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The International Organisation for Standards, under ISO 6425, states that a recognised dive watch should meet the following requirements: a unidirectional bezel with five minute markers; clearly distinguished minute markings on the dial; readability at 25cm in total darkness; shock, chemical and magnetic resistance; an operational indicator; oh—and of course, a 100-metre depth rating. This covers the bare minimum to qualify—but what if watchmakers went above and beyond?

Featured Watches:
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving GMT 187T170
Oris Aquis Depth Gauge 733 7675 41 54 MB
IWC Aquatimer Split Minute Chronograph IW3723-04

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TodayStartsTonight says:

This guy never dived before

kazakh mustang says:

no one uses this shit under water

sinngsg9 says:

I had that IWC was great watch apart from it went wrong twice and had to go back to IWC each time

Bailey Wang says:

Please compare the AP diver vs Rolex Submariner! Would love to see these two together.

E P Tri says:

Love this channel. Great work! Informative, aesthetically pleasing, and the narration style is simply spot on.

Brandon Bateman says:

I’d take the IWC just to be “completely not dead.” Great vid, as usual.

Ian James says:

I bet not one person in the history of the universe has ever used that depth gauge accept for snorkelling, so why have it? I just don’t get complications for complications sake.

joanserafina says:

What a great video. Amazing!

eric lee says:

Simply great

Paul Plus says:

I keep wondering… what’s that music?

H_V_Z says:

I have already binged watched all your videos. Great videos!

2 watches I’d like to see – A Tissot watch, maybe the Le Locle or Visodate and a Nomos watch, the Zürich world time or just for fun, a Nomos Sundial.

Salva Avlas says:

What about dust (…) for the Oris? I’m not confident … in pure chemical H2O ok but in real life water?

Ashton Kee says:

Haha ‘the watchmakers’ watchmaker! ‘. Well deserved praise indeed for JLC.

Q Nguyen says:


Suresh Obhan says:

It is you who makes the watches look and seem even more interesting than they actually are…

footballcoreano says:

le coultre is so beautiful…!!!

Linus Håkansson says:

Great video as always! Would love to hear your opinon/view in the Octo collection from Bulgari. Quite an intresting backstory of how it was designed and always fun to reflect on how “lifestyle brands” are doing in the watchindustry. Might be fun to compere to lets say Cartier and Mont Blanc? Keep up the good work!

MDPaull says:

How could you show us that cool Oris and not demonstrate the depth gauge? I really wanted to see that. Regardless, thanks for showing us some less well known divers. The IWC is especially nice.

ST Cheng says:

I am a diver and I have the Oris. A dive watch is always only a complement to the dive computer anyway. The depth markings on the dial are kind of small to read and the colour of the water giving the reading may not be easy to distinguish from the colour of the air-filled tube.
You should also introduce the cleaning part which involves insertion of a tiny silicon tube with a syringe at the end to pump water in.

Gustavo says:

Really clever the IWC piece, how much the price tag?

SoCal Entourage says:

“And you’re dead” lol! Great video!

TheGoldeagle88 says:

could You review Rolex Date just on steel-gold jublie? 🙂

Blaise Ortiz says:

Another great video. Thanks.

Legendus Vrenko says:

Tis video vas on of the best among already great videos.. thanks..

crybabyteamo says:

1:29 lume overflow on 4o’clock hour marker. This will never happen to a Rolex. And that slowly turning bar…you seriously need to stare at it for a good 3 seconds before confirming it’s actually moving…functional in deepsea diving?

Giorgio Russo says:

My friend, first of all congrats on your excellents reviews, i am a true fan. I made my decission to buy the Longines Legend on your review. But now its a little higher than what i can now. I am deciding between the Oris Aquis Date 2017 at $1300, Raymond Weil Freelancer Diver $1000 or Longines Hydroconquest 2017 $1100, any suggestions? All in steel bracelets. I would really appreciate your opinion. Have a great year!

M. says:

Could you please make a video on the JLC Reverso?

Teddy Morgan says:

Love these videos. I have a suggestion for you guys. You always do a really good job on telling us the history of these watches and I really enjoy that. Can you do a video of when a micro brand goes to a well known brand or household name? I know that every company had to start somewhere but I thought it would be cool to see a video of a fairly recent company that use to be a micro brand but is now something much larger. You may have already done a video on this and if so then my apologies lol. Keep bringing the great videos.

Canal West says:

Awesome watches… Awesome videos. The IWC is kind of complicated though…. Wud hv to practice it in a cave underwater.

DonjonArmory says:

Wow, I am happy to see a watch brand in your video that I actually own, and Oris is one of my favorite brands as well.

eRZé says:

All three are great watch brands and great watches, and your video did not disappoint again. To be honest, I’m not sure how useful the split minute on the IWC actually is. At the end of the day, it’s your total dive time is what matters in terms of when you have to start your ascent, it doesn’t really make a difference is you spend all of it in a cave or swimming from one shipwreck to the other.

James Wong says:

Maybe I am not smart enough to understand the feature of the split minute of the IWC. I still don’t get it.

jacotolkien says:

It’s gotten to the point where I just punch up any of these videos to relax. Watchfinder, it’s better than crack!

Gickel Arasu says:

can you please do an review on this watch please IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph Ref. IW390501, I am bit confused if I have to buy Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph or IWC

49fiori says:

I love IWC, JLC and Lange, I hate they are owned by Richemont. A video about that maybe? The fact that Rolex and Patek are “independent” give them advantage over Richemont brands?

Major Woody says:

Dive watches are all about which design you like most. No serious person today wears a watch for diving or use silly dive watch functions. You have a dive computer for all that.

Sanjay Alwani says:

Zenith needs to relaunce a dive watch and show these brands el primero still rules!

mannylogz says:

Can you review the jlc reverso classic medium thin no seconds?

CK ROY says:

I am a proud owner of JLC Riverso but my personal obsessions with JLC carries on.

simon culsonnais says:

I do trully enjoy your videos, but any kind of watch is useless in diving operations. Just go for a proper computer. Watch is just useless equipment. Especially these….

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