Triton Scuba Mask Transforms Divers into Human Fish

Triton Scuba Mask Transforms Divers into Human Fish

Unfortunately, although the Triton may someday prove to be realizable concept, that day is not here yet.

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Kieran Oldham says:

Did you go to school? Water is H2O. the H stands for Hydrogen and the O stands for Oxygen. Hydrogen has an atomic number of 1 whilst the oxygen has an atomic number of 8. that means oxygen is bigger so no matter how small the gap, if oxygen can fit through so can Hydrogen. this is like the fist lesson you learn in chemistry, i haven’t had a chemistry lesson in years and i still fucking remember. its not physically possible using this method.

Bryan Castaneda says:

it’s just a scam everyone, it doesn’t actually work

kablooy1 says:

I’m going to build a computer that lets you create a supermodel right on your computer and make her come to life. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there to fund my “project”. After all, there were people who believed the Triton Scuba mask was feasible.

Elite SaintYT says:

when will they be in stores??nvm

chrome nation says:

I just facepalmed so hard i broke my face becides if you had a battery that small you could just sell it for mocho$$$

mrNapalm says:

Triton is fake, humans can’t breath pure oxygen or we would die and the only molecules in water is h20 and oxygen

Miguel Angel Rangel says:

Isn’t pure oxygen supposed to be poisonous?

ملاك bob says:

كم سعر هذا المنتج

Chirag Solanki says:

Amazing Concept……….

Madi Sampi says:

triton is scam!oxygen molecul we breath is bigger than hydrogen!

Milostar123 says:

I was gonna comment, But yaknow those times when you are so obviously right, but you just dont care enough to say anything?Well this is one of them.

UPSIPO says:

Crap !

3V2 says:

Wow sounds just like the promo video

Peter JF says:

You missed a word from the title, it should read:
‘Triton Scuba Mask Transforms Divers into Human Fish Food’
Seeing how anyone trying to use this impossible technology would be dead in a minute or two.

COPEEZ hill says:


e.i mccool says:

this reminds me of theranos.

Madi Sampi says:

this product triton is a scam,if you want to help to stop scam then you should report this to indiegogo,so they can refund those 900.000usd back to those clueless innoncence funders.

nasir jr says:

It’s been debunked already and it’s physically impossible for only air molecules to pass it’s like saying oh let’s put tea in a tea strainer and hope that the tea leaves will pass but not the tea this happens because water molecules are way smaller than air molecules so it is physically impossible to to breath with this fake junk


you know that there is not as many oxygen molecules in water as there are is the open so it is impossible to do this

MTS Gaming says:

its crap

Gary Kuhn says:

The whole thing is fake, water molecules are bigger than oxygen molecules and that battery wont keep up with the amount of air that you need to breathe

king troy says:

this was fake news

라쿠노 l says:

where can we buy it

END Gaming says:

Nice bicycle handle

Bernhard Blietz says:

guys! that cant work! the oxygen Molekules are bigger than water molecules. its like Expecting water to stay in a sieve while a view stones are going trough…

fernando s says:

haven’t see the first vid of someone actually trying it… talk talk talk.

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Enjoyed this video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

Mike Bravo says:

Total rubbish. Certain physical world and physical law reasons this can not and will not work, certainly with a cheap piece of junk like this.

demon212 says:

oxygen molecules are bigger than water molecules lol, how could something thats bigger pass through the filter. must be magic

Alexander Gal says:

cool where could you buy this

Эли Кравцов says:

no longer exists – it was a fake

Daniel Shoffner says:

pure oxygen can be deadly

MThompsonvought says:

What a scam. It holds the air in the black things to the side. Besides, theres not enough air in the water to breathe. You’d have to breathe 20 times faster, AT LEAST. To get as much air as you get on the surface, you need to breathe 25 -30 times faster. Busted by logic.

nasir jr says:

I’m not saying I hate your YouTube channel but next time do more research just saying

TeDr Beast says:

To believe that that works is unbelievable, oxygen molecules are LARGER than water molecules

Superb Media Content Creator says:

It’s a rip-off and a fake.More Internet hucksterism…

Scott Wallace says:

Why not power this with a perpetual motion machine? That way you get two impossible products in one.

ouchiey says:

Fake think about it

Aki Kia says:

its not real. also why dont you got one to show everyone if that were possibly a real thing.

Insidetech101 says:


SingingintheDark says:

oxygen is not bigger than water molecules, wtf? water is made from oxygen and hydrogen molecules 1 water molecule = 2 oxygen and 2 hydrogen molecules, so how is a part bigger than the whole? but according to all these posters, 4 molecules are smaller than 1, you dont need science to know this people, it is common sense, a part is never bigger than the whole

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