Freediving | Aqualung Sphera Review | The best freediving mask

We review the Aqualung Sphera. One of the best freediving masks out there. Snorklers, divers and freedivers can use this one. It has a very low volume and a great field of view! Aqualung has definitly pulled it off with this bad boy! A must for every freediver!

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vinnie kov says:

do you need snorkels for freediving

Valentin Radu says:

Nice presentation bro! Thanks!

Noureddine KRIM says:

Where are you bro!

SouthIsland Dive says:

Love this mask. Has anyone tried polishing the lenses? 

Gabriel Ribeiro says:

Nice mask, nice tips man!! thanks for the video
which is the price of this mask?

rand archer says:

Does it have a purge valve

Hasan Al Hasan says:

Thanks Bro. I have the same, it is a great mask. However I have the transparent not the Black one ;(

AntiVaganza says:

Great mask for deep dives, compresses easily, and I actually think it fits a lot of different face shapes – def more than an Omer Zero3!. But it is fragile – though if you pop lens out, you can put it back in with a bit of skill. BUT it’s not the best mask for underwater photography (with a proper housing with viewfinder) or spearfishing as the peripheral vision is a tad blurred and it is not as “sharp” overall as a glass lens mask. That said, I use it all the time for freediving. Oh, fits big noses too for sure;-)

alex cuello says:

love your reviews man, my question is a about a good mask for people like me that are miopic, and I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive prescription mask.

Dream Lyric says:

hey man, where are you..


Haha u shud walk the stairs more often 😀 - LilMac says:

Gotta try this mask!

Awesome to see you back dude!

Ragheed Jamal says:

You are the best …….
My friend I’m looking for freedive light ,could you please recommend me a good one 

DjPepelicious says:

Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to check the fitting of this mask at my local dive store.

Carlos Szilagyi says:

Congratulations for your videos. Your tips are very good. I´m from Brazil. And I would like to know the mark of the mask. God bless you and good dives.

j46 says:

eh, try it on, maybe ?

Henry Power says:

I have this mask. It’s great, comfortable, great vision, etc., etc. I have several tempered-glass masks, but this is the one I use almost all the time.

Rustin Ryan says:

This mask is great but after someone use you have to use soft soap to clean it because it will look fogged up and won’t come out with just water so you can’t clean it while diving

impalaood says:

Hey Youbuur just to let you know I bought the aqualung sphera for a recent trip to Egypt and loved it. Everything you said is correct soft silicon skirt very comfortable easy to equalise great field of view and worked well with my soft contact lenses as I normally have a prescription lense in my dive mask. Was great having a freedive specific mask rather than the dive mask I normally use, no more wasted air equalising the mask.

I took your advice was very careful to use the case between dives to avoid scratching the lense. Found the aqualung sphera anti fog spray recommended by the manufacturer avoided fogging well and used no spit or rubbing to preserve the lense.

Had the trip of my life. First time to Egypt for more than 20 years. Stayed on far green reef. Visibility marine life and coral all amazing. I dived extremely conservatively as I had no buddy but just enjoyed the peace and feeling of being at one with the ocean beneath the waves exploring coral stacks close to the shore. The breathing exercises you demonstrated were a great help.

Thanks for the review! As always loving your films. Look forward to seeing what you do next.

How about a review of dive reels suitable for freediving and how you set up and use your reel and surface marker buoy?


Keaton Campbell says:

man gota get that mask mermaids involved great getting it soon

Xplosive _Churro says:

*raises fist* give us our king back!

Marc Swell says:

Nice mask with a good price, but if you have a long nose, this mask hurts like …
In my opinion the SUBGEAR Steel Comp Mask is the benchmark. There is nothing softer.

Martin Zapanta says:

Forgot to mention that the transparent skirt gets yellowish overtime and the material is stiffer compared to black skirt bro 😉

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