Octomask – GoPro Mask

Octomask Review – Freediving and Scuba versions.

I review the Freediver and Frameless versions of the Octomask.

Octomask diving mask with a GoPro mount attached.

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Deputy S. Boonk says:

Would you say the video is smooth ontop of the mask and not really shaky all the time?

Soiki says:

thanks Dean!

Glenn Smith says:

Nice review.  I just think that mask mounted cameras are not practical because we don’t typically keep our eyes and head pointed at one area long enough to get good video.  You end up with micro-second long views and a bunch of uselessly short video clips.

Jeanette Tenorio says:

What your name?

T W says:

Thanks for the review. I think we should all be allowed to review a product without fear. (poor Durianrider) Free YouTube!!

urabummer says:

Hmmm seems too jittery. Handheld footage looks more steady and fluid. Maybe better for continuous still shots rather than video.

the gopro viking says:

i will be buying this one for sure 😀

Chris Issac says:

Nice, I can tell it can be & feel at ease when filming from your head point of view. I think this mask for filming can contribute to relaxation when diving. No more worrying about what to film when diving. Filming can get in the way of things when trying to enjoy your experience.

Andy Merkel says:

filmed on location where?  (maybe Taiwan or Okinawa?)

FreediveRN says:

i think it’s dangerous depending where you dive. for example in a cave if you touch the cave and it rips the mask off your face could cause some serious problems. better head strap under the hood, works perfect.

Michael Quinn says:

good review! Its mAAAAAsk, not mosque! A as in apple…

sentient says:

Was interested in the Octomask as well, but I like the footage better from a pole.
The Octomask looks like a well made mask though..
Great job on the review!

nerfmyaccount says:

I wonder if those underwater cables are still active. All that internet for millions of people first flowing underwater with the coral.

wladius says:

the first one looks exactly like Subgear Devil.

The Spearfishing Centre says:

what about snorkel ?

Archo says:

Quite brave to attach weight directly to such a central piece of kit!
I find the video it produces too jittery compared to the pole mounted camera you have become a pro at using. But I guess the hands free element is a big plus.

Gordon Freeman says:

the yellow and black makes you look like batman.

Adino Tugwell says:

What level diver are you? 1,2,3,4?

Jared Benik says:

Dive mask question; I have a very difficult time finding a mask that fits with any leaks. I mainly get leaks right under my right nostril or against my temples due to my bonny face. I’ve tried multiple masks but the only one that seems to fit me is the big thick high volume masks by aqualung. How do you think these masks would fit someone like myself? Also, do you at all recommend Atomic masks at all? Thanks Freediver HD.

Albert An says:

I just got my first gopro this week 🙂 I hope i get to dive with it soon!

idek Jeff says:

Im for the freediver , there is nothing better to be free without an airtank ^^

FreeDivingAdventures says:

I’m wondering when you do dives down at reefs have you thought to wearing gloves?

Hesham Labib says:

great experience bro 🙂

Simon says:

Hey mate,
I guess you had the chance of testing quite a few masks by now, whats your favorit one for freediving and or spearfishing?
PS got my sphera last week and I’m happy with it so far.

Philip 410 says:

Very practical ! thank’s for the video.

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