjaminsson says:

Thanks 😀

denmyos says:

what is the differences between sea and fresh water, when you freedive. And why does the watch need to know?

Nicklas Benjaminsson says:

Can you use this watch for normal scuba diving? Great review 😀

aquafafa says:

hello,I have the same watch, and I have a small question.
when you are in FREE mode, the counter put a spin. but when the dives are finished ,the mode free is always running. while in the beginning when I am in the time mode alternately free mode, the counter return to zero.
I have dried sensors, just in case … but the counter of the mode free run continuously since 9:00 hours …not good for battery
can you tell me how is the functionning of your watch?
sorry for my bad english.

thank you

Johnny Krogsgaard says:

For how long does the battery last on the F.10 v.2?

Freediver HD says:


zippa1 says:

Hi mate,

Great videos must say. I just did mi SSI course, and your videos are inspiring.
I got myself F10 v2 couple days ago, thanks for video about it.
I have a little problem, my f10 is not showing me watch time.
Its only little like number 8 sign, and it says “OFF”.
By any chance do you have any idea how to change that?
Lol, thanks

Narcis Ditiu says:

Good review! Great dive watch! In the diving clips you are using two watches, one on each hand, can you tell why?

Dario martinez says:

Hello Freediver HD, love all your videos you have great explanations to everything. Other than dive mode, what else made you want to keep the F10 vs. F10-v2?

Freediver HD says:

Hey man. Its a good question, and difficult to answer in a public forum – because the rule is never dive alone. I used to dive alone – but the risk is there, I though it was acceptable, and i wasn’t going deeper then 12 or so meters. But I’ve stopped that now. I’m always with a buddy. There is no way I would drop below the 20 meter mark without somebody watching me.

And please check out my other videos, like the Green Island and Justin’s Caves video 🙂

James Turner says:

Just bought this computer and pretty much set the whole thing up from your review. love the vids. hope you got somethin new on the way. cheers!

Freediver HD says:

I personally I will stick the F10.I like the big display digits And most importantly to me, user replaceable battery. I have done 2 battery changes. quick easy cheap. The D4 requires the watch to be sent into a service center to have the battery changed. It costs a lot.. and they will probably keep the watch for a few days before handing it back to you. Not a dealbreaker – just a trade off. D4 sounds more suitable for you. Its still a good choice, more functional(scuba), and better looking.

Tyler is Hyper says:

Im having an issue with my f10 v3 my temperature gauge always reads a few or if not more degrees off than it should be, any thoughts?

zippa1 says:

To Amaro:
When “OFF” is always there, press once upper right MODE button to get time, day, date screen. Now press and hold upper right button until it blink (around 3-4 sec.) and time, day, date screen should be on.
It think that this is like battery saver. When Im not using it I put it to OFF….

Nicklas Benjaminsson says:

Thank you so much! Just one more question about watches here ^^
I think i will buy the D4. I just wonder, what is the difference between D4 and D4i? I’ve googled it but didn’t find very good information about it. Thanks 😀

Freediver HD says:


Joao Cabral says:

he lost une

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