How to make your diving mask not fog – Stop scuba diving mask from fogging

In this video we teach you some simple steps you can do to make sure you scuba diving mask never fogs up.
If you want to buy some products made for diving masks here are some links.

Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray:
M Essentials Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel for Dive Masks:



Paper Makers says:

Cat crap works

CHill TACtics says:

Dude r u half fish or what?

Mc Hoch says:

My Opinion, only the spit works, been using this method since i’m 5 years old for ocean and fresh water. Hasn’t let me down in 47 years lolol but thank you for the video

Erik Fri says:

tenx for the tips! it is a very strange situation that big and old makers of scuba gear send to the market masks that you cannot realy dive with beacuse of exterm foging. why dont they just do it in the factory???????????

Viligor says:

You are from Norway right? Good video!

Jimmy Scherrer says:

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS FOOL’S “suggestions” 1) Just scrub out the release agent with just tooth paste. The flame from a cigarette lighter can permanently DAMAGE your very expense new scuba mask!!! There are “mask cleaners” available at your local dive shop that will work as well without risking irreversible damage to your mask. 2) The panic that could ensue as the result eye irritation caused by the use of “dish soap” would put not only that diver a risk of any number of injuries caused by a dangerously rapid accent rate (more than 60′ or 20 m per minute is the maximum accent rate set by the RSTC and every scuba training agency currently accepted) to the surface most likely with their eyes closed (e.g. not watching for hazards at the surface)(i.e other divers tanks, boat hulls, boat ladders, propellers, etc…) Furthermore, this could leave that divers buddy at depth alone. PUT SIMPLY a HUGE “NO NO!!!” Any of the “No tears” baby shampoos will provide the thin layer of an emulsifier needed to prevent “mask fog” caused by the temperature gradient, if properly applied. And yes, “the spit technique” works as well. It is just not at all acceptable because of the risk of disease transmission. In closing, please get proper training from a reputable dive shop with current credentials. signed, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer – 289169

Abdulsameeu Ibrahim says:

use no tear baby shampoo instead of dish wash soap! it prevents burning sensation of eyes n skin irritation unlike dish soap!

Phantom Slayer says:

Does it work on gogles

Nisse Von Gåslefver says:

Just stupid to use a lighter probably just a sales trick to sell more diving masks, toothpaste works just fine.

tryndAme3 says:

Wow you used zalo as the soap, never knew you were norwegian xD

LaineStunts says:

You can do this with saliva.

BOT Alex says:

Does this fogging work?

suke says:

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo … works like magic

D Clayton says:

I’ve been spitting into my mask since 1971 and it still works great.

Ilias PLAYER says:

First I was letting a little water in it and than i washed every time when the glasses where foggy

Jeff Morgan says:

Been spitting for long time without any issues, cheap and always available LOL

Zombie Phish says:

i found the perfect solution. Stream2Sea reef safe shampoo / body wash. I apply a pea size drop and my mask stays fog free all day.
I’d be afraid to hold a lighter to my Hollis M3.

Hjalmar Hakansson says:

Tja svenne

gbscott4 says:

does this remove shatterproofing of the glass or is that an integral feature of the glass?

chefkhatib says:

Dishwashing soap hmm it would be amazing when if it goes in ur eyes … baby shampoo man asy least ut won’t cry like a baby if the residue came into ur eyes

1000 subscribers with a video ? says:

So it cleans your face ?

alexis nemesis says:

Instructions unclear, got testicle stuck on bike tire

Randy ButterNubZ says:

this was hardly a review, you just went over the specifications of the product.

dharmapunk5 says:

I’ve tried the dish washing soap trick and it does work. For those that are concerned about the dish soap getting into your eyes, some folks I dove with recently recommended baby shampoo. I plan on trying that trick, and I bet it will smell better than the dish soap.

Amber Peabody says:

I have those exact same googles

olliemario zicke says:

Jeg vet at du bor i trondheim Christian

roxy kalakani says:

Or you can use spit but if you are disgusted by that just use only toothpaste

Esohe Okpoko4 says:

free frog

Alan Spacer says:

You have to be careful about dish soap since it really hurts if it gets in your eyes.

Swap the dish soap out for tear-free baby shampoo and you have 0 problems 😀

BearLove3 says:

Slice a potato

Ingve Fredriksen says:

are you from norway or sweden because i see you have Salo and we have Salo in norway.

cody gaming says:

Worked super well!

D. Cannaboom says:

I cannot afford to buy a mosque

lucas holtkamp says:

Is this guy taking the piss his profile picture is him tipping his fedora

MarcuS Sekkeseter says:

er du norsk zalo?

Mix Vid says:

Make sure it is not fuck up

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