MASKS for Freediving | SNORKELS for Freediving | Everything you Need to Know

Freediving masks, diving masks, snorkels! If you’re looking to buy a diving mask, freediving mask or snorkel, change mask or just want to know more about freediving gear then this video is perfect for you. Which mask is the best? Which mask should you buy? Choosing the right mask makes such a difference to how comfortable you will feel in the water

This video covers: the types of masks, what to look for in a mask, how to find one that fits you, how to prepare your mask to dive. It also covers snorkels and everything you need to know about snorkels for freediving

If you’re interested in having a look at some great dive gear head to this website:

If you want to know more about freediving equipment check out this video:


Adam Vrána says:

SPORASUB PIRANHA is a good mask for wider bigger faces and also has a good field of view. I’ve used it for scuba as well without any issues. Plus it is looking cool B-)

Derrick Liu says:

I’m using Mares Viper, and I love it a lot! Tho my friend says it leaks underwater, but I chose it anyway cuz it looks so cool. And turns out it works just fine for me. Guess there is no mask fits all!

Albert Rodriguez says:

Hey man I just ordered a new Cressi Calibro mask , they claim not to fog, are you familiar with them , any reviews from you part ? I really appreciated

Princess jade says:

Tusa freedom one is best for my face. It has low volume. It fits me well. Specially im asian its i can equalise better. Its nosepocket is not so big and not long pointed.

Blanche Ladera says:

Good to know. Can you please make a video of freediving nose clip vs. swimming nose clip? thanks!

Jorge Alvarado says:

I use the cressi superocchio, a real classic, even with yellow frame (inherited from an older mask i had). My lil daugther uses a cressi minima and loves it. They are both very well suited for small face people, and have some of the smallest volumes in the market. Unfortunatelly, the minima is no longer available… 🙁

XxExperiencedxX XxWildernessxX says:

But what if the snorkel gets filled with water

isaac sim says:

What about j tube snorkels with hidden purge valves like the aropec serpent v snorkel? At the moment im debating whether to buy that or a mares pro flex instead

rustam hodjaev says:

You are super cool

Filip Grubisic says:

Good vid. I use the mares viper

jellyfishattack says:

I’m so myopic that the only place I have found via web searches who can provide me with a custom lens fit in a mask of my choice is in the UK. I have a significant astigmatism, as well as presbyopia, which makes any common ‘off the shelve’ masks useless. I currently wear an off the shelf, so to speak, Rx mask with contact lenses. My vision changes about once every 8-10 months, so I have been reluctant to send a mask to the UK yet. My ‘case’ is probably so rare that almost no diver, free, or scuba wishes there could be a better solution.

momentum says:

Gotta love this guy. Champion. Thanks for the info

stefano giovannini says:

Among the 3 masks which ones do you prefer to use? I think the Salvimar Noah has less volume than the Cressi Nano. What makes you prefer one oevr the other, or do you prefer to use different masks on different days? Have you tried the SEAC L70 or M70? Very low volume, but I get some water from under the nose. I ordered the Noah, has more sealing as it has more silicon than the L70. Just curious if about the Cressi Nano.

J Rix Crux T says:

Another great video from sensei Adam, Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us. Can you elaborate more on the issues about fogging goggles and the procedures on how you defog it or preventing it from fogging aside from the traditional spit method. Thank you so much sensei!

Titan Army says:

cressi matrix and oceanic shadow, perfect for me 😛

parker144 says:

Do you think that they mares viper would fit a 11 year old aka me

Surfer phillip Island says:

I use a ocean hunter phantom mask

Lstew says:

I have mares star goggles, feels like a cloud on ur face and low profile.

Rajiv Ramadhin says:

Like your vibes…

hinano316 says:

Very good info. Thanks!

Rune Elle says:

Realy good tips! Thanks ☺

Dank memes and laser beams says:

Just bought a tinted ocean pro Nero 😀

The Art Teacher says:

Im using an Aqua Lung micro mask

Gabriel mojica says:

Any thoughts on the aqualung sphera Adam?

1218Tucker says:

my favorite mask is the hollis m1 frameless

TheUnlimitedSmiles says:

Tusa mask also have prescription lenses. Some masks have standard design (shape) for the glass (oem lenses). These masks have a replaceable lenses where some lenses are graded (prescription lense). For snorkel, I tried a very simple j-shape snorkel (without purge and splash guard) but apparently, my gums are too sensitive which gave me bruises on my lower jaw gums. I ended up using kid friendly snorkel with very very soft mouth piece, but it has a purge and splash guard … because it was for kid snorkeling hahah

Colt Kindall says:


Nich Helmers says:

I use a Hollis M3, it’s a very comfortable mask and the glass is super clear

Jake Hill says:

The mask which fits me the best is an Aropec single lens frameless mask, but I also like my Scubapro Frameless Mini. The Scubapro is easier to equalize, but the nose pocket is too small. This can get painful on longer diving days. Both of them work well with up to a month of mustache growth.

K P says:

Hammerhead MV3 (GoPro attachment), very soft silicon and works well!


if you free dive over 100 feet, use a low volume mask. just a tip.

ikenna unamadu says:

Love the video Daddy

Devin Carmichael says:

I’ve been using the hammerhead MV3 action mask with purple glass coating (reduces glare or whatever) lol. It has an integral GoPro mount. The glass coating is starting to wear but it doesn’t effect the view through the lenses. I’ve been using it happily for almost 2 years.

AmursUzNaglas says:

Is it neccessary I have mask (eyes + nose) covered or I can simply use swimming goggle + tube?

Mike Constantinou says:

Hey guys, im a freediver and after 5 years i got a new mask. i just got the mares xvision, and the moment i wear it fogs so bad, despite the fact that i put defoging paste before! Also when i dive in, water gets inside all the time and i have it pretty tigh on my face… Any suggestion?

Винни Пух says:

Hi, and what do you say about aqualung sphera ?? I think it’s the best one & gonna buy it

kristian wood says:

i dive the hollis m3 mask, thats only because I’m sponsored

Will Jacobsen says:

can you make a video on diving accessories (dive knives, dive lights, Ect.)

Will Jacobsen says:

just got new mask. it works amazing and is super comfortable.

Shang Abello says:

I got a cressi mask, and I can’t equalize well cause I can’t pinch my nose. T_T

belilley says:

I use an Aqualung Sphera. Great mask, the volume is tiny (~65 ml), it is super comfortable with a very soft skirt and the 180 degree field of view is amazing. However the plastic lenses are fragile (e.g. the toothpaste cleaning method mentioned in this vid will scratch the shit out of them), prone to popping out and developing micro-cracks that leak. A lot of people report their vision is distorted with the curved lenses, but honestly I’ve never noticed it.

VaporionHd says:

Hammerhead MV3

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