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The NEOPINE snorkelling mask is a comfortable, effortless and innovative full face mask for action cameras. The mask allows for a wide viewing angle. The tubeless system creates a stress free experience and the separate breathing chamber helps to eliminate fogging.
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GivesAMinute says:

How do you equalise when going deep with this mask?

Gregory Gulli says:

thank you so much for the review dan. i ordered a red one on amazon and i am hoping for the best. have a good day.

Jobert Latoza says:

u got beautiful eyes!

Dragão Fantasma says:

cara mergulha isso que vc esta fazendo qualquer mascara faz mas esta faz vc respirar de baixo da agua

zongheng xie says:

great review,but flat front and price is quite expensive,so i try this one with the curved front,only 44 bucks.

Cringy Videos says:

I found some on eBay for 25$, obviously it might be lower quality but who knows it might be worth the money…

Link ~

Yeeboyjack 6 says:

And how long

PlayzYT says:

They sell on wish

Eric Norman says:

Want a better Deal,, go to for only $ 219 you get a 4K and a waterproof wristband included for Surf, Moto, 4×4 + USA customer service ! Go Pro Accessory Compatible.

Tony MilleBloogiant says:

use rain x anti fog

GivesAMinute says:

Here’s my review of the Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask: (spoiler: you cannot equalise while using it!)

Chad Lane says:

I want one

PBJ Vlogs says:

Umm Do You Know if their is a air Filtration system on the mask? or Is It Just a snorkeling with the Snorkel attached

Va TT says:

aliexpress $25.99

Vincent Morales says:

they have on on groupon for $40

Waleed Meer says:

Hi, nice video. i was wondering if something like this would work for someone with a huge beard and moustache like mine. any problem with the seals?

Fuzzy Picklestv says:

im a fan of your channel i have the same one but black oh and if you reply i will be happy

Ben sanderson says:

thanks found this really helpful for finding the best mask

Alisha S says:

clearly it was a mistake! even the description says snorkeling 🙂

Evo x Crazed says:

Can you breathe underwater with it? Or how long can you be underwater before you need to come up?

Yeeboyjack 6 says:

Can you breath under water with it

MoeMarco says:

when i wore the H20 ninja mask the silicone smelt bad

BoleBoki77 says:

Cool video Thank you!
I just bought it here:

8bingbang says:

It costs like $20 on Wish.

Roberto Hernandez says:

They sell it on wish cheaper

Lee Grant says:

Hi Man just a quick one for you folks who live in Europe and the UK there is a French sports company called Decathalon they also do their own version to be quite honest it’s exactly the same just with a different name.✌️

Raid Fighting Systems says:

you guys really cant get over that he called it a scuba mask… its a fuckin mistake… chill out… good review.

Elemental Elite says:

I got this for Christmas

celec valmoria says:

great job on this review. really helped me decide on which brand to get, cheers!

Amanda Brois says:

Did it work well with your facial hair? My fiance has a full face “short” beard. Will it work for him?

Joshua freestyles says:

What websites can I go too ??

Reizell Jen says:

Can the small one fit on 12 year old children

Hufflepuff says:

Why not just use a normal snorkel? omg xD

Fuzzy Picklestv says:

do a review of the go pro hero

Nathan Roberts says:

can someone tell me how this works. I bought one but when I go under water, water just pours in through the bottom. have I done something wrong?

DansTube.TV says:

To address all of the comments about me referring to this mask as a scuba diving mask, I am sorry. This is a snorkelling mask and I didn’t mean to refer to this mask in the wrong way. I didn’t pick up on this mistake until I uploaded the video. Please forgive me!

Zili Games says:

you can go underwater with that thing right?

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